Game 202 12/12/17 10 WORD










  • 1. Gretchen tried to get a ... with the company's logo on it, but found that they had sold out and weren't making any more.
  • 2. The grime in the oven was so .... on, that Lily despaired ever being able to remove it.
  • 7. Sienna picked up her report before going to the doctor, but it was not the .... results she was looking for.
  • 9. It was comforting to know that my .... loved me unconditionally.
  • 2. Alexis loved her .... but sometimes thought her life might be better if she just moved on.
  • 3. "Come on you Blues" .... yelled dad as the match between the Carlton Blues and the Richmond Tigers was about to start.
  • 4. A task that might need to be arranged for a garden wedding.
  • 5. Something that occurs over time
  • 6. Lefty asked his apprentice to get him the .... to cut through the bolt that refused to be budged any other way.
  • 8. Gary .... his problems in the hope that it would help him overcome them.
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