• 5. Toby peered down the length of the .... trying to see through the other side and what he saw looked so tiny.
  • 6. The centurion was excited to be journeying back to his .... . It had been so long since his last visit.
  • 8. A boy playing with a .... for some considerable time might get on the nerves of an irritable person.
  • 12. Vanessa cooed over the little ugly .... in the pet shop. She really wanted take it home with her and surprise her partner.
  • 14. Wes flicked back through his lists checking every detail. .... this event wasn't as easy as he thought it would be.
  • 15. The .... in the museum had been fascinating. Alan wished he'd had more time there . The exhibits were breathtaking.
  • 17. Miri .... up the dried autumn leaves. She loved the colours and the sound they made.
  • 18. Stuart looked around the house. It was in such a .... state of disrepair, but it was still a bargain for the price he had paid for it.
  • 19. Sonya looked at the castle's .... in the distance. It was an imposing view especially with the snow covered mountains in the background.
  • 20. After the very bad news Annie had received, she'd been so upset. She felt all .... out inside.
  • 21. Shelley furiously rubbed over the .... in the machine, trying to rid it of the oil as it looked horrible.
  • 1. Les took a deep breath, thinking if this .... bothered him greatly or if he could cope with it.
  • 2. Serena hoped her friends appreciated the .... she'd made. She'd spent a lot of time and thought on it.
  • 3. Bernard finally had the answers he needed. He just had to alter the .... slightly.
  • 4. Brad wasn't overly keen on the .... , but Wilma had gone to so much effort to get it for him that he consumed it anyway.
  • 7. The one eyed pirate cursed as he knocked the cooking pan from the stove top with a huge clatter. Now he would have to go and find his .... .
  • 9. The hiker kept a very watchful eye on the moving .... he spotted. He'd heard a lot of stories of people being attacked for getting to close.
  • 10. Jacob looked over at the .... flapping around in the wind after the downpour. He hoped it had dried out quickly before being damaged.
  • 11. Yvette had felt a deep sense of .... when she discovered her business partner had stolen from her.
  • 13. Vincent crossed his fingers as he .... the lever, hoping he could get the electric forklift to move.
  • 16. Iris went in search of the .... in the box. She wasn't sure about how the game was played, but she realised that this item was needed to play this detective game.
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