Game 224 27/12/17




















  • 1. Gladys gently .... a cup of tea in front of Bob as he ate his breakfast of toast with bacon and eggs. He thanked her.
  • 3. Brenda was confused when she stepped onto the empty street. The .... should have been there. This was a bad sign she thought.
  • 6. The .... old men seemed to be so grumpy, and cantankerous, I thought about writing a sitcom about them.
  • 7. Fiona gasped at the .... before her. She had a feeling she was seeing something special, something that she may never get another chance to see.
  • 9. The young boy was sick of being .... by the local yobs. He decided he would stand for it no more and take karate lessons.
  • 15. Frank .... towards the open door, hoping he could stop anymore wasps getting inside.
  • 17. The jockey was comforted by the sway of the horse and the gentle .... sound.
  • 18. The .... tasted sweet. Sheila really enjoyed the flavour. It would be hard to stop at one or two she thought.
  • 19. The rain didn't seem to be causing the large passenger aeroplane any problems. The ... engines roared to life without a second's pause.
  • 2. The .... was heavy to carry. Heavier than she had anticipated but she had to move it.
  • 3. Sarah .... the vegetables. They tasted better than she'd expected and she even quite enjoyed them
  • 4. Walter .... his own success. People raised eyebrows, but they were too polite to say anything untoward.
  • 5. Glenda was glad she had finally .... him. After everything she had been through she didn't regret it. She wished she had done it sooner.
  • 8. The car in front of them looked familiar somehow. The officer decided not to let it go and .... it over, determined to find out why she felt she knew that car from somewhere.
  • 10. Beatrice glanced over at her child's old .... . She knew she would be sorry to see it go when the time came.
  • 11. The little girl posed for the photos. He proud mother couldn't help smiling at the .... she had.
  • 12. Tracy was exhausted preparing the food for the dinner party this evening. Twenty was a lot of guests. She felt she had spent hours .... the potatoes.
  • 13. The .... showed the posse the way. The huge truck was easy to follow and not lose track of.
  • 14. The councillor was determined to get her .... right. She needed everyone behind her to make a success of it.
  • 16. Something you would find in a park or maybe even an allotment garden or farm.
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