how to play crossword games for second earning

Want to know about the how-to play crossword games for second earning? Some of the gaming platforms offer these games for free and yet allow you to earn from them. Want to know how and where you can play & earn? read the blog below for more information.

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” I am sure you must have heard this proverb many times. And it’s a fact too; if you don’t take a break from work and keep slogging all the time, you will soon be dull, bored, and unhappy. This proverb first appeared in a book of collections of proverbs by James Howell in 1659. In the later years, some writers have added a second part to this popular proverb: “All play and no work makes Jack a mere toy.” I don’t know who do I go with? I guess both are right. One makes you dull but brings in money, and the other makes you bright, but you don’t get to earn anything out of the play. This is not true anymore, folks….!!


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Know more about crossword games for second earning

So it should go like this “Some Work and Some Play makes jack a rich boy.” Want to know about the games for opportunities for second earning? Some of the gaming platforms offer these games for free and yet allow you to earn from them. Other online crossword websites charge a meagre amount for these games and give away significant monetary rewards. So why not to opt for crossword games for second earning?

I believe all of us have played board games, indoor games, field games in earlier times. Then we all came across video games followed by computer games in the 90s. The Internet has changed the way we play games now. Friends, this new era is of online games, and the most popular of them is Crossword puzzles online. There are a variety of online crossword puzzles based on the interests, difficulties, and depth desired by players.


Birth of Crossword Puzzles

In 1913 one British journalist Arthur Wynne created the first known crossword puzzle and called it Word-Cross Puzzle. It was published in the “fun” section of the New York World newspaper, inspired by types of word puzzles. This contribution was unique in those times. Wynne introduced horizontal and vertical lines in the form of boxes for people to input letters. He later added black squares into his Word-Cross Puzzle to separate words into columns and rows.


Types of Online Crossword Puzzles

Online crosswords makers mix and match various puzzle themes to make them interesting for the players. Some people like old classic crossword puzzles, and some keenly wait for the release of the latest versions of the game. These are the main types of online crossword puzzles you can expect to see when playing on different platforms: –

  1. Classic Block grids: This is the old classic crossword puzzle with black and white grids and squares for words.
  2. Cryptic Crosswords:  These crosswords offer hints for completing them, but clues are not literal.
  3. Barred grids type: Somewhat like the old classic one but divisions and word endings are marked by bars and not grids.
  4. Codeword Puzzles: These puzzles do not offer any clues. In this, each alphabet is replaced by a number to make it look like a code.
  5. Rebus puzzles: In this type of Online Crosswords, you can use a symbol (or letter) more than once.
  6. Compound Crosswords: These puzzles are created in such a way that your answers need to come first or follow other responses to make some sense.
  7. Quote Crosswords: These online crossword puzzles are based on “famous quotes,” which are divided into different parts.
  8. Addition Crosswords: Such crosswords need you to add a word, a letter, or letters to phrases/words.
  9. Subtraction Crosswords: These crosswords need you to remove a word, a letter, or letters from phrases/words.
  10. Tribute Crossword puzzles: They are unique puzzles; they are generally created and played to pay tribute to a person or celebrate an event.
  11. Synonym crosswords: As the type indicates, all the answers are synonyms of a word or phrase.

Playing Crossword Puzzles in 3 Steps

Do you know which is the best way to check your vocabulary levels and logical thinking skills? Play Crossword puzzles, and you would know your levels. Tease your brain, swim into your word bank, decode clues, and be a construction man by building connections between letters. Beginners’ should learn how to play crossword puzzles online first by spending some time on the Internet. If you follow these three steps below, you’ll soon be a crossword-head in no time.

Understanding the working of crossword puzzles

Strengthening grips on the clues of crossword puzzles

Knowing about different types of crossword puzzles

Tips for Playing Online Crossword Puzzles

Choose your favorite kind of Puzzle followed by the day & date you would want to play it on. Some puzzles are updated on a daily basis, while others are displayed weekly, and some are occasional. After a selection is made, you may start attempting the Puzzle! Read the clues very carefully, type the answers into squares of the grid. You can also customize your preferences by going to the menu. For instance, you may want to skip boxes that are already filled with letters when typing your answers. Some puzzles also allow you to reveal answers to the entire Puzzle and others only words & letters.

So let’s start right away! Good luck!

How Crossword Puzzles Work

I don’t know if you have tried online crosswords yet. It is not only about putting your brain to the test. It’s also about earning some daily money and occasional jackpots. No matter you are doing it on a newspaper column, a free online platform, or on a charging website, you will have to go through the same old process of making words, words, and words

If you are not a beginner, you must be aware of the design of the puzzle board. It is made of white and black squares. Your ultimate goal is to fill in the white boxes with the letters based on clue tips.

Have you ever noticed one thing, my dear friend, that the grid squares and the clues are numbered. It is designed in this way to match them up with your answers vertically or horizontally.

