Top 15 Games Every Girl Should Play

Who says only boys love playing games? Girls are equally enthusiastic about playing them.

Today, everyone loves playing games regardless of their age. There are thousands of cool videos, iOS, PlayStation and Android games.

Whether you like puzzles, casino, word building, racing, shopping, eating, relaxing, vacation, there is always a game for you. Girl games are not only beautiful but engaging.

Plus, there are many apps where you can win money.

Girls can do a Barbie makeover, cook new cuisines, and become a warrior in a deadly battle. All these cool girls games guarantee to keep them glued to their phones.

For all the crazy and fun-loving girls, here is the complete list of games that will certainly entertain you.

Have the best time of your life playing these top 15 girl games. 

1) Wealth Words

Do you want to keep your competitive spirits high with the cash winning app? If there is an affirmation for this question, then you should ensure all the energy is channelized in the right way.

Although there are many games that help in training your mind, this one is actually unique. Wealth Words is a platform having hundreds of games.

This word game for girls utilizes your thinking ability ensuring it is channelized in the right direction. The best thing about this game is, it is one of the ways to earn money from home easily.


  • Compatible with the web, Android and iOS
  • A great mix of standard, story and poem-based games
  • Various cash rewards
  • Anytime, anywhere game
  • Daily word challenge
  • Simple and engaging gameplay
  • Supported by smartphone, laptop, tablet, and desktop 

2) Pet Rescue Saga

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Which girl doesn’t want a pet? You may not be able to keep a real one but the idea of virtual pets is liberating. Pet Rescue Saga

has more than 50 million downloads.

If you loved Candy Crush, you will surely like this because this one is also made from the same makers.

You have to match two or more blocks of the same color to clear levels and rescue pets from the evil pet snatcher.

There are limited moves in the game that offer challenging scenarios to rescue pets from snatchers. Good games with amazing sounds become addictive. 


  • Eye-catchy graphics
  • Lovable pets
  • Amazing boosters
  • Bonus rewards
  • Lovable pets
  • Hundreds of interesting levels
  • Easy syncing

3) Wordament

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The Microsoft Developed word game has an amazing user interface and gameplay.

In this game, the player has to play games as fast as possible. There is an option of playing against thousands of players at once.

After every round, you know your score on the ability to make new words from a given set of alphabets.

This is one of those games that help you in building your vocabulary and spelling geared with simple gameplay.

In this competitive game, you have to increase the levels and you push yourself every time to do better.


Distress your mind as you relax. With hundreds of non-timed puzzles and challenges, the fun is never going to end.

Complete levels one after the other and play all the challenges in the given month to earn batches.

See how far you all can get in this best girl game?


Why play against one when there is an option to play against thousands.

This girl game has a real-time word tournament. Multiple players compete on the same board.

There are two and three-letter riles, themed words, speed rounds and more. Play the game and become a champion. 

4) Cut the Rope 2

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Cut the Rope 2 is the present version of the previous ‘Cut the Rope” franchise by ZeptoLab. The game depicts the adventures of Om Nom, a green creature that adores candies.

Comparatively easy to play yet challenging to master. This game brings fresh mind-boggling challenges and obstacles having a casual phenomenon.

Play this free game for girls, boost problem-solving skills, and keep your brain fit.

5) Star Girl Salon

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Have you ever dreamt of standing on center stage and performing while the audience applauds?

All those girls who always loved playing with dolls will love this girl game.

Here, a player becomes a celebrity who starts attending events, dates and appears in magazines. You have to glamor her up.

There are so many fashionable dresses, jewelry, sunglasses, clothes and high heels. So doll her up as per your wish.


  • Spa section
  • Makeup section
  • Dress Up section
  • Vivid backgrounds

Play the dress-up game and make your dreams come true.

6) Kim Kardashian Hollywood

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Have you heard about the famous reality tv show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”?

You become Kim Kardashian on the red carpet adventure in Hollywood.

You can create your own aspiring celebrity and then rise to fame and fortune.


  • You can create your own star and customize the look.
  • Star in a unique adventure
  • Meet with other celebrities and paparazzi
  • Date and dump celebrities
  • Rule the red carpet
  • Bring friends along for the ride via Facebook

7) Diversion

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Monkeys, Cats, Frogs, Pigs, Dinos and a lot more.

The diversion has everything that you expect from a game. Run, jump, climb, hang, swim, slide and fly. You unlock hundreds of characters using challenging gameplay.

There are 30 new levels in this girl adventure game. Like platform games or running games?

If so, this game will be a likable one for you. Having 255 levels, 8 worlds and 700 characters in a single touch. 

Challenging gameplay requires timing and puzzle-solving

  • Daily Bonus
  • Boss battles
  • Cheat codes available
  • Earn gems and characters every day
  • 8 unique 3D worlds
  • Earn new tokens
  • Google Play Games leaderboards and achievements
  • A different game every time you play

You will be amazed by what you do. As you progress via levels you unlock more challenging gameplay and hazards.

There are spikes, chasm, zip lines, slides, holes, security, drones are more.

175 challenging levels require timing and puzzle-solving skills to complete and unlock hundreds of playable characters.

