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  • 4

    Irma was full of guilt after eating the .... dessert, as she had been going to the gym and working on her health.

  • 6

    Wesley had commonly found solace down at the .... since he was eighteen.

  • 7

    Caroline was all .... when her boss gave her a cuddle in congratulations.

  • 8

    With no .... in sight, Trevor thought better of digging the trench today.

  • 1

    Harry sounded like he was coughing up a .... after lighting his pipe.

  • 2

    The .... of blue in the nursery seemed to suggest that Claire was expecting a baby boy..

  • 3

    Scott was thrown in jail for committing such a horrible crime, but no one addressed the probable cause which was his .... upbringing.

  • 5

    Climbing down the escarpment, Ted lost his .... , and fell over ten metres.

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