60 PayPal Games that Pay Real Money Instantly in 2022

by Amelia Miller
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It is always great to have money in your bank account. You know what’s even better is knowing that you can make that money by playing paypal games that pay real money instantly.

Yes, you can easily earn PayPal money by playing games online.

In this post, we will explore a list of PayPal games that pay real money instantly.

In 2022, playing games online has emerged as a cool way to win some cash while remaining confined to the safe surroundings of your home.

Let’s cover several of these games or game apps that pay instantly to PayPal without wasting any more time.

Before we get to that, we must tell you that these are legit money making apps that make payments directly to your PayPal account.

If you have been running around in circles with the question – what PayPal games are legit and pay real money, then you will have the answer by the time you will end reading this post.

And, you know what’s the best part?

You can win real money in these games, there is no need to exchange points for coupons or the rewards that you are never going to use.

Just sign up for the apps that give you money, win huge and get all the money transferred to your PayPal account.

You can easily make $100 to $1,000 per day, depending upon the time you can devote to these legit PayPal games.

We know that generating side income by playing PayPal games that pay real money can help you avoid embarrassing situations.

That’s the reason why we have meticulously compiled this list of game apps that pay instantly to PayPal!

So, let’s get started.

Best 2022 PayPal games that offer cash rewards:

1) Wealth Words

Want to earn PayPal money by playing games? Wealth Words is the place to be at.

On this platform, you can win instant money by playing different types of money games such as Quick Picks, Jackpot and Tokens games available at wealth words.

You will be amazed to know that there is a never ending list of games  available on the platform that pay instantly to PayPal on winning.

Don’t forget to play The Third Wave at Wealth Words!
A guaranteed chance to win, even a single correct clue can makes you winner.

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Since it offers PayPal games for money & fun, Wealth Words is a highly popular name in the gaming community.

Talking specifically about the nature of the games, it is a hub for different online crossword games where anyone can try their luck.

All you have to do is to simply register and start solving crosswords right away.

Submit all the correct answers and get cash rewards.

Now, isn’t that an easy way to earn PayPal money instantly and boost your income?

It is worth mentioning here that thousands of people have played and won via this PayPal word game platform.

If you are also looking to generate a second income stream, now is your chance to try your luck with these PayPal games that pay real money.

So, what are you waiting for?  Without wasting any time, get started with playing on one of the legit PayPal games platforms that exists in the market.

If you want make $100 in single shot then try UNICORNS.

It’s a time bound crossword puzzle game. Solve the puzzle in 5 seconds and win $100.

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Initially, you can play this game at 50% discount by using voucher code “QUICK50”.  You’re surely going to love it. Be a Unicorn today!

2) Feature Points

We are just getting started. The second on our list of reliable ways to make money from home is FeaturePoints.

You can earn PayPal money by playing games at FeaturePoints.

However, with FeaturePoints, you have a ton of choices for cashing out other than PayPal.

This includes Bitcoin, gift cards, credits towards games, instant money through quick picks etc.

This makes it such a popular choice.

They also seem to pay the fastest amongst all the game apps that pay instantly to PayPal on this list when you’re ready to cash out. Usually, they pay you within a few hours.

You know what’s interesting?

There are other ways to earn cash on FeaturePoints besides playing these games to make money on PayPal.

This includes watching videos, shopping online, referring others, and taking surveys.

How cool is that!

3) Ebates

Love cashback? Ebates is the place for you!

Ebates gives you cashback when you buy different items online, very similar to quick picks that instantly rewards you on every game won.

The most interesting part is that you get up to 40% cashback from more than 2000 stores.

There are also coupons available and you get a $10 reward after signing up on these apps that give you money.

Interestingly, besides PayPal, gift cards are also a payment option.

4) CashPirate

If you have an Android device and want to earn money by playing games PayPal, you must give CashPirate a try.

You can make money from referrals (10% of friends’ earnings), surveys, products,  quick picksetc., besides sticking to the tried and tested option to make money as you play games for PayPal?

