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Are you up for the challenge?

  • Entry Fee $1
  • Cash Prize $20
  • Time40 Sec
  • Entry Fee $2
  • Cash Prize $40
  • Time40 Sec
  • Entry Fee $5
  • Cash Prize $100
  • Time40 Sec


Answers to common questions

Quick Picks are time-bound exciting crossword puzzles. The best part is if you solve the crossword clues correctly within the shortest period of time you’ll win the real money. So, a must-try for everyone.

Quicks Picks are interesting crossword puzzles with an exciting winning prize. All you need to do is Sign up on our website, and enter the game. You need to fill in the correct letters in order to complete the words according to the given clues.

You should aim to solve the clues in the shortest possible time and all your answers should be correct.

Anyone who is 18+ and has a good internet connection can play the game. The game is not specific to any country.

You can make the payment via Paypal.

If you win the game, money will be credited into your Wealth Words account, which you can further transfer to your bank account via PayPal.
Note: Please remember, in order to cash out you must have $30 in your Wealth Words account. And you can only cashout after your KYC gets approved.

If the game disconnects due to the internet or system failure, you cannot resume the same game. You need to restart the game or wait for another game.

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