Must-Try Money Earning App as You Quarantine in COVID-19 Scenario

by Max Fragar
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When the Corona news is all doom and gloom, it has become quite challenging for even the most optimistic ones to stay positive.

Everyone is taking the disease seriously as it has the severity of causing illness, death and drastic changes in the way that we live.

Well, the thoughts are counterproductive. There is a lot that you should know about CoronaVirus (Covid-19). This will certainly help you stay safe and take the required precautions.

Now that doesn’t mean you have to hear Coronavirus news and updates from dawn till bedtime.

The best is to focus stay optimistic so that you have the energy to distract yourself from the tense environment spread across the globe.

Insight of Corona

World map

Within three months, the first report of CoronaVirus was reported in China. And this has locked down many countries affecting the innumerable lives of people across the globe.

Everyone is quarantining themselves either by choice or by mandate.

This is a highly contagious virus that is poorly understood. But everyone is trying to spread awareness while doctors are finding therapies to fight effectively against it.

COVID-19 is the disease name that novel coronavirus causes. It stands for Corona disease 2019.

The patient gets flu-like symptoms and affects the lungs by filling it with fluid at a rapid rate. The ones with extreme cases may need respirators and oxygen to breathe.

This depicts how the virus has managed to spread across multiple countries of the world.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared Coronavirus a pandemic, a public health emergency of international concern.

The world has declared a public health emergency that has drastically shaken the world’s economy. Within a few weeks, people have started:

  • Wearing masks
  • Stocking household essentials
  • Maintaining Social distancing
  • Cancellation of travel plans

Even those countries where the cases are few are taking a lot of preventive measures to prevent the widespread of this virus.

In today’s white-collar world, companies have opted for work from home and staggered shifts. As there have been encouraging signs where the virus has started reshaping itself.

Many lives have been lost because of this global pandemic. This is the clear picture of what the outbreak looks like and no one knows what will happen until the dust settles.

In this world full of Coronavirus news, fear, precautions and negativity all around, there should be something to distract.

Are you one of those many who are stuck inside because of the pandemic raging just near your door? How about if you have something that will help stay positive?

One interesting thing that will help you make money and will keep you entertained in this negative environment is-Wealth Words.

Wealth Words- A Brief Sneak Peek

This is an online crossword puzzle game that helps you gain a huge amount of money when you solve the given clues right.

In this time when the biggest crossword tournament in the world-American Crossword Puzzle Tournament (ACPT) has been postponed from March to September, Wealth Words comes as a relief.

Wealth Words is the best home entertainment during this Corona outbreak.

This online game gives the best opportunity for those who have the flexibility to work from home and want to warn some extra bucks.

There has never been a better time to get into online games than this. Play an interesting crossword game and win huge cash.

This is something that will hopefully keep you away from viruses.

At the time when you are staying at home and relaxing, doing something productive is worth it.

Wealth Words: Play & Win Online Game during COVID-19

Today's Challange

Crossword puzzles have always been one of the most loved games of all time. Gone are the days when you had to look for weekly puzzles published in the daily newspaper every Sunday.

And you had to sit down with an extra paper and pen/pencil to solve it. In this digital world, you get way more interesting and amazing online puzzles on your smartphone.

Wealth Words has become a popular name in the online gaming world of puzzles. And why not there are many features that make it unique.

Wealth Words has enticing features you can’t ignore:

  • Play 500+ games
  • Win Huge Cash Prizes
  • 100% secure with safest payment gateway PayPal
  • Play anywhere, anytime
  • Brainstorming & brain training puzzle sessions
  • Refer & earn points
  • Enhance vocabulary & groom your personality

This challenging online word money game has embraced the winds of change and has managed to get a lot of appreciation from crossword enthusiasts across the globe.

Wealth Words – A Game Changer for Everyone


Crosswords are meant to stimulate the feeling that you are participating in a puzzle tournament. Wealth Words puzzle does this fairly well.

