15 Addicting Games Ever that You Should Download Now!

Have you ever thought, why are video games addicting or what makes addictive games so addictive?

Well, they are games that don’t take long to play. Although they give a challenge of some sort that you want to master.

When you try to master and try to achieve a high score, you get involved without even realizing it. And it indulges you to play for hours and hours.

Video game addiction is compulsive and uncontrollable use of games.

This is in such a way that it causes problems in other areas of a person’s life.

Video games include mobile games, arcade machine games, computer games, and advanced calculator games.  

Here is the list of the top 15 best addicting games of all times that you must play:

1) Wealth Words

The traditional newspaper crossword has changed into the tech-world puzzle addicting game.

This has further created an immersive experience for the players.

If you are lucky enough to submit the right answers, you will get a cash reward. Yes, that is absolutely true.

Online puzzle addicting games help the brain to produce dopamine, a neurotransmitter that makes you feel bliss.

Dopamine is released when you focus on your aim.


  • More than 500 amazing games
  • Compatible with, iPhone, android and web
  • Win Huge Cash Prizes
  • 100% secure with safest payment gateway PayPal
  • Anywhere, the anytime addictive game
  • Brain training puzzle sessions
  • Refer & earn points
  • Improve vocabulary & groom your personality

2) Entanglement

This one is the perfect way to keep stress away. The goal is to create the longest path with the tiles that you place down.

All the tiles are randomly generated offering enough option that doesn’t make you feel irritated.

Do you know what is the best part? The soothing background music is breathtaking.

3) Bubble Pop Spinner

Play bubble spinner addicting games for free and be ready for the fun with the amazing game.

The shooter game is simple to learn and you can play it anytime, anywhere.

With this addicting game bubble trouble, you can train your brain thereby testing your logic skills.

You have to explore all the bubbles to reach the target.


  • Classic balloon popping gameplay with a twist
  •  Hundreds of puzzle levels will keep you engaged for hours
  •  Super fun power-ups
  •  Free to play
  •  A stress relief bubble game

4) Tank Stars

Tank Stars is one of the best tank addicting games where the player has to choose the right weapon and accurate angle to shoot.

This will make him win the battle.

Features of tank wars addicting game:

  • Plenty of deadly weapons
  • Online multiplayer addiction game.
  • Weapon upgrade
  • Epic graphic effects

5) Crossy Road

This one is the generation’s version of Frogger.

You take a chicken and hop it across the road while trying not to get hit by the car or fall in the water.

The road addicting game is family-friendly in which you can have lots of fun.

The controls are simple, having plenty of unlockable characters. It also has online and local multiplayer modes for fun with friends

This addictive game you can play for hours.

6) Clicker Heroes

Clicker heroes addicting games are a massive hit from Steam and PC browsers that have been introduced to mobile with new features.

Why are clicker games so addicting?

This is because you can now embark on your quest and begin the simple and fun adventure.

Tap to attack monsters, hire, and level up heroes to unlock their unique abilities. In this addicting clicker game, play monsters for gold, find treasure and explore new worlds.


  • 1000+ zones by defeating bosses and monsters
  •  Level up dozens of heroes having a unique skill
  •  Unlock up to 9 active skills and use it in battle!
  •  Acquire ancients for powerful boosts
  •  Multiplayer Battles
  •  Leaderboards and Achievements
  •  Multi-language support (English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese)

7) Sniper 3D

You can call it the best sniper team addicting game.

The guns are ready for action.

Download the sniper addicting game for free, the popular free fun gun shooting game.

You can become the one-man army killing everyone.


  • Ultra-realistic 3D Graphics
  • Popular Free Army Game
  • New Cool Missions
  • Gun Upgradations

8) Dollhouse Games For Girls

This one is a free fun addicting games for girls where you can play with the amazing doll room.

The unique Dollhouse Games For Girls – House Decoration has incredibly adorable “dollhouse design and decoration” ideas for creative people that you wouldn’t be able to resist.

Only in these addicting games for girls, they will be able to design and decorate a magnificent “dollhouse for girls” with ease and provide your cute characters with their dream home space.

Download the best girl’s game and enjoy by having incredible fun for free!


  • Create your own dream room in the best house game
  • Enjoy with a team of sweet characters!
  • Design a living room, dining room, bedroom or bathroom in your new dream
  • Creative game
  • Easy to play
  • Social media sharing

9) Extreme Car Driving Simulator

This is one of the most addicting car games. Well, the credit goes to its advanced real physics engine.

If you ever wanted to try a sport car simulator, you should definitely try this escape the car addicting games.

You can now drive, drift and try dream car racing addicting games for free.

In this best racing game, you become a furious racer that has to perform illegal stunt actions and run full speed without the police chasing you!

Drifting fast and doing burnouts had never been so fun!


  •  Mini-game checkpoint mode
  • Drive with traffic
  • Explore a detailed open world environment
  • Realistic car damage. Crash your car
  • Accurate physics
  • Control  the car with steering wheel and accelerometer

10) Pokemon Rumble Rush

In this rumble addicting game, the world is full of uncharted islands aided by strong Pokemon.

