Top Online Free Crossword Puzzles of All Times Everyone Must Try

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Wealth Words Provides you the best online crossword puzzles. Solve this crossword tree and win an exciting prize from us.

Do you know why crossword is the best online game? The answer is very simple It helps you in many ways.

Crossword is a magical game that develops the interest of all. The player has to carefully read the clues and crack the answers.

A Liverpool journalist is one who invented crosswords for the first time. It is believed that crossword is derived from a game-magic square.

Crossword has set a benchmark in the world of word games. One of the most mainstream sorts of the game has led a genuine interest among the adult and elderly alike.


Players engage themselves in playing while upgrading their jargon, subjective aptitudes, expository abilities, fixation, and maintain control.

The Alzheimer Association has declared if an individual makes it a habit of solving free crossword puzzles on a regular basis, it keeps the mind dynamic for a longer duration.

Additionally, it advances cruciverbalism by improving thinking ability. Anyone having stress should start playing the game and see how the game occupies the psyche.

Top Online Free Crossword Puzzles

Now let’s have a look at a few of the best and most-played online crossword puzzles by puzzle enthusiasts

Wealth Words

wealth words

As the traditional newspaper and paperback crossword puzzles have become old-fashioned, the new-world tech crossword game is giving an amazing experience to the players.

Awesomeness has moved to another level as old-school crossword puzzles have been transformed into word puzzle games online.

Wealth Word is a hub of hundreds of free crossword puzzles online. Started in April 2017, it took the traditional crossword to a new level. Make real money for free with this amazing game.

You can upgrade your jargon, subjective aptitudes, expository abilities, fixation, and maintain control.

Having free and paid online puzzles, players get huge cash rewards after a win.

As you feel the win real cash game is interesting, the brain starts producing dopamine making you feel content and happy.

Having non-linear gameplay, this amazing game gives you the option of choosing any game of your choice.


  • Improves vocabulary
  • Reduce stress
  • Cognitive ability
  • Logical ability
  • Analytical ability
  • And it helps to keep the brain cells active for years to come.
  • Whenever a player wins the crossword, a cash amount is rewarded via PayPal.


This charismatic online free crossword puzzle game has left crossword lovers spellbound having interesting puzzles.

Over the years, it has brought smiles to the faces of players as they won plenty of cash rewards. Isn’t that great?

Requirements: Digital device and internet connection

Winning amount: Varies from $5 to $5000

Features include:

  • More than 500+ games
  • Refer & Earn points
  • Highly secure
  • Boosts overall personality

In addition to this there are:

a) Standard Crossword Games:

earn money by playing games

Having a basic concept, the players have to read the clues and submit the answers.

b) Poem-Based Puzzle Games:poem based puzzle games

The amazing poems have blanks and the player has to fill them from the option provided to the solvers.

c) Story-Based Puzzle Games:

online story games

The interactive story games indulge you within the story. You have to fill in the blanks from the choice given to you.

If you like reading clues and filling the grid, this free daily puzzle active game will certainly become your go-to source.

Have you started reading Wealth Word puzzle clues and solving them? Register and enter into the world of impeccably carved world of words.  

The New York Times

the new york times

Started in the year 1851, The New York Times is an American Newspaper that has 125 Pulitzer awards in its pocket.

Having 17th rank in the world and second in the US, it is the first choice for many newspaper readers.

The first printable crossword puzzle of this American Newspaper was constructed by Arthur Hays Sulzberger published in 1942.

Well, the popularity of the newspaper led to its digital production which started in 1986.

This allowed readers across the globe to access the updated news. Now the website regularly publishes free crossword puzzles

They publish free crosswords puzzles. Anyone can buy a newspaper and solve it.

Will Shortz is currently the head editor who shortlists the puzzles, makes a few edits, finalizes them for publication.

He is the only individual to have a degree in enigmatology when Indiana University allowed him to create a major in the subject.

New York Times Mini Puzzle

Monday has the easiest online word puzzle and Saturday has the most challenging one.

NYTimes has free mini crosswords that have also become very popular among crossword enthusiasts.