5) GiftPanda

If you like CashPirate, you will certainly love GiftPanda.

This is because both the games are made by the same company.

With GiftPand, you can earn money online without investment.

You earn money by playing games PayPal, taking part in quizzes, getting achievement batches, referrals and a lot more.

You earn money by playing games PayPal, taking part in quizzes, getting achievement batches, referrals and a lot more.

And, just like CashPirate, you can also earn money on GiftPanda from surveys, referrals and shopping online.

A fun fact – GiftPanda is one of the most highly-rated apps with 4.7/5 stars and 300000 reviews out there.

6) CashOut

CashOut is on the top charts as players love playing the amazing game.

One of the best PayPal games that pay real money, CashOut helps individuals play mobile games and earn money.

Besides playing games, you earn cash for daily check-ins, referrals, completing offers, taking surveys, watching videos and a lot more.

 7) AppNana

Before anything else, you must know that AppNana is one of the most reviewed apps on the list.

With more than 550,000 reviews on the Google Play store and a rating of 4.5/5, it is one of the most loved gaming apps out there.

Besides playing free online smartphone games and downloading free apps, you can make money from AppNana by simply staying updated about whatever it has to share.

You can also make money by inviting your friends to have some fun on the app.

 8) AppMan

AppMan gives you the liberty of trying free mobile games and various apps.

Play games for PayPal as

But there is one thing unique that makes it different from other apps with the option to play games for PayPal money on the list.

That thing is the referral program.

Can you guess how much the referral program may give you?

One of the best apps that give you money, AppMan pay you 50% of whatever your referrals earn, same as Feature Points.

Can you ask for anything better?

 9) Ibotta

Ibotta is one of those apps that pay you money for your receipts.

Yes, you read that correct.

Ibotta is one of those big money games that feel amazing when you start working on it.

One of the interesting things here is that this PayPal app pays a bit differently than others on this particular list.

Rather than paying on the complete receipt, it pays on specific items.

You keep browsing new offers in the app and buy the featured item.

Then you click an image of your receipt and then Ibotta gives you a rebate.

In addition to this, PayPal allows you to get the payment in the form of gift cards too.

10) Shopmium

Would you like to spin and win PayPal cash online?

With Shopmium, that’s possible. You get an instant cashback for uploading the receipt for your purchase.

What makes Shopmium a great choice is the fact that there is a huge range of products on which you can avail discounts, ranging from groceries to cosmetics and whatnot.

11) Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is another one of the popular PayPal games platforms that pay real money for uploading receipts.

You can quickly upload receipts from different stores and restaurants to earn rewards.

Later, these rewards can be redeemed for money via PayPal or for an Amazon gift card.

How about that for an easy way to earn PayPal cash instantly?

12) iPoll

Do love giving opinions? If so, then you must check out iPoll.

iPoll is one of those games that pay instantly to PayPal for giving out reviews and opinions.

As you share your views on the products that you buy, the services you avail and the places that you visit.

The good thing is that if you don’t want PayPal cash, you can convert it into gift cards on Amazon or iTunes.

13) Toluna

Toluna is again a review submission site that pays you for sharing your views about different products and services.

It is one of the highest paying PayPal cash apps.

You earn points for reviews that can be redeemed for money or for Amazon, Starbucks, and Petco gift cards.

14) Univox

Just like a few others on this list, Univox is one of those legit PayPal games in which you earn points when you share survey opinions.

These points can later be redeemed for cash to the PayPal mobile legends.

You can also redeem these points for  Amazon gift cards and virtual visa cards.

A must know fact – you get 200 bonus points worth $2 for signing up!

15) Appdown

Download apps and earn points with Appdown. Spin and win PayPal cash as you redeem points for money in this wonderful gaming option.

One of the most loved games that pay instantly to PayPal, you also get the option to redeem points for Amazon, Google Play & iTunes gift cards.