The traditional newspaper transformed into a digital game to create an immersive experience for the players.

If you have successfully submitted all the right answers, you will soon receive a cash reward when you emerge as the winner.

This amazing online puzzle helps in producing dopamine which is a neurotransmitter that makes you feel bliss.

This is a feel-good hormone that is released when you work towards your goal.

The online puzzle game player then drives through a bold new quest of interactive thinking in order to discover the missing word to successfully finish the puzzles.

The astounding game has non-linear gameplay to amplify the strategic opportunities for the solvers as they have to read the clues carefully, understand them and then fill the letters accordingly.

Additional Features to Surprise You


Online puzzles have always been fun and addictive. But one of the best games having the collection of puzzles is Wealth Words.

Where the word search puzzle, story, and poem based games are also added on a regular basis.

All these different games are not only fun to play but also educational. Players stay motivated as they also win real money in this money-making game.

From standard crosswords to story to poem games, there has been a collection of poems and story-based games. These are either free or paid.

Some of them are 100% free and some are purchased with a minimum of $0.25 token amount. You win money from both free and paid.

If you are someone who is confident about your skill and want to try this new adventure game online, play this game with a little precision. And this will result in winning a huge cash amount.

How to Play this Online Money Making Games?

To get started you either have to download the iOS or Android app on your smartphone or play it on the web. The choice is completely yours.

Follow the simple steps to get started:

  • Download the app-Wealth Words or Log onto
  • Register by signing up.
  • Choose the game of your choice and start playing.
  • Read the clues thoroughly and  fill the grid with the best possible answer.
  • Solve the game in the time frame of an hour and submit it. 

And all this can be done without spending a single penny!

It is not necessary that you have to be a puzzle lover or a nerd to try and solve these puzzles. Anyone can play them anytime.

Play a game that is a powerhouse of entertainment, offering a bigger prize pool. Go for the one that turns dreams into reality by helping you win real cash rewards.


These online quiz games are not only making people rich but also adding value to their lives.

The structure of the game is quite similar o a standard crossword but the winnings are more than what you are expecting.

Wealth Words has a diverse range of games that not only entices its players but also challenges the brain to think more

Benefits it offers

Benefits of playing the online mind puzzle game:

  • Enhances the cognitive ability
  • Logical reasoning
  • Analytical Skills
  • Mind retention power
  • Enhances vocabulary

The list is quite long and so are the benefits of the game.

So, why not start working on them today and win money right away. Well, the money is legit, you get paid via PayPal.

Make sure you have an account on PayPal else you have to create one.

Give it your best shot and you will definitely win.

And even if you lose, you still have learned new words. Isn’t that actually great?

The age-old adage, “Knowledge gained is never wasted” holds true in this case.

It will hardly take 15-20 minutes to give the online word puzzle game a try.

So, when you play online puzzles at Wealth Words you will always make a profitable deal.

Free Registration, Free word puzzles – Everything is Free

Winning isn’t everything, but winning Wealth Words is.

In this time of isolation and quarantine, you must be looking for different ways to earn more money. Wealth Words is your best friend that will always help.

There are always chances of winning the game as you play the free crossword puzzle.

Now, whenever you are giving a break while you ‘work from home’, give Wealth Words a shot.

Try this Online Game Today!

Your might be receiving messages and updates filled with CoronaVirus pandemic, isn’t it?

And this demotivates you how the virus is affecting multiple countries.

As the governments of different countries have advised everyone for social distancing, one should pay heed to them.

It is important to fuel yourself with good things and have an amazing experience.

There is so much you can do. Read your favorite book, watch motivating movies, follow positive people on social media, download informative podcasts, etc.

Create an environment of positivity by sharing light-hearted jokes and keeping everyone motivated.

In this critical time of constant negativity, there is an urgent need for an antidote to blossom a positive attitude.

Only then can you march forward with hope and determination. Stay deliberate in activities that are stress-busters and heart-warming.

Take Precautions, Stay Safe.

We will soon get through this.

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