The monthly subscription of $6.95 and $39.95 annual subscription allows you to play New York Times puzzles.

Although mini puzzle games are free you can have a lot of fun with mind sharpening games.

Popular New York Times constructors:

  • Brendan Emmett Quigley
  • Andrew Kingsley
  • Merl Reagle
  • Ryan McCarty 

The American Crossword Puzzle Tournament

best online crossword puzzles

Directed by Will Shortz, The American Crossword Puzzle Tournament is another major feat where participants come throughout America to test their word skills.

Solvers have to deal with eight original puzzles created specifically for this event.

The scoring is completely based on speed and accuracy. Prizes are distributed in 20+ categories and the jackpot includes $5000 reward money.    

Did you know that the New York Times publishes the crossword life journey of one crossword constructor on a monthly basis?

Yes. You can have a sneak peek into how crossword became first love, how the construction journey started and the struggles of reaching this far.

Tips for solving free New York Time Puzzles:

  • Having 180-degree rotational symmetry, precision is required to solve the New York Times crosswords.
  • The clues and answers in the puzzles have been in the same part of speech and tense.
  • Mini puzzles-5×5 grid
  • Figure out the gimmick
  • Tenses will match up
  • Clues with a question mark have wordplay or pun answers
  • Learn homonyms
  • Abbreviation clue has abbreviation answer

Boatload Puzzles

boatload puzzles

Boatload Puzzles is a hub for the largest number of crosswords having 40000 games.

Glen Kime is the founder of Boatload Puzzles who aims that crossword lovers enjoy the overall experience.

He has been providing different puzzle-related services to various publishers since 1987.

You can play boatload crossword puzzles free online that can be solved on desktop and mobile devices.

The boatload crossword app makes crossword lovers play interesting games anytime anywhere.

The word puzzle games are engaging as there is no obscure word that you won’t be able to crack.

The only con of the Boatload puzzle app is you can play one game in one day. Usually, all the games are in 13×13 format.

The interesting puzzle game provides a lifetime supply in a one-time purchase package.

Boatload hub has plenty of games that can be played for a lifetime. The app downloads the game on your device and then fits in the clues.


Boatload is a very popular game and people search about it on google.

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The boatload crossword puzzle app feature includes show/hide wrong letters and hints with letters and words.

Having 5 screen layouts, the game creators know how to take good advantage of the screen size as the game adjusts as per the screen.

Players see only one across and one down grid at one time, and no grid numbers are there so that everything is larger and easy to read.

Puzzles USA Today

puzzles usa today

All of you must be well aware of the renowned American newspaper.

Having millions of readers across the US Today is equally read along with The New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

The first publication was in Feb 1980 and today it is being served by 50 states. In addition to this, it has a global distribution in Asia. Europe, Pacific Islands, and Europe.

The puzzle world

The newspaper has USA today crossword puzzles printable free that grabs the attention of millions.

Having an arrangement of horizontal and vertical number squares, the player has to complete the grid by filling letters.

The end of every letter leads to the beginning of a new word. This makes the puzzle more interesting.

The clues can be anything. If you haven’t, you should try free daily printable crossword puzzles.

If you are planning to improve your vocabulary and cognitive skills, puzzle USA today has free crossword puzzle games for you.  

The answer to the puzzle is not available unless the next puzzle is posted.

The best part is-the level varies from beginner level to pro-level so there is no looking back.

You can even pause and resume later.  After resuming the time restarts.

Timothy Eric Parker, USA Today editor has been awarded by the World’s Most Syndicated Puzzle Compiler in 2000 by the Guinness World Records.

The Guardian

the guardian

The Guardian is the mainstream newspaper of the British that started its publication in the year 1821.

Having a range of diverse colors, this newspaper started utilizing the Berliner format.

 After some time, Guardian publishing online puzzles that are played by many across the globe.

The games are accessible to all on various digital devices.

Have you tried the free online easy crossword puzzles? If not, go for it today.

LA Times

la times

Published in Los Angeles California, LA Times is one of the daily newspapers that readers read with interest.

The newspaper is known for its coverage of issues that are salient to the US West Coast having immigration trends and natural disasters.

