Top Industry Leaders of the Crossword World

There are some who have fun while solving the occasional bout of Sudoku and then there are some who dedicate a good amount of time, unraveling the mind games on the Internet. Crosswords are no ordinary brainteasers. They are popular and are being loved by the solvers from several years.


Everyone likes to solve a good puzzle. You achieve satisfaction in figuring out the answer to challenging puzzles. As the Internet is the repository of mind-boggling games, individuals also have inclined themselves towards games that sharpen the mind.

Here are the top Industry Leaders in the Crossword World:

LA Times

The Los Angeles Time is a daily newspaper published in LA, California. Began the journey in 1881, it is considered as the fourth largest circulation among United States newspaper. It is also the winner of 40 Pulitzer Prizes. Later on, it introduced LA Times mini crossword online game. Players simply follow crossword clues and try to solve them. At any point where help is required, there is an option to reveal the letter, clue or even the entire crossword puzzle. Surprisingly, the daily crossword never fails to challenge individuals while providing a fun experience.

You can also play other games like free online web Sudoku, Sheffer Crossword, Word Wipe and more.

The Washington Post

Wapo or better known as The Washington Post is a big American publisher emphasizing on national politics and the federal government updates. The newspaper has won 47 Pulitzer Prizes.

Improve the accuracy of their spellings, boost IQ, enhance logical thinking as you play Daily crosswords, Sunday crosswords, and Classic crosswords. To write the right answer, some clues can be solved by applying common sense but some are a little typical.

Penny Dell crossword and WaPo crossword game are Washington post daily crosswords that are extensively liked by many people.

Penny Dell Puzzles: This Washington Post game is played by many. When you are not solving a puzzle in the newspaper, there is no scribbling on the paper. Powered by Arkadium, this amazing crossword game is quite popular. Type the correct answers online. In case you are unable to solve, you can get hints of letters, words or the complete puzzle will be solved for you.

Wealth Words

With a huge cash amount, Wealth Words has undoubtedly one of the most played online word game. Since the inception, the craze has always shot up. Most crossword puzzles are easy and anyone having a strong vocabulary will easily crack the answers. You need to focus, have knowledge skills, reasoning ability, apply logic to get the proper solutions.

What captivates the puzzle aficionados are the cash prizes as they are becoming a rage. Stimulate intellectuality, reduces stress owing to the modern lifestyle. Maintain a healthy level of cognitive skill, comprehensive thinking and keep your mind active for years to come.

The New York Times

The American Newspaper is regarded as the national newspaper of record serving the region. While it covers local activities, it also focusses towards the nation, the world news and this makes it a must-read for the influencers across the planet. This one has won more Pulitzer Prizes than any other newspaper i.e. 125.

The newspaper introduced the crossword section in the hard copy and online as well. The USA today crossword in the NYT improves your mental flexibility, learn a few interesting things each day while establishing bragging rights. If you are someone who appreciates wordplay, you will love the NYT puzzles. There is a broad spectrum of themes in the New York Times crossword puzzles. Players dive in and get surprised by the incredible creativity of the puzzle maker.

Aarp daily crossword

Forget about Sunday crosswords with AARP daily crossword is here. You can solve the puzzle every day online and compete with others. So go ahead and try making high scores so that you can boast them among your friends.

The Guardian

The British Daily Newspaper that began in 1821 is an independent newspaper that is a huge hit amongst its readers. It has a long and well-established history where it actually started with the name ‘Manchester Guardian’. The remarkable broad range of writers makes the content of the newspaper highly readable. The paper’s readership focusses on the mainstream news of British politics. The 2nd most popular newspaper is loved by all. Fans of the newspaper call it interesting, intelligent, informative and well-written.

Now, it is well-known for publishing daily crossword puzzles, both in the newspaper edition and online. Waking up in the morning, having a cup of tea by their side and solving Guardian crosswords has become a normal routine amongst many.

Christian Bible Reference

A huge newspaper-style crossword puzzle is published weekly. This crossword has Bible theme and there are words from the Bible. You can either solve bible crossword puzzle free online or can also print them to solve it on paper. Whatever you feel convenient.

When you decide that crossword is your means of entertainment, you don’t have to carry the newspaper everywhere you go. An online crossword puzzle is a convenient option. Anyone who wants to improve their spellings and comprehension, go for puzzles that assist in learning spellings and new words.