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We are happy to entertain our players for their best puzzle interests. It gives us immense pleasure when our users take the time to continuously play the game and acknowledge their satisfaction by giving positive feedback.

Emily J

I am finding Wealth Words an excellent crossword puzzle - the best I have played so far. It has greatly helped me in remembering the difficult words since I am preparing for entrance exams. My daily task of learning new words has become quite interesting!

Tamara S

'I have played three crosswords of the type free, open and paid. I think I got the hang of the game. I also have made $1090 by just playing 3 games. Very nice indeed.'

Suzanne Fisher

'I am VERY pleased with Wealth Words. It does things that I never even considered before, my son proactively participates in the new puzzles and enjoy solving it. This way, I feel satisfied that he is learning something new every time. It is Fantastic!!!

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Brad W

Wealth Words is one of the best crossword puzzle creations. It combines the flexibility of answering the puzzles in my free time along with the simplicity of the words used. The best part is its cash prize, which attracted me for the very first time when I played the game. All in all, An Amazing game!!

George G

'There's so much to like about Wealth Words that it's hard to know where to begin. So let me begin with just one word: "amazing!"

Mabel B

'Fantastic game. I have purchased tokens for $10 and won the first division prize of $560. WOW! Thanks, Wealth Words for letting me play such a wonderful crossword game!!'

Jonathan B

I won the Independence Day Super Puzzle worth $1598, it was my first time to play Wealth Words. I never expected to win the game in the first attempt. It is one of the dreams come true since I bought my favorite cell-phone with the money I won. Since then, I am playing the game regularly and recommend it to all!!

Eric Dave

Can't resist myself from playing Wealth Words ..... it's brilliant