Man proposes to his crossword lover and the way was epic!

Man proposes to his crossword lover and the way was epic-Wealthwords

Every couple wants their love story to be memorable and epic. But finding a unique and eccentric way to propose in this age and time is almost impossible. A couple from Norwich found the perfect way and made their proposal story one of the best we have ever heard. If this doesn’t melt your heart, we don’t know what will.

30-year old Edward Fraser wanted to do something different than the cliched flowers and balloons. Being a social researcher, he wanted to find a creative and unique way to propose his girlfriend so that she can never forget their special day. Rachel, his girlfriend, who is 28 years old, was obsessed with solving daily crossword puzzle games. Her daily routine of solving crosswords is what gave him the perfect idea. Edward created a beautifully cryptic crossword for her to solve. If you think what is so special about a crossword, well, you are about to get goosebumps. He personalized the crossword puzzle to ask her to marry him. All the well-thought and stunningly created clued led to the final question, “will you marry me?” How romantic is that!

It took Edward three months to create the perfect clues to make this crossword memorable and creative. He also took help from Rachel’s father Terry, who is another avid lover of crosswords and loves to play crossword puzzle online.

The crossword contained references to things Rachel loves as well as memories both of them created together. One of the clues was “The black prince begins untangling odes and seeks her final response to 27 across”. The clue pointed to the answer “Edward does ask R”. There were clues on the holidays they had taken together as well as many of Rachel’s favourite things. A reference to “Hedwig” was also in it for she loves Harry Potter and is a loyal fan. The last clue to 27 across was “It’s a question of love” and the answer turned out to be the ultimate question- “will you marry me?”

While Rachel was also a dedicated online crossword puzzles player, Edward decided to post the crossword in the local newspaper to make it more special. As the couple often tackled such challenges together, they both sat to do so on their seventh anniversary. Edward showed no reaction and let Rachel solve the puzzle. Once she had revealed the last question, he has the ring ready to be put on her finger. She said yes, well, who wouldn’t!

Edward even ended up apologizing to all the people who were playing and had the initial, “R”. He didn’t want to leave any such couples playing gutted because of the proposal. “I hope we didn’t cause too much heartache among the readers”, he said.

This unique crossword and proposal earned a lot of attention and Edward and Rachel has to experience quite a bit of the limelight. This crossword proposal was loved not only by the online crossword community but across the globe. This romantic and unique proposal has definitely set the bar quite high for all those crossword lovers looking for ideas to propose.

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