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  • 2. No matter how many times I fell on my feet feeling hopeless, I still .... to overcome my fears and embrace all my imperfections.
  • 6. With the mud that came up past our ankles, we had to .... , and it will surely take a long time before we reach the end of the field.
  • 7. The statement uttered by the suspect who claims to be innocent was .... nonsense. It was implausible and did not even match the crime events.
  • 8. The storm is ..... . Floods can occur especially with the houses built close to the coastline, so families are reminded to head for the evacuation centers.
  • 10. From my book regarding the current social issues in our society, I went to great depths to research from so many aspects and consulted various professionals. I need to have a .... critique to persuade, enlighten and disseminate information.
  • 12. Our research paper is full of grammatical errors and unsupported statements so we had to .... it before giving it to our professor.
  • 14. Bonny and Clyde's plan to run off with the money from the bank was a failure in the end. Their scheme lacked precision and thoroughness. It was really a very .... plan.
  • 17. The .... look that the man dressed totally in black from across the street was giving me, sent a chill down my spine and made my heart jump from freight.
  • 19. The historical .... of the Martial Law that occurred years ago still seems to be alive and vivid in the memory of those who suffered from this horrible event.
  • 20. The peaceful, at first debate, soon turned into a blistering one. It then warped into a political .... where some people ended up being injured.
  • 1. Mrs Hugo mortgaged her house in order to set up a new restaurant but unfortunately she had difficulty meeting the mortgage payments. She was .... up by the bank
  • 3. Lucy always maintained an .... lifestyle to make sure that she would be able to get along with people who had a high social status. She did a great job as no one suspected that she had an ulterior motive.
  • 4. The .... student Betty displayed an inquisitive demeanour which was easily noticed by her classmates and teachers. She was always eager to know the whole story.
  • 5. I need to .... on what course I will take. I need to be practical and assured because switching courses is a waste of time and money.
  • 9. The basketball players from the other team .... at us in the middle of the game attempting to divert our attention and focus. They surely knew how to get under our skin.
  • 11. The memory of that tragic event is just like a stone that dropped into the water until it reached the .... depth of the ocean. It will never reach the surface again, never to be remembered.
  • 13. The third world chief of police .... to have his policemen perform their job without breaking any law or violating other people's rights.
  • 15. The farm owner purchased 30 small hogs which he planned to .... . When they grew, and had offsprings they would be source of of food and income for him.
  • 16. Dali was a remarkably .... painter, every stroke of his paintbrush screamed a thousand words and every colour breathed life into his works of art.
  • 18. The heap of old newspapers hiding in my cupboard were no longer of importance to me. I decided to .... them into trash and dispose of them immediately.
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