How I Met My Life Partner while Solving Crosswords for Beginners

Have you ever heard someone say, ‘My love story is the perfect’? Well, I’m one of them because I feel so.

Today, I completed one year of a successful married life, and on this occasion, I would like to share my love story with all of you.

Ever since I was a young boy, I was obsessed with reading. I read books, highway hoardings, newspapers, and whatnot. I read anything and everything.

There is no genre that I love the most. Anyone who knows me could find me with a book. Many kept asking about the summary of the book, and they could see the excitement of explaining them the story in my eyes.

Being an avid reader, the library was my second home. I spent my time in the library reading one book or the other.

There I met my Miss. Perfect. I still remember, she was sitting on the third table reading one of my favorite books, ‘I too had a love story’ by Ravinder Singh. Although I wasn’t able to see her face clearly the first glimpse made me feel that she was beautiful.

The next day, I visited the library at the same time when I spotted her. Indeed she was my crush as she had lured me with the sense of style and charm.

That day she was busy solving mini-crosswords in the newspaper.

That took me by surprise. In a place where there is ‘pin-drop silence,’ how would I approach her-this became my constant thought.

I just couldn’t hold back myself and sat at the empty chair beside her. Me: “Excuse me.

I have been observing you solving best crossword from the past half an hour.

Would you mind teaching me how to solve them?” She smiled and said-“of course! Do you like crosswords?” I said that I have tried them a couple of times but failed to completely solve any.

I’m an avid reader since childhood, but I don’t know if that will help. We introduced ourselves to one another.

Being a beginner, acing crossword took me around 30 days. She taught me every technique with a lot of patience.

She taught me to enjoy solving easy puzzles or even more challenging ones. But when we sit down to solve any crossword grid, we’ll likely to keep these simple tips in mind to enjoy our crossword games:

  • Be loyal to a puzzle editor: Whenever you solve crosswords stick, with crossword puzzles you find in a single source. For us, it was Wealth Words. This helps you to make sure what should be your expectations from the puzzle editor or puzzle maker. This will help you simplify puzzles.

  • Evaluate the theme. If a puzzle has a title, it means it has a theme related to . the same. There are different theme-based games- story-based games, poem mode games, action-packed theme, sports theme and more. Most of the clues are related to the theme.

  • Focus on small word puzzle games. There are plenty of games, some are 4 letters, 10 letter or 20 letters. As a beginner, it is recommended that you start with small games. Practice them a lot and when you become a pro in the same that time you can navigate to long word games. This will help you solve the grid at a faster pace, that too successfully.

  • Notice abbreviations and acronyms. If the clue has an abbreviation or acronym, the answer is like to have an abbreviation. Always keep this in mind.  Again, these smaller clues will help you solve even the most complex of puzzles.

  • Global clues. If the clue includes a word which is in a foreign language, the answer will also have a foreign word.

  • Take help. As a beginner, you may not be able to solve the daily crossword puzzle so it is okay to take help from family and friends. Keep a dictionary, thesaurus or anything similar. You can also try Mr.Google. This is not considered as cheating as you are still a novice.

  • Don’t stress. If you feel you are getting bored, pause the game and take a break. come back a little later. The answers may come more easily when yu refresh your mind.

These are the best tips even I want to give you as a beginner. Moreover, crossword puzzles for adults online can take your mental fitness to another level

that had several games.

It was ‘Wealth Words,’ who got us together, the online crossword platform that had several games.

We couldn’t discuss much in the library, so we started meeting in the nearby park To my surprise, the real money earning game offered huge cash prizes. Over time, we became the best of buddies who started competing with one another.

Who won more cash rewards was now talk of the town. We loved each other’s company, and this is how we fell in love.

One fine day she expressed her feelings for me and how could I not say ‘yes’ to my oh-so-called crush (she still doesn’t know she was).

I never ever dreamt that I would meet my girl in the library and that too through crosswords. However, destiny speaks for itself.

Every Sunday, we still solve online crosswords, magnetic poem games and rejuvenate our mind. I love crosswords, and I love her.

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