How Crosswords Helped Find my Inner Self?

by Carol Lee
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A few years ago, I was one of those who trusted others blindly.

I discussed my issues with others and did what they advised. But there was a major problem. No matter what I did, I was still unhappy.

I was working in my office and didn’t indulge in any activity that had fun. This made me depressed every passing day.

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Then, one fine day I felt I had it enough. Life is for once, how can I live it this way?

I knew I couldn’t do this way forever so I decided to do something that will bring a spark in my boring life.  Crosswords it was.

However, I will discuss crossword later but before that, it was something else that also helped me. The first major leap that I took was to stop working overtime. I was on the verge of a breakdown, so I felt this was the best option.

I started to religiously follow the 9-5 work regime, and to my surprise, this made me happy.

Online Crosswords: My Happy Place

The second thing that changed me forever is when I decided to indulge in online word puzzles. I heard of this platform-Wealth Words that have a plethora of puzzle games and tried a game and two.

The concept is amazing, and the best part is off course the cash prizes offered. I absolutely started loving puzzles. This was a major turnaround in a very short time span.

By now, I had figured out that the only way to escape burnout is to work for 9 hours in the office and then refresh the mind with a daily puzzle game.

The first ever cash amount I won was $40, and it came along when I submitted my 6th puzzle. I feeling was unexplainable, and it also set the momentum for me to keep going.

I continued playing at least one game every day. The best thing was, I was not only earning cash rewards but also learning new words every day.

Do you think there is any other benefit of solving clues of the daily puzzle online? I bet you can’t guess. Well, you can improve your vocabulary, retention power, analytical and cognitive skills.

I was back with a bang. There was a lot of energy, my productivity skyrocketed, and I started getting compliments from people about how much I knew.

But, it didn’t stop here. I knew there was a lot to learn and gain. So, playing online crossword became a part of my life forever. Till today, I try pulling out time and solving 5 puzzles a week.

I really don’t know what’s there in the game that makes me happy. Solving crosswords is the best decision I ever took because it changed me for good.

We all make different mistakes in life which don’t put us in the right light. But one should learn from mistakes and move ahead. Wrong decisions are taken often lead to pitfalls. Explore what you love doing and follow it passionately.

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