Wordle – The New Sensation

by Amelia Miller
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“Wordle” is the new e-game fascinating users all over the world. After its launch, this five letter word game has become an instant hit.

Wordle lovers now wait for this distinctive game each day which is available in the web format only, app format is still awaited.

Wordle can be played on the desktop or the mobile phone browser.

This puzzle game has attracted plenty of players in recent weeks and as the popularity grew, The New York Times paid creator “Josh Wardle” handsomely for the puzzle.

Due to increasing popularity of the word game, new twigs of the original game have come up in the form of a math alternative and an archive.

Users gets only six attempts to solve this game puzzle, and only one word appears in Wordle each day.

Its’ been few weeks only since it was born but for many, the game has become a bona-fide stuff.

Who is Josh?

Josh Wardle is a software engineer, born in Wales, now lives in New York.

Previously he used to work for a social discussions website called “Reddit” in Silicon Valley.

Josh primarily created the game during lockdown for his partner to get rid of boredom.

The 38-year old engineer was inspired by game “Jotto” and TV game show, Lingo – after the couple “got really into the NYT crossword”. “

I wanted to try making a game that she and I would enjoy playing together, and Wordle was a result of that,”

Josh explained in an interview with a magazine recently.

How was Wordle created?

Josh actually started working on a prototype of Wordle in 2013, which had some significant differences.

For instance, people were able to move to new game puzzles after completing one.

The present day Wordle pools its answer from a limited set of words – just 2,315, whereas there are more than 12k five-letter words in English language.

Surprisingly, these words were chosen by Wardle’s partner, Ms. Palak Shah an Indian American, who probably knew these words.

But he wasn’t happy with the prototype.

Josh wanted to keep the game consciously simple like only one puzzle a day that does not require too much time & user’s attention.

As per Josh Wardle his Silicon Valley experiences helped him a lot in shaping the current day game which is simple and ad-free.

He philosophically wanted to do opposite things of endless play, push notifications, or asking users for sign-up information.

Wardle says he was “literally just making a game for my partner, and I made some decisions that we would like.”

What is the Objective & How to Play Wordle?

In simple words “Wordle” is an online brain teaser game, a combination of a crossword puzzle and Sudoku.

The ultimate objective of the puzzle is to guess five letter word of the day in 6 attempts without a clue or hint.

When the game is loaded you see a simple grid and an e-keyboard.

You are supposed to type in your first word guess onto the grid and that becomes the top row of the grid.

Hey!!!…take note- there are no hints. The guess has to be totally random.

There’s no undo to the Wordle.

Meaning of the colored tiles?

  • Green – means right letter in the right place.
  • Yellow – means letter is in the word, but currently in the wrong place.
  • Grey – means letter isn’t included anywhere in the secret word.

Guessing tips

One can start with the most common letters like R, S, I, O, E, A, T, and N. The less common alphabets i.e. J, X, Q, Z, and V can be used after 3 attempts.

Vowels may be avoided at an early stage of the game.

This strategy might help you narrow down the potential Wordle answer.

Wordle is American English

Some words such as “color”, “favor”, etc. are possible matches, although these spellings are not used in British style English.

Please note & keep in mind Wordle uses American style English spellings.

Readers, please beware & be sure, there is still no official app for it yet.

The scamsters are trying day and night to create clone apps. So 5 letter American English words, ok.

Can letters repeat in Wordle?

Yes, yes for sure, letters can repeat in Wordle. Previous Wordle answers have included, “evade”, “serve”, “naval” and “karma”.

These are not the only ones, other past answers also had words with repeating letters.

Logically, this should continue in future also.

I am sure there is a way of guessing if the solution of the day will have double letter thing, although there is no system of hint and clue.

If you input a word containing two or more of the same letter as a guess, it will be treated in just the same way as any other attempt would.

Can words repeat in Wordle?

It may not surprise you to learn that Wordle’s database of possible answers does not include all of the thirteen thousand five-letter words in the English.

So instead, the finalized version of Wordle actually pools its daily answer from a relatively limited set of words – just 2,315.

But while that figure may seem limited compared to the vast amount of five-letter words available, it should ensure that it is not repeated after a while or a specified gap.

That means 2,082 fresh potential everyday answers before repeats become an issue.

That’s over five-and-a-half years of wording.

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