Stimulate your kid’s mind with interactive story games

Stimulation is the action for arousing interest, enthusiasm, or excitement in some activity. It is a dream of an individual to inculcate good stimulation in oneself. When that individual is a parent, this dream becomes a necessity and their quest never stops. Parents try to stimulate their kid’s brain by trying all avenues or activities possible like music, dance, outdoor games etc.

interactive story games

I have never come across any parent who considered interactive story games to be an excellent stimulating activity. Parents universally associate interactive story games with their purported negative effects like addiction, increased aggression and health issues like obesity.

I am a mother of a 3-year-old kid. I had the same picture of story games in my mind till the time I explored the beautiful range of benefits of story games.

Let me take the opportunity to share how interactive story games can be an amazing stimulating activity for our kid’s brain.

Great Source of Learning

Interactive story games for kids are a great educational tool besides their superb entertainment value. These interactive games stimulate learning, allows the player to experience innovation and accomplish challenges. These games especially aim at enhancing their cognitive and creativity skills. The engaging games improve the reflex action and hand-eye coordination of a child. Spatial visualization ability is also addressed while playing these interactive fun story games.

Vikranth Bejjanki concluded, “The enhanced learning of the regularity and structure of environments may act as a core mechanism by which action video game play influences performance in perception, attention, and cognition.”

Pain Reliever

Good story games can be used therapeutically. It encourages an intellectual state of mind that experiences calmness, satisfaction and serenity. The Interactive story games can be used as a form of physiotherapy in an innovative context. It has been observed that a player of these story games who is following chemotherapy will need fewer doses of painkillers.

Enhances memory skills

Interactive story games require both visual and audible memory. The player encounters a set of instructions before the game starts. These instructions need to be memorized thoroughly. This process of memorization improves short-term and long-term memory

Boost up Brain’s speed

While playing story games, the brain receives infinite stimulations, both Visual and Oral. According to detailed research, it has been concluded that a kid playing story games can process and decode these stimulators faster than non-players. This faster processing of these stimulators ensures the continuous working of the brain.

Multitasking skills get enhanced

Interactive story games require the player to be very much attentive and a good observant. While moving fingers on a joystick, a player needs to be vigilant about the various processing on screen. This hand-eye coordination ensures that the player can observe and reflect actions according to the requirements of the game.

Social Skills improves

Interactive story games online enable multiple players to play a specific game simultaneously on a common platform. This common platform ensures constant communication between players from different remote locations. This in turn, results in the development of a meaningful and casual relationship.

Interactive story games play wonders for a kid suffering from Autism and Dyslexia.

I hope I was able to clear the negative portrayal of interactive story games. So what are you waiting for? Find a fun story game for your child and allow this engaging activity to stimulate your kid’s brain.