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  • 1

    It was great to see that most of the .... had been redesigned, and therefore much improved.

  • 2

    The .... was too intense for Peter so he left to play computer games instead.

  • 5

    Popularity was falling Aliya's way, as her .... gained acceptance amongst even the sceptics.

  • 8

    After going to dinner with so many different women, Jack decided he didn't really enjoy .... .

  • 9

    As Scotty took the corner, he accidentally .... the car in front, causing a massive pile up as the other racing cars came around from behind.

  • 10

    After eating his second extra hot dish of curry, George said the .... just wouldn't go away.

  • 3

    Raymond asked whether the story about .... in the fantasy novel had any truth to them.

  • 4

    It must have been part of the romantic adventure to stumble across this .... house in the middle of our bush walk.

  • 6

    Desi was .... his goodbye's when he realised it was the wrong day to leave. His flight was the next day. What a mixup.

  • 7

    The .... came thundering down with such force and power, it was awe inspiring

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