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Rules to play the games (Crosswords, Poems and Stories)

Playing Online Crosswords is a great way to boost your memory and indulge in something productive. It not only enhances your cognitive skills but also gives you a chance to brainstorm.

Isn’t it a great source to keep your brain active and let you have fun at the same time? Well, if you are also one of those whom we categorize as “crossword aficionado”, then for sure you have landed at the right place.

At Wealth Words, we not only entertain you with our enticing puzzles but also gives you an opportunity to make huge money!

So, ready to dive into the puzzling zone? Let’s begin:


We have various puzzles that fall under 3 categories:

Crossword game






gametime Time Limits

The main thing to keep in mind while playing the puzzles is 'time-limit'.

To complete and submit each puzzle, you have a time-limit of 1 hour. We make sure that every player has a plenty of time to submit the puzzle.

Just keep in mind that you can pause the puzzle timer. However, remember that you must finish the game in a total of 1 hour unpaused time

Since players from all around the world participate in the puzzle, we have a flexible time format. The puzzle runs for a minimum of 24 hours, which means that the players can start with the puzzle anytime within this 24 hour time frame.

You cannot pause the story and poem games while playing.

How to pause, resume & submit the game ?

  • arrowStep 1. Click on Pause Puzzle and then click Yes.
  • rule
  • arrowStep 2. To begin with the same game you have paused, Click on the dashboard on the top right of your screen.
  • rule
  • arrowStep 3. Click on My Games option, on the left side menu. You will see all the games being played by you.
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  • arrowStep 4. To begin with the paused game, click on View Results
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  • arrowStep 5. Click on play game.
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  • arrowStep 5. Click on resume play.
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  • arrowStep 7. Fill the left clues. Once you have completed the puzzle and are satisfied with all your answers, click Submit Puzzle and click yes.
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ResearchPuzzle Results

  • Once you are done with submitting the puzzle, you must be eager to know the results.
  • One hour after the puzzle has been concluded and no longer active (that is after a minimum of 24 hours), the results of each puzzle will be published.
  • Click on my dashboard > my games. All the games that you have played recently will appear. Click on view results to check your results. Here you’ll be able to view your submission and you can see if you’ve won.
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  • You can even check the right and wrong answers to the puzzle you have submitted. The letters and corresponding clues that are green are correct, and the ones in red are incorrect.
  • You’ll also be able to compare your entry with the solutions.
  • Note: You can cash out your winnings once you have $20 or more in your account as determined by Wealth Words.
Get puzzling!

NOTE: You can play a crossword /stories/ poems more than once.


  • At the time of cash-out, if your prize is $20 or more you will need to upload 2 Identity proofs to show that you are an authorized user. Your registered name on the website should match your ID proofs.

So, what are you waiting for? Bring in your worldly creativity and excitement to get started with playing the word puzzle games and winning the cash here at Wealth Words!