• 4. Andre's .... was his incredible strength, which thrust him into the limelight as a wrestler.
  • 6. In trying to do some small odd jobs around the house, Charlie said he needed a .... and baby Fiona ran off to grab him one, but came back with a hammer.
  • 7. Sabrina thought the .... was great, but relationships between witches and warlocks were notoriously volatile and maybe she shouldn't spending so much time with Harry.
  • 10. Drago .... into the air, ready for battle against the enemy's gryphon army.
  • 12. As there was a .... on the table, Valerie and Veronica thought that they could come together and make an offer of their own.
  • 17. Associated with babies,
  • 18. Somewhat prone to exaggeration Emily swore that the mark from the .... could be seen from the moon.
  • 19. The .... of her ideas and ruminations as depicted in the diary, indicated the creative flow Belinda was in at the time.
  • 1. The .... wasn't nearly large enough, so they would have to go back to the drawing board, and try to come up with something bigger,
  • 2. Fabrice had done something weird to his hair, and it was the .... that I had ever seen.
  • 3. Being a world class cyclist that in races, Henry had become so used to .... that it had become second nature to him.
  • 5. Something a wound might do.
  • 8. Sick of Cyril's .... about everything, Douglas told him to "shut up, already."
  • 9. The peanut butter was .... , but Kathy preferred hers crunchy, so decided on vegemite instead.
  • 11. While the boats were .... in the harbour, the crews began to holler, and wave at each other in greeting.
  • 13. Darcy .... his way through the New York court system, and became infamous for his activity with the law.
  • 14. Rebecca's .... had blown up in her face, and she felt she needed to get away and recover from the source of her pain.
  • 15. The dark old .... by the door, somehow gave the room a sinister feel, and Beth thought it should be removed.
  • 16. " That's going to .... soon " said Ruth as Ann quickly pulled her hand away from the fire she was trying to light.
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