Game 108 16/10/2017 20 WORD






















  • 1. After they finally sobered up from a night of partying, the fraternity boys easily remembered where the .... keg was finally located.
  • 3. The guards watched extra carefully the prisoners with a .... beneath their eye as this might be an indication of a gang affiliation.
  • 6. Use this .... for the onions when making the soup.
  • 8. During the antique show, an .... coloured armoire caught the attention of several antique shop owners.
  • 10. Comedians from all over the country came to Las Vegas to .... the career of a famous retiring comedian, before he put down the microphone for good.
  • 11. Andy was well prepared for the .... experience of the competition for fast necklace threaders.
  • 12. Even though every day is very dangerous, Mark is a born explorer, and he .... the worst conditions so he can get amazing photos.
  • 13. At the farmer's market all the farmers were talking about .... the moistened soil after last week's big rain.
  • 14. In the autumn, the countryside is littered with .... of red, gold and orange leaves as far as the eye can see.
  • 19. The postmaster is finding out that it is not as easy as it used to be to get a .... display for stamps shipped to the post office.
  • 20. The two rookie fishermen are learning how to .... a boat today before they begin their respective fishing rotations.
  • 21. The headquarters for the new co-op will be a .... just outside of the city.
  • 2. The baker had originally meant to make scones but after trying this new recipe, Mary realised she had made a .... .
  • 4. There are so many .... in the sacred lake region of this south east Asian nation, that we were inundated with reasons to visit this amazing place.
  • 5. The volunteers at the country fair .... up in the few golf carts when most of the events were rained out due to the stormy weather.
  • 7. The boys were excited to receive their magic .... crystal kit in the mail.
  • 9. The injured ice skater will be sitting out for another two weeks to be sure she doesn't .... her already swollen ankle.
  • 15. The generous little boy Willie gave away his last 5 dollars when a homeless woman with a hungry dog asked if he could .... some change.
  • 16. The scientists in the laboratory have been waiting for some large important samples so they've been tirelessly asking if their customer service department can .... the packages as soon as possible
  • 17. The wardrobe staff on the set of Hollywood's biggest new movie told production they would .... all the costumes by noon today no matter what.
  • 18. While on trial, Lydia honestly admitted to her accounting firm's ... mistakes with important previous clients.
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