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You made my 12 year old daughter who loves spelling so happy. She had the best time discovering Wealth Words with me, her mother, and will remember her first puzzle entry forever. She won $6 and had the biggest smile on her face
Emily J

Unbelievably Fun. Exceeded my wildest expectations- Although I only won a 2nd division prize, I had 19/20 words correct and was so close to winning the 1st division prize pool of $ 1700
Tamara S

This is the latest I’ve ever seen people stay after work trying to win the 1st prize pool of Wealth Words
Ladies Clothing Departmen

Thank you again for helping to make our beautiful day even more magical and fun. I’ve had rave reviews of you guys from young and old alike! We have our Tablets and Smart phones on the table here at home filled with Wealth Words games
Brad W

This is the most extraordinary puzzle I have ever played or seen others play… This is the end of an amazing 21st birthday party, and everybody is still here. Playing Wealth Words, talking with each other, enjoying themselves! Amazing!
George G

This is the most fun I’ve ever had with my friends at a 100 year old birthday party. All I saw were these amazing elderly people heads down over their Tablets or Smartphones trying to out smart the other guests and finish as many entries of Wealth
Mabel B

It’s hard to explain why Wealth Words is so exciting,. I found it online at one of my favourite bloggers that I follow. I guess I’m just the sort of guy who appreciates a great challenge and yes, so much money to possibly win.
Jonathan B

The Great Puzzle Maniac

The best ideas seem to come from randomly staring into space and the Wealth Words Team must have been gazing up at the universe for years to have come up with such an amazing Game
An Avid Fan Of Wealth Wor