Crossword puzzles – An enticing way of teaching students.

by Max Fragar
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So, while it’s very important to extract the best out of students when teaching, what’s equally important is the fact that the process of education shouldn’t get monotonous at all.

It should not only impart knowledge but, also engage students deeply. You second my thoughts on this, don’t you?


So, what you can do in this context?

How to get innovative and creative while teaching?

Well, there might be a lot of options to do this but, for me, it’s always been crossword puzzles – a word game with immense educational possibilities.

Whether a word hunt puzzle aficionado or not, a game of easy crossword puzzle can be played by anyone and everyone while unleashing their inner wordsmith and taking their cognitive and analytical abilities a level up.

In fact, have you heard about Wealth Words? A new age, contemporary online crossword puzzle and more that doesn’t only serve as a great teaching tool with all its enticing new crossword game but, also has emerged as an online cash game where winning can land you amidst a huge pool of cash prizes – yes, at Wealth Words you get real money as winnings.

Now, that’s pretty amazing, right?

Imagine how excited your students would be when you expand their educational journey through an amazing online new crossword puzzle that even lets them make money out of it.

Such motivation is certainly going to keep them hooked to studies all day long and that too happily.

No pressure, no intimidation, just a simple, fun way of educating and enlightening students – that’s an internet crossword puzzle, guys!

What else can a teacher ask for? All thanks to John Arthur Wynne who created this masterpiece in 1913.

Now, talking about crossword challenge cum online cash game Wealth Words, playing it is as simple as ABC.

Anyone and everyone can play and win big hereafter registering at its website and purchasing tokens of $2 each.

Yes, take it as a little investment that’s certainly going to make you laugh all the way to bank with all the cash prizes you take home.

So, you see, while your students pep up their word power, vocabulary, and language skills and win big at Wealth Words, you would be one proud teacher induced with immense gratification, seeing those little bunch of kids excelling at studies and even earning out of it.

Trust me, it would be the best feeling ever!

In fact, not only your students but, you too can indulge in a session or two of this difficult online crossword puzzle for a cash game. This will help you to scale up your skills, can’t you?

After all, there are a plethora of games that Wealth Words offers ranging from divisional, super word, active and open games.

Now, throwing a little light on these games, you must know that the divisional games are divided into division 1 and division 2, requiring a player to answer all the 20 puzzles correctly to win division 1 cash prizes or be on the second-highest correct answer position to win the division 2 cash prizes.

Further, the super word puzzle games comprise of 25-word games with a bigger and better pool of cash prizes.

In fact, it’s active games can land you amidst cash prizes as high as $2300.

Swooning already? I can feel you! And, if that’s not enough, it’s open game lets you indulge in extensive puzzling sessions (for free!).  This helps you to hone your puzzling skills to help you indulge and win big with this online cash game.

However, just be active enough to grasp the clues while submitting your answer in the given time period of an hour. See, how you and your students excel everywhere, not only educationally but, financially too.

After all, a little money never hurts, right?

Now, go, puzzle it out and bring the best out of your students. Take my words, they are certainly going to thank you for this, sooner or later.

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