16) BerryCart

Upload the images of the receipt on BerryCart and get cashback through PayPal.

BerryCart basically aims at organic and non-GMO type food.

You can win PayPal cash for free and also redeem them for gift cards, just like many others out there.

17) Perk

Perk is one of those real games that pay real money to PayPal. It works by giving away points whenever a task is accomplished.

There are simple activities like watching videos, playing games, and answering trivia questions to win a PayPal gift card and cash money.

Points can also be redeemed for rewards, chiefly gift cards.

A point worth considering here is that you can easily make $360 with this app, making it one of the best Paypal games for money out there.

18) Qmee

Qmee is one of those games that pay instantly to PayPal when you share your views and win rewards.

There is a long list of coupons and deals that you can avail from the app.

You don’t have to Play puzzle games  to earn PayPal money instantly, you just have to answer surveys and that’s about it.

The best part is there is no minimum withdrawal limit. You can withdraw whenever and how much you want to.

How cool is that?

19) SavingStar

If you are still looking for apps that pay real money to PayPal, then we’ve got SavingStar for you.

On every eligible purchase, you get amazing cashback from SavingStar.

This is one of the best games that pay instantly to PayPal for receipt scanning.

Click a picture of the receipt. Upload on SavingStar. Get paid for it.

You only need $5 in your account to withdraw money.

Now, that’s one reason for SavingStar being one of the most popular PayPal games for cash out there.

20) Viggle

Are you a fan of watching web series or TV?

If so, this unique app is a must-try for you.

As one of those real games that pay real money to PayPal for watching TV, you can earn decent amounts on Viggle.

Remember, that Paypal pays on stream as you watch your favorite TV show. With Viggle, you earn points when you start watching a TV program or stream a show.

Check into TV shows and movies live or via Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu.

And, get paid via PayPal.

You can also exchange points for gift cards or Perk Plastik card (prepaid debit card). Also, you can always use points to win wonderful prizes.

21) MooCash

Play games and earn PayPal money instantly with MooCash.

You get MooCash money when you play games, try new apps, take surveys and watch videos.

You also get cash on getting cards for retailers like Netflix, Starbucks, and Whole Foods.

Isn’t that cool?

22) YooLotto

As one of the more popular games that pay instantly to PayPal, in YooLotto you must go for tasks and complete them to get rewards you always wanted.

Payment is received via PayPal or on the Amazon gift card.

You can also check if you have a winning lottery ticket.

Even if your ticket isn’t the winner, you still win rewards via coupons and offers making YooLotto one of those PayPal games app that is a must-try for everyone.

23) Embee Meter

Embee Meter is one of those PayPal games for cash that run at the back of your phone screen to inspect the quality of internet calls and how well your mobile works.

You can normally use your phone like you do while the meter keeps working in the background and keeps giving you points.

Besides point redemption for cash, you can get gift cards and mobile airtime making it a top choice in our list of games that pay instantly to PayPal for 2022.

24) ShopAtHome

This one is a sole cashback app.

Whenever you purchase anything via this ShopAtHome app, you get PayPal cashback – as simple as that.

Now, it is entirely your choice if you want your reward in the form of an Amazon gift card.

One of those must-try apps to earn PayPal money from home as you also  get a $10 bonus for the initial sign up.

25) TopCashBack

One of those real games that pay real money to PayPal, Top Cash Back is quite popular amongst the users.

As the name clearly reflects that it is a cashback app you get payment via PayPal cash and also from Amazon that gives you an extra 3%.

You get cashback while shopping from more than 400 retailers inclusive of PayTm, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Jabong, MakeMyTrip and the list is long.

26) AppBucks

Complete offers and different tasks so that AppBucks starts paying you.

Besides PayPal payments, you can also get a Google Play gift card.

You can also avail a $10 sign up bonus. Now, that’s worth giving a shot – isn’t it?

