Wealth Words – Could Daily Crossword Puzzles Get Any Better?

by Carol Lee
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Wealth Words is a simple crossword game that doesn’t require any introduction anymore.

Well, its figures speak for itself. 2100 active players and a website visit of a whopping 627,40 in a short span of one year.

Isn’t it speaking volumes about its popularity? It undoubtedly is.

In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it has taken the world of free crossword puzzle solver a level up by transforming it into an online PayPal money earning game.

After all, earlier jumble crosswords were just about playing a game or two of it in Sunday magazines and newspapers while being applauded once in a while for cracking its easy crosswords for beginners.

Sure, it was fun, entertaining, and educative but, that’s about it.

It didn’t have anything else to offer. And, we all know, no matter how good a game is, it loses its charm if it becomes monotonous.

So, yes! Wealth Words have revived the old school vocabulary word search in a new avatar and it is totally mind-blowing.

Not only you can access it just through a single tap on any of your digital devices but, also make money out of it.

How cool does that sound? Daily crossword puzzles literally couldn’t get any better, for sure!

So, is the crossword aficionado within you dying to take the number of players at Wealth Words from 1500 to 1501?

Do you want to be a part of this play and win money crossword bandwagon too?

Well, if unleashing your inner wordsmith is what you need if your idea of fun and rejuvenation lies in the world of words, it’s high time you register at the Wealth Words website for free sports crossword puzzles and showcase your word power to the world.

Excited already?

Well, your excitement might just double up when you hear about the cash prizes this crossword puzzle game for earning real money distributes amidst its players.

Yes, it’s as high as a whopping $1600. Now, isn’t that too much for a simple words search app?

Well, that’s how Wealth Words is – amazing and oh-so-enticing. But, hey! that’s not where the cash prizes end. In fact, it begins here.

This crossword puzzle game consists of divisional games you play for real money too where the real money is awarded in the form of division 1 and division 2.

Winning the division 1 cash prizes requires you to crack all of its 20 word crosses for kids puzzles right. One can acquire the division 2 cash prizes cracking the second highest correct online game and win money.

So, you see, how anyone and everyone gets a chance to win big here? Isn’t that amazing?

Hence, if you want to drive through the intriguing world of Wealth Words, register at its mini crossword app now.

Login through Facebook or any of your email id and you are good to play this word finder app game. However, you must buy tokens worth $2 each to indulge in its extensive puzzling session.

Well, it’s a meager amount compared to the cash prizes this website to make crossword puzzles bestows its players with, isn’t it?

Up for an interesting game at Wealth Words?

You better give your best puzzling shot here and laugh all the way to the bank as your Paypal account floods with enormous cash prizes. All the best, folks!

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