Top 7 games you can play for side income

by Max Fragar
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Over time playing online games has become one of the much-loved relaxation activities for most people. Some people play it for the adrenaline rush that comes while you engage with any game, some play it for fun and some people play it to earn real money. Yes, you read it right; you can earn real money by playing online games. So invest some time of yours daily in PayPal games that pay real money.

Even if you are not a pro at playing such games, start with a basic skill and then slowly climb the ladder of excellence and earn real money. So play PayPal games for cash and make your side hustle easier.

Top 7 games you can play for side income

Top 7 games you can play for side income, Check out the list


  1. AppKarma

With 290,000+ views, AppKarma has become one of the popular apps to earn money through gaming. The app has a 4.1 rating out of 5. This is an excellent reward platform with a user-friendly interface and a smooth reliable cashout process. It works properly during power-saving mode and across multiple devices. They pay you for taking quizzes, playing games, referrals, and achieving badges. You also get 30 % off for referral and a 5 % bonus every time you redeem.


Another feature of the gift cards is they are also accessible to people residing outside of the US. Also, the app allows you to have your payouts in both PayPal money and Gift cards. This app is one of the best Paypal games that pay real money.



  1. Brain Battle

This game gives good exercise to your brain while paying you money. The simple arithmetic of this game can enhance your math skill and let you take part in the ticket collecting mission. This is one of the great games in the PayPal games for cash category. The app has shared a portion of its advertisement revenue by giving away a huge amount of money to its Lucky player. The best feature is it is not an in-app purchase app and you don’t have to pay any penny to win real cash.

After you download the app from iTunes or Google play store and when you collect the ticket they let you take part in the cash prize drawing. And with more tickets, you increase your chance of winning that handsome amount. And you get paid by PayPal money transfer because this game is in the category of Paypal games that pay real money.



  1. My points

Enjoy assured rewards every time you shop online. Over 2500 top retailers are included in the list that will ensure you get the rewards for shopping. My point is one of the fun Paypal games that pay real money. Because this platform also gives you gift cards for answering surveys, watching videos, playing games, and some online activities.

We all do lots of online shopping so from next time earn bonus point to shop and this way you are getting indirect discount on all the purchase. You can cash out your rewards with gift cards or a PayPal account. With more than 5000000 downloads, this app has proved how much faith it has earned with time from its users.


  1. InboxDollars

You can earn extra money legitimately with InboxDollars.The app is functional around for more than 19 years, and the company claims they have paid more than 58 million dollars to its members since 2000. You can access the app on your mobile phone, laptop and desktop. Even though the app may look overwhelming in the beginning but it’s way simpler than many apps. They pay you for reading emails, watching videos, taking surveys.

You can cash out your money via PayPal,ePayment, amazon cards, or other gift cards. Also, you will have to submit the tax information before you withdraw money, depending on how much you have earned and where you’re sited. So play this excellent Paypal game for cash and win more and more money.



  1. Mistplay

You can collect units by playing games on this app and then exchange those units for gift cards. With 10 million+ downloads, 4.2 ratings out of 5 and 193 k reviews, this app is in boom to help you make extra money. Since 2016 the app has given more than 9 million dollars in reward.

All the featured games on the app are free to play, and you don’t have to invest anything except time and focus on earning those units. But there is this point; the app is only accessible to Google play devices; hence you can’t operate it with iPhone. You can redeem your units for gift cards to visa, amazon, and google play store. The payout on this app is very fast. You get your money within a day or so, and if you have the game already installed on your device when you receive half points already.


  1. Lucktastic

With 10,000,000 downloads, this scratch card and win money app has become a favorite among US residents. Yes, the app is only accessible to US residents. You can win cash prizes, real rewards, gift cards, trips, and items from your favorite brand, groceries for a month, a video game system, and much more. The app is a free to download and fun way to earn real cash. You get a FUN scratch card each day. You have to scratch it and see if the three symbols match.

They also update their gaming theme daily, including Diggin’ for Gold, Lucky 777, and give you a holiday theme scratcher every season. They also let you collect tokens and win the VIP status on the game, which enhances your chance of winning. So keep updating your app and get ready to be the next lucky winner.


  1. VerasityGameStore

Verasity, a versatile gaming platform, gives you a digital token for every minute you spend playing the game. You can exchange those tokens for amazon vouchers and many such rewards. More than 550 publishers at Verasity make sure they provide you variety of genres in the gaming zone.

You can play as a single player or with the team on any number of people. You also can participate in the tournament with friends by creating it on your own.



Many side hustles can be complex and frustrating, but if you want to earn money through side hustle with less investment and fewer difficulties but more rewards, online games are the best way. Play PayPal games for cash mentioned above because they are the legit source to increase the number in your PayPal account. If you are still playing online games but not considering earning money through it, this is the best time to take action. So download any of the above Paypal games for cash right away and make your side hustle easier & more exciting as well. Do comment if you want us to add any other games in our list of Top 7 games you can play for side income.

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