27) LuckyMinor

Lucky minor is a free PayPal cash app that you can install and start making money instantly

Utilize your time by playing online games and earn rewards.

Discover and install popular games every day from the list and earn coins.

Trade coins for gift cards or rewards like Amazon, Google Play, Steam gift cards, and other vouchers.

28) AppLike

AppLike lets you win rewards for trying out news app recommended by this platform.

You can later redeem these for PayPal cash or for gift cards for Amazon, Netflix, Google Playstore and Spotify.

To start earning, you simply have to install the app and test apps and games.

Initially, you get virtual coins that are later redeemed.

There will be a list of apps every day on the main page.

What you have to do is to download the app and then open it for testing.

Another amazing way to earn more coins is by inviting your friends to AppLike.

Whenever any of your friends accept the invitation, you get a lot of coin making it a great way to not only play games and earn PayPal money, but also for referring them too!

29) Fronto

Fronto helps you to get different PayPal rewards with the help of Android devices.

When you start using the app, you earn points that can be exchanged for Amazon, Google Play, Target, Walmart, iTunes, and PayPal gifts.

With Fronto, you get money when content is displayed on the lock screen of your smartphone.

It’s like you can make money from the phone without actually doing anything.

For using Fronto, you need to create a user account. When this is done, the app becomes the lock screen by default.

As you earn daily points by just using the app, you become eligible to Win PayPal money for free!

When enough points are earned, exchange for PayPal gift cards.

Now, that’s one way to earn money by using your Android devices without any precision or luck.

You know what’s the best part – in addition to this, you will also discover some interesting content on the website!

30) InsideJoy

When you display ads and news on your mobile phone, you get paid via InsideJoy.

Gift cards are also another payment option.

31) ScreenPay

Display various customized deals and promotions on your phone and ScreenPay will pay you for this.

ScreenPay pays you to see deals, tailored content, and ads as per your interest.

Isn’t it a good way to make more money?

ScreenPay is a PayPal cash app that asks basic information about yourself.

If you like what the app presents on your phone, swipe the center circle towards the ScreenPay logo.

If you don’t bother about what is being presented, then simply unlock your mobile normally.

With this, you will start earning rewards points immediately.

You will have the ability to withdraw the money when the account hits $7.

When you give more information about yourself, you will not only get more relevant content on the screen but get higher chance to earn PayPal cash.

Everything is based on your personal preferences rather than those options where you have to play PayPal games for money.

32) AdMe

AdMe is another of those popular PayPal games for cash that displays news, deals, coupons on the lock screen of your phone.

You can earn PayPal money instantly  and gift cards from Best Buy and Walmart with this app.

33) SurveyCow

With the app, you get mini-surveys on your phone’s lock screen.

When these surveys are completed, you earn redemption points for cash via PayPal.

34) Paid Unlock

PaidUnlock makes you richer by paying you PayPal money for display ads on the lock screen of your phone.

One of the popular PayPal games for money out there, this app pays you instant cash. Yes, that’s right.

When you display ads on your mobile screen, you can redeem cash in the PayPal account.

How does it work?

Once you register with Paid Unlock, every time you unlock your phone, you will get an ad on your lock screen.

It is like renting your lock screen to display ads.

So, forget about the question ‘Does PayPal games pay real money?’, and start asking yourself why have you not tried Paid Unlock until today?

35) Mr.Rebates

Whenever you shop at featured stores, you get rebate between 8% to 10%.

There are more than 25000 stores and brands on the app. For example Dell, Macy’s and Walmart.

Win PayPal dollars with the amazing app.

36) AppKarma

AppKarma gives you a chance to try more new apps.

You not only receive PayPal payments but also get money on gift cards like Amazon, iTunes and Google Play.

If you are looking for the best PayPal games for cash then you’ve got to try AppKarma right away!

37) FitPlay

FitPlay recommends a few amazing gaming apps. You can earn points whenever you try these apps.

Points can be easily redeemed for cash to the PayPal account or for gift cards for stores like Amazon and Google Play Store.

