• 1. Beth always kept her garden in immaculate condition. However this morning she spotted a .... in her lawn. That wasn't there yesterday she thought, puzzled.
  • 2. The .... dragged on and Bernice wished it was over. It wasn't particularly entertaining and she was bored.
  • 3. The events of the day had been disastrous. Graham searched his .... for the clue he needed as to what had happened here.
  • 6. With an effort, Shirley pulled her .... up. This weather was really getting her down.
  • 7. Captain Morgan of the magnificent sailing cutter is a fierce man and when he says to the crew .... they do it without question.
  • 8. The .... sparkled as the light hit it. It momentarily blinded George. He raised a hand to shield his eyes.
  • 4. Barry .... the lights, trying to make the room feel cosier and more romantic, planning for when his girlfriend arrived.
  • 5. Roger was annoyed he had lost the heavy duty .... . He knew it could only be in the house but where about, he didn't know.
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