How Winning Money Led to My Financial Freedom

by Carol Lee
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Vince Lombard (a former American player) once said, “Everyone has a will to win but very few have the will to prepare to win”.

So true. Undoubtedly, winning is the key to a passionate and prosperous life.

Winning more is way more lucrative than anyone can think. And to win you need to invest. Invest your time, your mind and focus on one particular goal.

Is that so difficult? Indeed it is not! But it was quite tedious for a single mother like me.

Raising two kids on my own, handling the professional responsibilities, taking care of the monthly dues, etc.

Alas!!  When you have so much on your bucket list, it becomes difficult to invest in anything else.

Difficult, but not impossible!

Two years ago, I was working on my dream project. I always aspired to have a cafe of my own, broadly showcasing my name – “Norah’s Cafe”.  

Everything was going well until my husband met with a car accident. We lost all our savings on his various medical treatments but still couldn’t save him.

Due to a shortage of funds, I landed up taking a job as a Business Manager. Within six months, I realized that this is not what I planned for.

Even though I was earning enough, I was still depressed. I always felt that the fun part was missing in my life.

But destiny had something else for me.

One fine day, I was reading an article that mentioned a website, where a user can play online games and win money.

I curiously scrolled down to see the comment section. Some said its spam; some were claiming it to be a fake website.

But there were few comments which aroused my interest and I clicked on the website link.  

What I witnessed was much more than what I had expected! It was an online crossword gaming website which had a variety of puzzles.

There were categories as per the user’s interest. Free Games, Open Games, and Paid Games.

The amazing part was each game had a particular winning amount, even the free ones.

To give it a try I began with an 8-Word Free Game of $20. So, there were certain clues and I had to fill the grids with the best possible answer.

I finished the game and when I saw the results only 3 out of 8 words were correct.

Poor me! To try further, I chose another 10-Word Free game and started playing. This time I got 9 answers correct. Wow! I felt as if I am a crossword aficionado.

The next day, when I was checking my inbox I found an email saying – Earn a free token by signing up on Wealth Words.

“Wealth Words”, and the name says it all.

Perhaps I wasn’t that good in crosswords, still, I thought that it is better to have tried and lost, than not to have tried at all.

As they say – Little drops of water make a mighty ocean, it’s true. It’s more than six months now that I began playing Wealth Words.

I must admit I made the right choice by clicking on the website link that day.

Playing online crosswords and spending just 10-15 minutes daily has helped me to raise my bank balance a little.

It seems as if I am again a child, getting my daily pocket money. I realize the sense of accomplishment, happiness, the fulfillment after solving the crossword puzzles.

No matter I lose or win, I feel optimistic, I feel proud.  Who knows, I may win the big prize in the near future.

I have realized that life is like a crossword puzzle. We either win or lose, but we must keep on trying.

I guess it was my fear of losing that I left my dream in mid-air. Situations overshadowed me because I wasn’t confident enough that I could handle it all alone by myself.

But there’s something inspiring about puzzle games. It has taught me that in the end there’s always a solution to every puzzle.

The grids will remain blank until you fill them with the right choices.

Today I am happy that I can make money online by taking out a little time from my schedule.

Now, I am no longer bothered about my job or my daily expenses. In fact, I am again planning to start saving for my ‘cafe dream’.

Well, I strongly believe it won’t be a dream anymore as long as I have Wealth Words by my side.

So, readers if you too have some plans unfinished, complete them right now. Don’t bother about the funds.

Play crosswords at Wealth Words, or solve interactive story games and earn money online to get your dream fulfilled.

Good Luck!

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