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  • 1

    A good housewife can prepare a .... meal on short notice.

  • 2

    Shoes that are too tight across the .... will often cause a lot of foot trouble.

  • 4

    One sometimes finds a father who is very unhappy with his children will .... his will to cut them off.

  • 5

    When a school boy grabs his friend's Ipad, there is likely to be a .... fight.

  • 7

    The putting green on a golf course can be kept in good shape if the keeper .... them properly.

  • 8

    A well liked person who is retiring after 25 years at the same company is sometimes honoured with a farewell dinner and a moving .... .

  • 3

    A .... may be all that is needed to break the ice at a boring party.

  • 6

    You can hardly do your best work for a boss that .... you down.

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