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  • 3

    Emily was her oldest friend so the teacher took her.... In her hand, and forgave her gambling stupidity.

  • 7

    A ski run without much of this is pretty tame for an expert skier.

  • 9

    A thrifty housewife will never leave anything .... long enough to become tainted.

  • 10

    A builder could always make good use of .... .

  • 1

    TV viewers absorbed in watching a drama would be upset if there was a power failure just as a .... figure appeared.

  • 2

    It is quite usual for one to be reported as packed tight with goods

  • 4

    He will take a serious view of wastage of time.

  • 5

    An impulsive person is likely to say the wrong thing if does not .... himself.

  • 6

    Giving away to anger and insulting a higher ranked officer has .... many a man his chance promotion.

  • 8

    In a communist country, workers resent the pacesetter who .... them with back breaking work.

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