There is a unique spirit of discovery where the journey is through the uncharted island that has plenty of pokemon.


  • Enjoy fast-paced gameplay on the go

In this rumble game, you can control the Pokemon in a single hand. For enemy Pokemon, simply attack by just tapping the screen. Tap to engage in exciting gameplay action!

  •  Upgrade Pokémon of your choice

 Refine ore to get power gears that you can use to make your Pokémon stronger. Your Pokemon will do well if the power gears and summon gears are doing well.

  • Test your strength with the Pokémon you’ve collected

Earn rewards with this Pokemon game by working your way through the Super Boss Rush. There are too many different types of Pokemon to win. So harness their power.

11) Escape Alcatraz

Escape Alcatraz is the follow-up to Escape the Titanic. The escape the prison addicting games delivers the next blockbuster adventure puzzler that puts you at the heart of an amazing true-life. All you have to do is to craft and assemble tools you’ll need.

Are you able to devise an escape plan, fool the guards, and find the right time to pull the trigger to freedom?

With nothing to lose, do you have the smarts and tenacity to solve every puzzle in the escape room addicting games and make it your own…Good luck!

  • 50+ puzzles
  •  Integrated Hint System
  • Hidden tools to aid in your escape.
  • Hints and Answers available as IAP

12) Jigsaw Puzzle Free

This addicting game daily jigsaw puzzle is one of the best. From puzzles to pictures, you get the most amazing experience of puzzles.

They are easy to play, but by breaking down your favorite Gallery photos into pieces and providing challenging gameplay to assemble pieces and solve problems.

You get the best entertainment in addictive gameplay. Let time pass!


  • Everything in the game is free!
  • Photos are free!
  • Play whenever and wherever you want.
  • Offline playable mode
  • Plenty of high-resolution jigsaw puzzles
  •  Beautiful images
  • Exciting puzzles
  • Dynamic jigsaw puzzle cuts for a new challenge

13)Warlords of Aternum

Meet your enemies on the battlefield in this addicting game of warlords. You can put your tactics to the test.  Train and build your army to battle and conquer every opponent in the online strategy game.

Do you have what it takes to become a true Warlord?

If yes, compete in intense PVP battles against the Warlords of the Aternum community and climb to the top of the leaderboards.


  • Be a part of the fight
  • Your move, your victory
  • Unite the land

14) Card Game 29

An addicting card game played by four players in fixed partnerships. The players facing each other are partners.

There are a total of 32 cards compromising 8 from each unit. Jack (3 points), Nine (2 points), Ace (1 point), and Ten (1 point) are the only cards that have points. This makes a total of 28 points.

The teams then set a target. The one winning the bid sets the target.

15) Kingdom Rush

In this kingdom rush addictive game, use your strategy to defend the kingdom and crush the forces of evil. You can fight on the forests, mountains, and wastelands while customizing your defensive strategy

Rain fire upon your enemies and troop commanding


  • Set your strategy with these amazing towers and upgrades.
  • Plan your strategy! Pick among very different tower styles.
  • Maximize your army’s power with 18 tower unique abilities.

Here are a few points that will clarify how video games or online games are addictive:

a) Community

Basically, the online communities are formed by Role Playing Games (RPGs). This is what game developers provide for their players.

Online addicting games give anyone the opportunity to forge new identities and engage in activities in the imaginary lands.

b) Ego

There are many addicting games to play when bored. They are the ones that are able to engage you all the time.

You get a tangible reward that shows your success in the game. The free addicting games become successful due to the strong system of toil and reward.

It helps to boost the player’s ego to the extent that he or she wants to keep playing in order to get that feeling.

The players that do not get rewarded or do not receive this sort of self-esteem boost outside of the game world are the ones who will come back for more satisfaction.

c) Skill

Daily addicting games have another quality, skill.

Many games build up levels of complexity. The players have novel skills that they must apply to other situations in the game.

When you become part of the game, things become even more complex, causing the player to want to complete increasingly difficult challenges.

This helps in effectively hooking them onto the game.

d) The High Score

Whether you’ve tried out the latest edition of Grand Theft Auto or PubG, the high score or completion percentage is one of the most easily recognizable hooks.

Trying to beat the high score or the opponent (even if the player is trying to beat his own score) can keep a player engrossed for hours.

e) Beating your Rival

There are many addicting games for Android where you compete with or against your friends and other players from across the globe via the Internet. There are many permutations of online competitive gaming.

f) Relationship

When you think about why games are addicting, one of the reasons is a relationship.

By that we mean the elicit a feel-good sensation for a short amount of time. Plus, you want to routinely go back to that keep you feeling good all the time!

You may be thinking where can I play addicting games? Well, anywhere.

PS, Android devices, iPhone devices, computer desktop, laptop, iPad, almost everywhere the addicting online games are accessible.

Have an amazing time playing addicting games.