Every time you try, you get real money to PayPal

38) EarnHoney

Why get paid to play games online PayPal, when you can complete surveys that take minimum effort? 

With Earn Honey you have to complete some quick surveys, shop online and earn multiple points.

These points can be redeemed to the PayPal account and also for Amazon, eBay, and Target gift cards.

39) Gift Hunter Club

Try apps, complete offers and take surveys. And for all this, Gift Hunter Club will pay you.

Besides the PayPal payment, you get gift cards from Amazon, Xbox Live and iTunes.

40) BeFrugal

Having more than 5000 stores, BeFrugal is a cashback app that offers rewards to users for shopping.

You can shop from stores like Best Buy, Target, and Walmart to avail of cashback.

You get free PayPal cash win and gift cards from Amazon.

41) Watch2Earn

Watch2Earn offers points whenever you watch videos.

You can convert these points to PayPal cash and or PayPal gift cards.

42) Rewardable TV

Are you a fan of trendy videos, movie trials and GIFs?

If so, then we’ve got the perfect option for you to earn PayPal cash.

Watch them on Rewardable TV and get points for the same. Later, redeem your points for PayPal cash.

Who wouldn’t like getting paid for that, right?

43) CreationsRewards

Browse websites, watch videos and take surveys and earn points via CreationsRewards.

Redeem points for PayPal cash easily. Also, get Amazon and Walmart gift cards as redemption.

The app also offers $3 signup bonus for signing up.

If you are tired of spending time playing PayPal games that pay real money, then this is the best alternative.

44) GrabPoints

Download apps, complete offers, participate in surveys and watch videos to grab points.

You get paid to do all that rather than having to play PayPal games for money.

Complete surveys and redeem points for PayPal cash or for gift cards from Amazon and Walmart.

You also earn $5 free right after signup.

45) EasyShift

EasyShift connects the users with a nearby store.

They have to answer a few questions, take photos, etc. to get paid.

These trips are for less than 15 minutes and the payment is directly into PayPal account within 48 hours when Easy Shift approves.

46) Gigwalk

In order to become a Gigwalker, all you have to do is to download the app and look for a gig near you.

When the gig is completed, the money is sent to your PayPal account.

47) Field Agent

Already paid over $20 million to the users, Field Agents pay you for trying new products for free, give feedback on them, share opinions and know-how companies serve shoppers.

Join more than one-million shoppers who are already a part of the team.

48) Spare5

The name itself clearly defines that you can earn PayPal money from the app in your free time via web and mobile apps.

Spare5 is a vibrant community giving an interesting option to users of playing PayPal games for money.

The tasks and concepts are quite unique, involving activities like deriving the meaning of, providing human insights, audio, video or image file.

49) ClickWorker

Anyone can become part of the Click Worker community.

You simply have to log in via the app, complete the micro-jobs given to you, and instantly earn PayPal money on the side.

The tasks include online surveys, online research, app testing, making audio/video recordings, proofing texts, categorizing data, store visits, and other micro-jobs.

50) Rakuten

One of the most amazing game apps that pay instantly to PayPal, Rakuten gives cashback on common items that you buy every month.

This concept works for online shopping allowing you to earn money that can be transferred directly to a linked PayPal account.

51) Paribus

You can get refunds for the products that you have just purchased which reduces the in-price and value.

During online shopping, they keep tracking your receipts and stores.

The algorithm of the app ensures if you can own money.

If the free app manages to identify potential savings for you, it streamlines the overall process to make it as easy as possible to get the money back.

Now, that makes it one of the best apps that give you money out there!

52) Nielsen App

Nielsen app offers app and desktop services allowing anyone to register and earn rewards for simply browsing the Internet.

Once the app gets installed, the company starts collecting information about the usage habits, activities and the sites that you visit.

There is no need to play PayPal games for cash or do anything as the service worker automatically works in the background.

