Calling on all Puzzlers, Solvers and Riddlers, here are a few rules to get you started on Wealth Words:

Time Limits

You have a 1-hour time limit to complete and submit each puzzle.

The reason for the 1-hour time limit is to ensure that each player has plenty of time to submit.

The puzzle timer cannot be paused.

To ensure all players around the world have a chance to play each puzzle at a reasonable time of the day or night, the puzzle runs for 24 hours - meaning that players can begin the puzzle at any time within this 24 hour time frame.

Playing and Submitting Puzzles

To start playing click on the active game[s] on the HOME screen or click on CURRENT GAMES at the top of the HOME screen to see the active puzzle[s].

If you are playing on a Smartphone, click MENU and then click CURRENT GAMES.

Click PLAY NOW on the puzzle that you would like to play then click CONFIRM to begin.

Once entering the puzzle, have a good look at the entire puzzle.

Each word in the puzzle has a clue which will be in the Across or Down section.

Simply click Across or Down to see the relevant clues.

Analyse the clues and use your skill to enter your solution for each word.

Enter your answer by either clicking on a blank space or by clicking on a clue to highlight its position. Then use your keyboard to fill in the missing letter.

Only one letter can be entered into each blank space.

Once you have filled in all the missing letters and are satisfied with your answers click SUBMIT PUZZLE and then click YES to complete your entry.

You may view your entry, attempt the puzzle again or enter any other active puzzle[s].

Puzzle Results

The results of each puzzle will be published one hour after the puzzle has concluded. That is, once the puzzle is no longer active (after 24 hours).

To check how you went on a puzzle click on your profile on the top right hand corner of the screen. Here you’ll be able to view your submission[s] and see if you’ve won.

The letters and corresponding clues that are green are correct, and letters and corresponding clues in red are incorrect.

You’ll also be able to compare your entry with the solutions.

Get puzzling!