Pampering Myself was This Easy! #Crosswords: A Man’s Diary

Hello, I am Albert Joseph, a football player who recently turned into a crossword aficionado. Okay, yes. I know, this transition sounds a little weird but, stereotypes are meant to be broken, aren’t they? While a football player can also be good at crosswords, a crossword lover can also nail a football game. So, you see, crosswords aren’t just meant for geeks and nerds. Anyone and everyone can play this game. In fact, with Wealth Words on the board, we have got all the reasons on earth to play it more and more. After all, when you win money with crosswords, it’s the best feeling ever, isn’t it? No. I am not daydreaming. Wealth Words actually lets you win money for crosswords.


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Not that this wasn’t a reason for me to start loving crosswords but, my journey of becoming a crossword aficionado begin a few months back when I had a severe ankle injury during a football match. And, as fate would have it, I was sternly advised to get complete bed rest if I wanted to walk again, leave alone playing football. Heartbroken and demotivated, I kept lying all day long, doing absolutely nothing. Though, my friends and family were always around me but, it doesn’t always help. An independent man who has always made his team proud, running and making goals seamlessly was injured and could not help himself at all, isn’t it the worst feeling ever?

However, as the saying goes “when one door closes, plenty of others open”, so as fate would have it again (this time for good), I landed upon a crossword website named Wealth Words during a casual internet surfing. Not being very good with vocabulary, I was a little apprehensive about this game but, since I was getting a chance to win money with crosswords, I wanted to try my hands at it once. At least, it would help me pay my medical bills. With this thought, I registered at its website and purchased tokens ($2 each) for playing the game. And, in no time, my apprehensions took a back seat, as the clues and cues given, made solving the puzzle so damn easy for me. I actually started loving it and, oh my god! my excitement when I won the division 1 cash prizes was un-explainable. For the first time after my injury, I felt so accomplished.

Now, the bed rest didn’t annoy me anymore. I wasn’t disappointed anymore. Why would I? After all, I had Wealth Words to pamper me all day long. With an active time frame of one hour, I could play as much as I wanted.

Moreover, with division 1 and division 2 cash prizes, there’s no way one can’t win money with crosswords. Have all the 20 puzzles correct? That’s how you get division 1 cash prizes. Didn’t get all the puzzles correct but, managed to get the next highest correct answers? Don’t worry, you still win division 2 cash prizes. And, if that’s not enough to entice you, there’s a super word puzzle with a larger pool of cash prizes. Get all the 25 puzzles correct and voila! All the cash prize is yours. Could it get anymore awesome?

So, while I dived in this impeccable world of words and found my happiness in crosswords, my recovery also escalated. Not that I am fit to play football yet, but, I certainly am on that road where my confidence and happiness has come back along with good vocabulary and plenty of bank balance, of course. And, it indeed is a great feeling, all thanks to Wealth Words.