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  • 1

    The .... wound its way through the forest, taking travellers through to their destination.

  • 6

    Little Johnny got in trouble from Mrs Wilson for .... his nose in class.

  • 8

    Sanjay Gupta was a man of superior --- who shunned street food and ready meals.

  • 10

    Tony said he would be over just after lunch, because he had a small .... job to attend to in the morning.

  • 2

    A disease might be this.

  • 3

    My American grandmother was very excited when her favourite .... jam arrived from overseas.

  • 4

    William's .... problem was one that only the chancellor could help him with.

  • 5

    In the "choose your own adventure story", the decision whether to take the .... door or window, made a huge difference in the outcome.

  • 7

    Jeff was eagerly anticipating the .... he was about to face even though it was another challenge to get over

  • 9

    When she set eyes on the man she was to marry, the chosen bride slit her --- in protest.

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