You can get up to $50 to $100 passively within a year, without literally not doing anything.

53) Free Cash App

Free Cash App is one of the best free PayPal money games of 2022.

Stop checking your phone constantly for new rewards and money when you have this app with you.

As one of the legit games that pay through PayPal, Free Cash App helps you earn real cash by completing surveys.

You can get free money every day with this app, instead of running around looking for PayPal games for cash.

54) Bitstartz Casino

Does PayPal games pay real money? Well, gamble with PayPal money as you enjoy Bitstartz Casino and you will get your answer.

Whenever you land a big win, take the help of one of the safest ways-PayPal.

You will find casino enthusiasts, who all are casino players, on this platform.

55) Bubble Shooter Pro

Bubble Shooter Pro is a simple burst and fun game that each one of you must have played at least once.

You have to make three bubbles of the same color meet and then they burst.

Shoot bubbles, online, offline at per your convenience.

The bubble shooter pro has 490+ levels and is played on different new levels.

Well, the pro mode is for the experts so it is time rediscover the classic arcade game.

56) Cash Wheel

Cash wheel is a 3 real slot game having 27 pay lines and 200 credits.

Having promising bonus rounds, Cash wheel is one of those real PayPal games that is loved by all.

The rounds include:

  •       Cash Wheel feature
  •       Free Games
  •       Jackpot games

57) Spin to Win

Spin to Win is one of the real PayPal games that offer a huge amount of money within a snap.

You will get spinning to haggle and then it ends up with a random number.

The number you get turns into a coin at that point.

It is time to turn fortune into dollars now as everything is limitless on this PayPal game for money.

Play real PayPal games to earn money and have a lot of fun.

58) PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is another one of those real PayPal games that you can signup for it in less than 10 seconds and then start completing surveys immediately.

Earn redeemable points as you earn money online in PayPal. You can also avail Amazon, Walmart and iTunes gift cards options.

59) Prolific

Earn money or win free PayPal gift cards with Prolific. The app sends surveys from the top universities and best companies.

All the surveys pay a minimum of $6.50/hour.

If you are up to fill surveys to win handsome cash, then there cannot be a better option.

60) Pokemon Go

Are you aware of the fact that the Team Go Rocket has invaded the world of Pokemon Go?

Enjoy Pokemon Go PayPal wherever you are, as the Team Go rocket battle grunts while you are on your mission to rescue Pokemon.

Still wondering what PayPal games are legit?

This sums up our list of games that pay instantly to PayPal 2022.

Now you can get virtually countless options in legit games that pay through PayPal on these website.

Start playing them to gain multiple streams of income.

Still wondering what PayPal games are legit?

Stop wondering and start playing to make real money through PayPal.

Some Quick Questions that you might have before you start playing

How can I make $100 a day online?

If you looking for an entertaining way to make money online then you must try Wealth Words – one of the most popular PayPal games for cash available out there.

It’s an online crossword puzzle game where you can solve crossword clues within a time limit of an hour and win real money.

You can play endless games and earn PayPal money instantly.

What online crossword puzzle game pays the most?

There are genuine gaming websites like Wealth Words, where you can actually make real money.

It is one of the most popular PayPal games that pay cash.

All you need to do is solve the crossword puzzles.

Register for free to play these PayPal games for cash while solving online puzzles!

What is the most successful online word game?

Wealth Words is one of the most successful online word games where you get rewarded in the form of real money when you win.

The rules for playing the game are quite simple. You read the clues, fill the grid with the best possible answer, and solve the puzzle in the time frame of an hour.

If you solve the answers correctly you win the prize pool of that puzzle.

Which is the best way to earn money online?

If you love to play online games, then you must try PayPal games for cash where you can play unlimited word games and make money out of it.

It’s a skill-based game that tests your brain knowledge.

For each answer solved correctly, your chance of winning the cash prize of the puzzle increases.

You can register for free and make real money online by simply solving the clues correctly.gra

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