Puzzle – Reasons You can’t Miss this Movie

by Carol Lee
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Puzzle - Reasons you can't miss this movie

One of the most beautiful and remarkable movies of this year, “Puzzle” is something that you cannot miss. It is a beautiful remake of the Argentine film “Rompecabezas,” the movie that sings and relates to the deepest part of your soul. Situated amidst the competitive world of jigsaw puzzling, the movie narrates the story of a depressed, ignored, and underappreciated suburban housewife. The movie follows through and lets her recognize her talent, her individualism, and the fact that she is much more than what she dares to dream.

Repressed, mousy, and disregarded Agnes is living a slow, boring, and painstakingly repetitive life of an old-age woman. We see her living in an environment that believes a woman’s place is inside the home, taking care of her husband. Agnes’ entire life is all about fulfilling the needs of people in her life, be it her husband, her children, or even the church. She doesn’t even have someone to throw her a birthday party, she has to do it all by herself. Kelly Macdonald is at her absolute best and does justice to the role of Agnes. You can relate to her, cry with her, and cheer for her as she navigates through her newly found talent and recognize herself as a jigsaw puzzle prodigy.

World Puzzle Champion Robert, played by Irfan Khan is another iconic character and you are left in awe of his wisdom and practicality. He is nothing like Agnes but understands her like no one ever has. The brilliant and quirky jigsaw champion helps her recognize her talent and subtly urges her to follow her dreams. Despite the sub-plot of the blooming love between Agnes and Robert, the movie strictly stays on its path to help Agnes bloom to her full self, and we are relieved.

The gentle drama, thoughtful characterization, and relatable situations will leave you spellbound. The puzzle is filled with conflict and tensions despite the absence of any villains in the story. Although some might see Agnes’ husband (played by David Denman) as a villain but he is not.  He is just a small-minded individual who cannot understand Agnes’ dreams and aspirations.

Agnes gets what she wants by identifying her puzzle-solving talent and grasping the opportunity that the jigsaw puzzle competition represents. Through the simple act of solving a jigsaw puzzle, Agnes identifies her true desires and follows through to reach where she wants to be. The exciting and spirited world of jigsaw puzzling leaves you wanting to find a puzzle right now and start solving it.

We are avid viewers as this selfless woman tentatively gives herself the permission to pursue her desires. One can even compare this movie to Queen, where the female protagonist takes a similar hesitant first step and finds her true self.

The movies stay away from typical clichés and its ending is a witness to that. The refreshing ending leaves you hopeful, positive, and adoringly happy for Agnes. We forget that she is just a movie character and relate to her at the deepest level. The movie is thoughtful, funny, inspiring, and simply beautiful. You do not want to miss this simple yet spellbinding tale of Agnes and how her journey towards the world jigsaw competition changes her life.

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