Game 105 11/10/2017 . 10 WORD










  • 1. Max thought the .... of his bosses request was inappropriate and didn't serve the situation well
  • 3. By the time dinner had arrived, Chet had wasted no time and already .... his fish dinner.
  • 7. Sitting on the back verandah, Jimmy could hear the call of the .... but knew he had to stay home and care for his elderly mother.
  • 8. The flight up north was too expensive for a single mum, and Jenny couldn't afford the extra .... associated with it.
  • 9. Jethro was happy with the weekend telling his friends he had gotten a new .... in the paddock.
  • 2. Visiting my childhood home town, I noticed among other things that the .... in the street had not changed.
  • 4. When the school bus broke down, most of the children were left in the .... until the parents came to get them.
  • 5. Sailing in the hot sun for too long, the captain's .... was off.
  • 6. After his personally touching revelation, Gaz the trainer had .... his team with motivation and an undeniable desire to win.
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