The Benefits of Playing Crossword Puzzles

Crossword puzzles are extremely entertaining. This good old-fashioned game attracted the U.S. back in 1913. Since then, the researchers are intensely working out to find the benefits of doing crossword puzzles.

We really beg for the answer– Does playing Crosswords is really good for your brain?

Crossword puzzles are more than just a pass time activity. Being a boredom buster they are actually beneficial to our mental and physical health.

Surprisingly, these word search puzzles benefit your mind in such a way that you aren’t aware of it.

So, let’s have a look at what are crossword puzzles good for and how these portable entertaining black and white grids add value to your life.

Here are the benefits of playing crossword puzzles:

1. Improves Vocabulary

Crossword Improves VocabularyCrossword Improves Vocabulary

The foundation of any language is its Words. You can easily identify someone’s education level, profession, and social status just by the way he talks.

It’s not difficult to learn any language or grasp its vocabulary. But what is required is using and practicing it.

Most of the students lack here.

When you communicate, you might struggle to recall the words, some might forget but it’s ok. No matter how many times you fumble use the appropriate words and complete your conversation.

Forgetting is not a problem, ending up from where you began is a problem.

You might be thinking that how playing online crossword benefits your vocabulary?

Benefits of crossword puzzles for students

Solving crossword puzzles contributes to your vocabulary enhancement.

Imagine you are solving a crossword puzzle. What do you do? Read the clues and put the words together.

This mental exercise is indirectly enhancing your verbal skills. It certainly would reflect in your communication skills too, right?

Wondering why to expand your knowledge?

Well, there are plenty of reasons. You’ll be able to communicate in a better way. People will understand you more easily. Moreover, learning new words is not a tedious task. It will groom your personality and you will be one step ahead of all.

Think about it!

2. Releases Stress

Crossword Releases StressCrossword Releases Stress

There is a lot of perceptions that rich people don’t have stress or people beyond the age group of 60 leads a stress-free time and so on, which is not true.

Each one of us has different lifestyles, different choices, and different demands.

Many of us face financial issues and get stressed. Some might be dealing with medical challenges. Others might have everything but a sense of dissatisfaction which leads to a stressful life.

With everything happening in our surroundings, there is a need to turn off the noise for a bit and relax.

Playing Crossword puzzles is an apt way of doing so. It’s just like you are meditating. You have only one goal – to complete the puzzle!

You avoid the world, quiet the noises, and concentrate to solve the quest.

This ultimately releases your stress. Whatever, you have in your mind is washed away, and once you solve the word search puzzle right that feeling of accomplishment is beyond words.

3. Maintains Social Bonds

Crosswords Maintains Social BondsCrosswords Maintain Social Bonds

Each one of us plays crosswords when we have nothing to do. In short, it’s the best pass time activity. But have you ever played this game with a bunch of your friends?

Studies have shown that solving crossword puzzles in groups is highly beneficial to your brain functionality.

While you solve a puzzle in a group, your speed of thinking and talking enhances. This also strengthens the social bonds and manages disputes if any.

We all have heard the famous saying – “Two and two makes four.”

So, next time when you stuck somewhere call a bunch of your favorite ones and start puzzling.

4. Improves Mental Health

Crossword Improves Mental HealthCrossword Improves Mental Health

People nowadays are quite busy in building their muscles. And indeed it’s a good thing. But how many of you focus on maintaining your mental health?

What is Mental Health?

Mental health refers to a person’s emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It impacts how one thinks, feels, and reactions under various circumstances.

Why Mental Health is important?

Each one of us tends to live a happy life. Here’s, how mental health impacts your overall lifestyle:

  1. Boosts your interpersonal relationships
  2. Encourages positive thinking.
  3. Higher Productivity
  4. Better Performance

So, when we are free of depression, stress and anxiety, we are able to lead a happier life.

Now, coming to our main objective – How playing crosswords improve our mental health?

Plenty of researchers have discovered the positive effects that word search puzzles.

When your brain keeps working on a continuous basis the cells are activated. One important factor in doing adult board games is the ability to think creatively.

It’s a brain consuming activity. Involving yourself in such activity enhances your analytical and cognitive skills.

5. Eradicates Brain Diseases

Crossword Eradicates Brain DiseasesCrossword Eradicates Brain Diseases

Studies suggest that these brain teasers are actually helpful for people suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Haven’t heard about Dementia and Alzheimer’s before? Have a look:

What is Dementia?

Dementia is a group of symptoms that reduces a person’s memory and other thinking skills. A person may suffer the loss of behavioral abilities, affecting the activities in his routine life.

What is Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer’s is a type of dementia. This neurological disease causes problems with a person’s memory, thinking, and behavior.

Around 44 million people worldwide are living with these brain diseases. The majority of people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease are 65 or older.

It has become a global health issue that needs to take care of.

Then how to Prevent Dementia?

It is said that learning a second or third language helps in delaying the onset of these diseases. For some, it might be an interesting thing to do but others won’t find it captivating.

Then, what to do?

The truth about Crosswords and Dementia

There are lots of researches going on, but we must trust the logic.

Indulging in any cognitive activity activates the cells of our brain. When you think, you are exercising your brain.

When you solve crossword puzzles, you are memorizing things. This act of involving in brain tasks is really helpful to prevent yourselves from Dementia.

Thus, people suffering from such diseases should indulge in brain activities. Brain games such as playing crossword puzzles, Sudoku, Chess etc. are suggested to help them fight these diseases.

Now, the big question here is – where to play?

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If you know any other crossword puzzle benefits that were missed in this article feel free to leave your comments.