How to plan the perfect proposal for your puzzle addicted better half?

by Max Fragar
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What are the odds of finding your better half to be a puzzle addict? Isn’t it so amusing to know that your partner is gaining new skills, information and a ton of vocabulary? You might be wondering if it is high time to propose your puzzle affectionate lover. There are many ways to propose him or her. You can go for the cardboard sign in the stadium, or with an orchestra in your favorite shopping complex. But there is one perfect and the most romantic way to propose them which is through online word games.


How to propose with the help of crossword puzzles?

You might be wondering how one might be able to propose their puzzle loving better half with the help of a crossword puzzle. There are many online sites where you can create your own free custom puzzles. You can make it such a manner where solving that particular puzzle can help you to convey your emotion for you to your partner. They will love this gesture as you especially took time from your day and prepared a puzzle for them. You can either ask them to solve it directly or play it off as a challenge. As then you can actually see the emotions and shock they will enjoy after solving the puzzle.

Is it effective?

This should not even be a question as who would not like to enjoy such efforts for them at least I will. Making a word puzzle is easy and takes a little time but that little investment will give you very big and positive rewards. Couples all around the world are using this way of proposing. As in this way you are not just saying it but you actually are making them unravel your true emotions for them. The online word game is in a trend and they might not even suspect it as a proposal on the first look. This will be the shock factor when they will actually solve it and find it to be a proposal instead of just a regular crossword puzzle.

How to make a custom crossword puzzle for the perfect proposal?

Making custom crossword puzzles are really simple. The whole activity of gathering clues and constructing the proposal word puzzle is nothing less than amusement. You can use web pages like Crossworder or super crossword. These let you create the perfect proposal word puzzle. You can use any theme your partner might have a liking to like something with movies or literature.

All this takes small effort as all you have to do is to work as your heart says. You just have to follow some simple steps to get the perfect crossword. Now, take this custom word puzzle and challenge them to solve it. Meanwhile, you record it on your GoPro to save it as a memorable experience. As soon as they will solve it you will have the best time of your lifetime. So, this is the best plan to propose your puzzle lover better half in the most romantic and perfect way.

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