8) Uphill Rush Water Park Racing

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Are you a surfer who has crazy skills? Can you perform flips and slide through everything in your path?

Master your surfing talent and bounce through the roller coaster style corkscrews, loops and more. Do you want to try insane racing tracks?

Get ready for extreme water slide action in this craziest water park racing simulator!

This game has more fun than you could have ever expected. So test yourself today with this running game for girls.


  • Take all the fun to another level
  • Challenge your friends
  • Climb the leaderboard
  • Unlock upgrades
  • Create your own levels

9) Supermarket Mania

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Managing a grocery chain is so much fun. Don’t believe, you will once you start playing this game.

In this particular game, there are many products to sell.

You should help Nikki, who is the main character in the game in order to manage the customers and their particular provision. You have to act like an adviser.

This is basically a time management game journey that always makes you stay on your toes.

Head to tinsel town with Nikki and try strengthening the economic strength of the city.

Pull up your socks and make Nikki work efficiently. Manage the stores with challenging levels, serve moody customers and keep your inventory intact.

Deal with the quests to earn achievements and rewards and grow enterprise into success.


  • Complete 100+ challenging levels
  • Satisfy different demanding customers
  • Sell plenty of products
  • Take big spins

10) Bakery Story  

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Do you love playing cooking games for girls?

Mix, bake, serve and finally earn in this free Barbie cooking game.

Start baking from over a thousand delicious restaurant-level recipes.

As the Head Chef, you have to decide what to bake, how much to bake and who eats the baked products

Design your own bakery and ensure all your clients are already happy and well-fed.

Put your creativity on the loose when you are building the bakery and then personalizing the menu to make options for the customers. 

You can invite your friends from Facebook to become your neighbors.

New content is released every week to make the fun girl game cooking experience even better.


  • Design and build a unique bakery that is stunning
  • Customize and choose to bake restaurant-level dish
  • Showcase your bakery or cooking skills
  • Simple and easy to use restaurant baking game tap interface

11) Princess Puzzle Games

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Do you like puzzle games for girls? Such games train the brain and allow you to have a lot of fun with plenty of colourful princess pictures.

All the images of the princess are very beautiful and lived by the players.


All girls can find the ideal game for them

Discover a unique world of princess puzzle

Helps in development of observation skills, motor skills and concentration

12) Fit Girls

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Almost all girls are fitness freak, are you one of them?

If so, are you ready for a workout session and get in the best shape that you want?

These exercises are not only important to get a healthy body but also the body spa treatment can help. After the spa, do your makeup and clean your face.

In this fitness game, there are nine different mini-games. Choose whatever you like doing.


  • Training workout includes
  • Weight Lifting
  • Rowing
  • Spinning
  • Push-Ups
  • Cardio
  • Jumps

13) Wedding Cake Game

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Hey, it’s mealtime.

DO you love making delicious food and cookies? And what about cakes?

This wonderful cooking game for girls gives you an opportunity to create your dream wedding cake that looks scrumptious on the table when your guests are there.

Let your wedding cake stand out having vibrant colors and designs.

The cake bake girl game has a variety of colors, decorations, flowers and other features.

This is the best game for those who want to adorn their wedding fantasies.

14) Girls High School Tailor

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Are you a fashionista who loves designing new dresses? Yes. Become a crazy dressmaker when playing this dress game for girls.


good puzzle games are for you. This is a dress designer and decoration game for girls. The tailor game for girls makes you perfect at stitching dresses, shirts, skirts, shoes for their high school.

You become part of a fashion designer challenge and you will be asked to gain or improve the uniform if it is not up to the mark.

This way, you will become absolutely perfect at designing different dresses.

As a pro dress designer, you have to follow the guidelines or rules so that your dresses are customized.

The school girls will be happy to know that you have successfully designed dresses for them as per their preferences.

Crop, cut and sew the garment material. Be innovative, pick up the required elements and make the best dress ever.

Keep testing your skills and become the best fashion designer of all time.

15) Fashion Model 2020

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The fashion model 2020 is the most loved game for all fashion lovers. Having a great sense of style, here is a cool dress game having glamor, popular singers and supermodels.

The game has 6 dolls of various races having a gorgeous face and perfect figure. There are innumerable items to choose from like hairstyles, dresses, tops, skirts, jewelry, accessories, trousers, etc.


  • Glossy cover of a glamor magazine
  • Fashion show
  • Red carpet
  • Photoshoot for a beauty ad
  • billboard poster in Hollywood
  • the scene where stars get awards

Choose the best hairstyle for every model and then club the luxury clothes to make them look amazing. Hone your designer skills. It is a completely free virtual salon.

Wrapping up

To all the girls who love playing online games, there is absolutely no limit to games. You like glamor or beauty, shopping, fitness, grocery, puzzles, action or anything else, there is a fun game of every type.

Hav you ever thought about ways to earn money from home? There are a few money earning games that help girls to earn money from home and have an interesting time. The fierce completion in the gaming industry has led to the development of amazing games for all genres. There is no need to worry as there will always be an interesting supply of amazing games for girls.

Have you started playing these fun girl games on your smartphones? If not, go for it now.

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