Wealth Words: Way to Your Biggest Crossword Win

Yes! It’s a crossword puzzle and yes, you’ve probably played it a million times, and oh! Maybe you were once a champion sometime in your extensive crossword career, but what have you gained from all that?

Probably nothing more than a few glorious moments of a remarkable victory and that old rusty medal you got from the crossword puzzle club back in high school?

Well, enough of playing your favorite games just for the sake of playing!

How cool would it be if you could actually win some cash with that timeworn knowledge you’ve gained from filling out all those easy word games for adults you’ve found in old newspapers when you got bored?

On the other hand, if you’re not motivated by lack of spur and you’re really into crossword with money, wouldn’t it be great that you get your skill acknowledged and rewarded for some real money?

It’s easy, exciting and better still, there’s a whole load of cash involved.

Wealth Words is the next big thing on the online gaming scene: it’s unique, fun, educative, rewarding and right for everyone.

If you’ve got that word-power, here is where you got to show it. 

Novices aren’t left out either, its simplicity and ease of use make this crossword puzzle all the more interesting for all the beginners as well as experienced puzzle games players.

Get started by creating an account here by filling out the required information, after which you’ll be required to purchase tokens either through your PayPal account or with the use of your credit card through the Guest PayPal payment option and start playing immediately and get paid to play games.

So, ready to dive into the puzzling zone? 

They have various puzzles that fall under 3 categories:

a) Crosswords

b) Poems

c) Stories

The winning categories for each round of the puzzle have been divided into two divisions (rank).

First division awards are for those who give the highest number of correct submissions from the 20 clues given in the puzzle, while the second winning division awards are for those who solve the second-highest number of correct submissions.

Wealth Words also keeps organizing super word puzzle game-rounds.

Super Word Puzzles are 25-word puzzles with a bigger prize pool than the Regular puzzles.

real money earning games

To be a winner in the Super Word puzzle, player[s] must get all the 25 answers correct.

Claiming your winning-amount is as simple as adding your PayPal address to your Wealth Words account.

At any time you can play crossword game online, you reserve the right to cash out on your winnings, and your winnings will be transferred to the PayPal account you have provided in your Wealth Words account.pu

Get playing and start winning right away!

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