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  • 5

    It takes ingenuity to construct a .... machine.

  • 8

    A new contract might fall through if there is trouble about one party's .... on their promises.

  • 9

    After an accident, this is likely to be very acute

  • 1

    In a year 12 maths class, the student might feel he has had such a day in the past.

  • 2

    When .... an opponent, a tough wrestler is likely to look fierce just to excite the crowd.

  • 3

    Having been .... when a child by an older sister, the man may have mixed feelings later on about her.

  • 4

    A little girl .... a giant teddy bear upstairs would make an interesting video for YouTube.

  • 5

    Many a successful composer of the 1930's owed his wealth to .... music

  • 6

    A teenager's first romance is likely to make him a little .... .

  • 7

    After waking up from a lurid nap, I blinked and discovered that the .... on my porch, had disappeared.

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