Wealth Words is Offering A Free $2000 Prize Pool Crossword!

Did you hear about Wealth Words? It won’t actually seem true for the first time. It didn’t seem true to me as well. Wealth Words is an enticing and a superbly awesome crossword puzzle online that (if you win) rewards you real money cash prizes. Oh, Yes! That’s true. The same crosswords that we see and play since our childhoods.

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It is simple – go to the Wealth Words website – www.wealthwords.com, register yourself, purchase the tokens ($2) and get going.

You can choose one of the active games and start solving the respective puzzle by looking at the clues for each of the words.

The best part is if you get all the correct answers, that is, 20 correct answers, you secure Division One. And if you solve the second highest number of answers, you secure Division Two.

So you’ve got quite some chances to actually win the cash prizes. Isn’t it a win-win situation?

You have got an always and anywhere accessible online crossword as your pastime, you also get to increase your brain and word power, you get to win real cash, and you fulfill your distant dreams. Wow!

Now that you know, Wealth Words can only be played by purchasing the tokens and using each token for a game, what if you get to know there’s a chance to enter a free game, give it a try and then purchase the tokens?

Sounds interesting, yeah? Now that excitement is just going to double up – what if the Prize Pool for this particular game is $2000?

If you are still thinking, why you play Wealth Words? Watch this Video

Well, yes, you heard that right. Wealth Words is offering a free game this Sunday that is the 17th of September with a Prize Pool of $2000.

So imagine, no tokens to purchase, just register, enter the game and start playing. For each crossword, you get a total of 1 hour to solve, which you can also consume in intervals during the day on which the game is active.

Now, this free game of $2000 will start at midnight that is 00:00 on 17th September and will last till 23:59 on 18th September.

So register yourself now and remember to play the free game on Sunday. You never know, your word power just outshines the other players and you win the $2000 Prize Pool.

A lot more coming up at Wealth Words! Stay tuned and keep reading our blog.