3 Top Tips for Improving your Crossword Skills

You know Mr. Dan Feyer holds the World record for the youngest champion and the most consecutive wins at the annual American Crossword Puzzle Tournament. Feyer is one the finest and greatest crossword puzzle player in the world, and he shares 3 top tips that everyone can use while playing crossword puzzles online:

Tip Number 1: Always choose the right Crossword Puzzle -There are a huge number of crossword puzzles you can choose from, ranging from introductory challenges all the way up to expert-level tests. Dan Feyer says that you need to select the ones that are right for you.

Tip Number 2: When you are stuck, ask for help – Dan Feyer recommends that you immediately ask for help if you don’t know or are unsure of the answer to a puzzle. He believes that we must not hesitate to take help from Google or Wikipedia to find the answer.

Tip Number 3: Try a Harder Crossword Puzzle – To be the best and master of the game, you should not stick to easy crosswords or the same standard puzzles. Instead, you should always be ready to test your crossword skills by picking up advanced levels. It does not necessarily mean complex options. It means choose puzzles that are harder and develop your skills by completing them in a certain time frame. You could also set yourself a target for earning specific total points. So set your monthly target today and see if you can earn $500…what say? It is not much, or is it?


Sudoku is one of the most popular number puzzles today, requiring logical thinking to fill in blank squares with numbers. The game features 3×3 squares and a 9×9 grid that can be played both off & online. The sole aim of the game is to fill in the blank squares & grids with a number from 1 to 9 using a specific logic to ascertain which number fits into a particular box. Attempting Sudoku is a great way to exercise your brain, take care of your mental health, and apt pastime during work breaks or at home when doing nothing important. Moreover, Sudoku is one of the best ways to improve your cognitive skills and memory as it requires quite a concentration and planning.

The Internet offers a great selection of free Sudoku games. You can play Sudoku online also; It ranges from beginners’ level to more advanced levels that are appropriate for experienced players.

Go online, find Sudoku puzzles, apply logic and keep your brain fit forever.

Tips for beginners’

If you follow these four top strategies & tips, you are done.

Tip 1: Please do not repeat numbers

Each box or square needs to be filled with the numbers 1-9. Now we know this Puzzle is essentially played on a 9×9 grid. So try not to repeat any number in a square, column, or row.

Tip 2: More the starting numbers simpler the Puzzle

If more numbers are added to the grid before you start to play, you must know that it is simpler to solve and find the correct number.

Tip 3: Your move should be logical

Mathematics does not apply here; Sudoku is a game of logic. So guessing won’t take you anywhere. Always keep in mind, every Sudoku game has one solution.

Tip 4: Patience is key

Be patient, I mean, do not hurry up when solving Sudoku! Online puzzles allow you to take a break in between the game if you are stuck or want to do something else. It also saves it automatically until your last move and resumes, whenever, from where you left the game.


Scrabble is a great mind word game for one and all; it builds vocabulary skills. Yes, tell me, who does not want to enhance their vocabulary? As you look through lots of options to keep you and your children engaged, here’s something that you must do. Learn to play- Scrabble. It would help if you also inspired your young kids to learn & play the most popular vocabulary game. There are many other advantages of playing scrabble besides increasing your vocabulary. Some significant benefits are mentioned below for your information: –

  • This game builds Concentration

Scrabble demands utmost attention from the player on the word blocks. This way, we can learn to use words effectively to make them high-scoring words. Consequently, such tasks help build concentration levels in oneself.

  • Helps in Strategy Building

The most interesting part of this game is that one should be left with any letters at the end of the game. So players need to plan and strategize accordingly. The players are required to consume some rarely used letters; otherwise, their points get deducted towards the end of the game.

  • It Boosts your Creativity

You know, scrabble endlessly teases our imaginative skills. It inspires us to constantly think creatively to create words that are not there on the board. Isn’t it fantastic?

  • Promotes Learning through Play method

Generally, it is said that the kids learn surely and quickly if they are taught something through a play or game. So scrabble automatically does that job and enhances their language skills while they have fun alongside. So, get that board; it’s time for both – Fun & Learning.

  • Also Enhances Mathematical Ability

You must be wondering what has mathematical ability got to do with Scrabble? Not possible? Well, don’t you make calculative moves in scrabble by using the letter tiles? Don’t you compute & keep word scores? You do multiply, based on the words you make. So all this is Mathematics…you got it right!

  • Scrabble Forms Emotional Well-Being

Unlike other games wherein you may feel bitter at the end, Scrabble enhances your social skills and emotional well-being by offering fun, learning, and competition. I believe scrabble is the best way to learn true sportsmans spirit.

So, have fun, at the same time ensure, the fun carries some productive value too.



We started with the famous proverb “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, however the definition of play has also changed a little now. Play can bring in double benefits, along with the break from your work, it can earn you extra bucks. In this article, we have seen ample opportunities where playing games can get that extra side income in your pocket. Try out these different games and stick with the ones you enjoy playing.