The newspaper has managed to win almost 40 Pulitzer Prizes. Since June 2018, the ownership of the newspaper is owned by Patrick Soon-Shiong and the executive editor is Norman Pearlstine.

If you love playing free crossword puzzles, you will like LA Times crosswords.

Whenever the player is stuck, there is an option to get help.

The solution for any letter or clue can be revealed or the complete crossword.

As there is a new puzzle every day, you can choose from a wide variety.

Explore the categories and challenge any player to have a unique experience.

LA Times has traditional Sudoku: Diagonal Sudoku, MathDoku, and Penny Dell Sudoku.

For word game lovers, there are games like Outspell. Others include Trizzle and Tumble Tiles.

Additional games

Raise your hands if you love the idea of making money from home.

Well, you are not the only one who thinks that way, there are many others like you.

With jobs becoming scarce, job security vanishing, and salaries becoming stagnant, having a side hustle where you are winning cash is a great option.

The good news is that there are various legit games that help you win real money.

Get paid to

get paid to

Getpaidto is a free reward program giving individuals great earnings online at the time that suits them.

The best part is, they don’t have to spend anything.

You can earn GPT points for getting paid for activities that you are already doing.

Get paid to crosswords: Players can select which puzzle they want and start playing free online crosswords.

Every day is archived so you can jump back and play earlier puzzles of the week.

With the help of arrow keys or by tapping, you can have a sneak through the clues that are left-aligned.

The toggle button gives these options of viewing erroneous letters.

It also reveals certain letters, words or complete crosswords.

As the timer moves ahead, players have to quickly think of the answer and beat the previous scores.

You get cash rewards when the answers are correct

Word Winner

world winner

Word Winner is an addictive mix game offering unlimited fun rewards.

This one is best for those who like playing word English games or free easy crossword puzzles.

The beginning is simple but as the level progresses, games start becoming challenging.

Features include:

  • Easy to play but challenging to master
  • Helps in exploring English vocabulary
  • Over 2000+ interesting puzzles
  • Has a unique dictionary with unique levels
  • Players can win extra coins with the bonus words
  • Players can play online and offline games anytime

Invention of crossword

Arthur Wynne was planning to publish a new game for the Christmas edition in the newspaper when he invented this unique game.

He never thought his game would be converted into an overnight success.

Initially called “word-cross”, it was a challenging game having different ‘down’ words and ‘across’ words.

It was first published in “The New York World” in December 1913. As thousands of readers tried solving it and it became a big hit, the newspaper author asked Wynne to construct a weekly puzzle for the Sunday entertainment section.

Since then, crosswords have become the new trend.

With the advent of technology, many free crossword puzzles are now online. Some puzzles are very easy to solve and the rest is quite tricky.

Almost all crosswords have a particular theme having wordplay. This makes the complete skeleton of the crossword.

The game keeps the brain cell activity so it is recommended even for the elderly.

Online free crosswords usually have a built-in timer and this makes the mind sharper. The easy-to-use interface results in a great performance factor.

Do you know which ones are loved by the audience the most? Well, they are puzzle games.

There are a few crossword games that give away cash rewards to the players.

Individuals use their digital devices usually smartphones and laptops to play the game and submit the answers.

Get the wiggle on

A few of the aforementioned puzzles will help you.

Crosswords intrigue and entices a player to dive into the world of words. So play the best puzzle games and have fun.

Hints help to make things easier via a brainstorming session.

Become the master of your own fate by Playing money-earning games.

Grab the opportunity and think about how you can play and win money from games having the potential to deliver magic.

Rewards bring smiles to everyone’s face. The more interested you are in playing the free crossword puzzles, the more likely you will take out time to try the enticing games.

Well, the sense of accomplishment achieved can’t be described in words.

Are you a crossword aficionado? Do you want to experience the twists of online puzzle games?

Spill the beans for yourself and start playing free crossword puzzles online and have an amazing time.

Online crosswords will not only relieve your stress but some challenges will help you take home amazing prizes.

This is a perfect way of income through the internet without any investment.

Take out your smartphones, register on the website and you are all geared up to experience the most impeccable designs.

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