100 Online Crazy Games to Play in Lockdown

When there are thousands of games to choose from, how do you know which to invest in?

If you are looking for the crazy games that will refresh your mobile, pc, tablet, etc, you’ve come to the right place. Basically, all you need is an internet connection and a device.

Getting the best experience is something all players look for in a game. And thankfully, this gaming industry has a lot to offer.

Here is a list of 10 game genres and 100 crazy games that you will certainly love:

a) Real-Time Strategy Games

Real-time strategy games help you to boost your mind and personality. You get buried in crosswords, maps, army lists and build in this diverse genre.

In the below-mentioned list, you will find everything from mind game to a competitive RTS game.

We have picked what we felt is the best game to play.

1. Wealth Words

I get lost in the universe of words while learning different words every day and updating my vocabulary to focusing my cognitive and logical skills.

Wondering what’s so different and wonderful about these online crosswords?

Well, unlike the old age crosswords which were accessible only on paperback and needed one to wait all day long for publications and newspapers, the online crossword is available all the time, any minute and actually everywhere

The online puzzle game with a twist, it gives players real money as well.

Well, the world of crosswords has changed completely and that too for good, of course.


  • Play game on the go
  • More than 500+ games
  • Offers huge cash rewards
  • 100% secure with PayPal gateway
  • Plenty of brain-training puzzles
  • Fun online puzzle game

2. Total War: Three Kingdoms

This one is the latest historical entry in the series. The history online game depicts the sprawling Chinese civil war that’s fuelled by its distinct characters.

There is a web of relationships affecting everything from diplomacy to performance in battle.

The Chinese fight makes it an overall compelling campaign, blessed with a kind of dynamism.

3. Crusader Kings 2

Play kingdom rush strategy game having a role-play approach. Every character is simulated, and each one has goals and desires.

You have to deeply understand what the game is all about only then you will be able to play it efficiently.

There will be desperate situations and terrible things that you may have to do to retain power, like killing off your rubbish child to ensure the smart one takes over when you pop your clogs.

4. Total War: Warhammer

The war online game has a fantasy universe with an ideal blend of Creative Assembly’s massive battles and impressively detailed units.

When you look at the starting point of the game, you realize that the mortal empires campaign unites two games into one giant map.  

5. Europa Universalis 4

This one is the ultimate mobile strategy game that puts you in charge of the nation from the end of the Middle Ages all the way up to the 1800s. While following a political strategy, you have to command the army while building an empire. 

Basically, you have to change history in this awesome battle history game. The game is worth diving it and you will be surprised to know where it is taking you.

6. Civilization 6 

The list of best strategy games can never end without a Civ game. This one is a game of choice series having a couple of expansions. 

In the pre-civilization game, cities have sprawling things full of specialized areas. All this is going to force you to think about the future.

The introduction of the Golden Ages and Dark Ages adds that ‘x-factor’ to the game.

7. Sins of a Solar Empire

Having the scope of the 4X strategy game, this one works on the RTS framework.

It is all about star-spanning empires that rise, stabilize, and fall in the space of an afternoon. You can also be diplomatic too but it is wise if you play it straight.

8. Endless Legend

It is one of those games in which you don’t have to make a compelling s4X game.

There are a lot of unique and unusual traits, elevated by story quests featuring some of the best writing in any strategy game.

There are expansions, with 13 factions, each blessed or cursed with their own strange quirks. Faction design can never get better than this.

9. Alpha Centauri

The crazy mobile game is a convenient shorthand for Alpha Centauri.

The into space game Brian Reynolds’ ambitious 4X journey takes you to a mind-worm-infested world and reaches nation-states and empires in favor of ideological factions.

 No other game is a replicate of this amazing game. This is like getting into another war with Sister Miriam. 

 10. Homeworld

This 3d strategy game has amazing graphics and sound. If you are the one who likes Battlestar Galactica reboot, you should definitely play this.

There is Adagio for Strings playing over the haunting opening missions and also the beat of drums as ships engage in a multiplayer battle

b) Sports Games

A sports game is one of the genres that emerged in the gaming industry very early.

Just like real-world sports, online sports games have the power to stimulate the traditional game where the computer plays as an opposing team.

While a few games emphasize on playing actual sports, others underline the strategy behind the sports. 

11. FIE Swordplay

This is one of the most popular sports games. It involves fencing. All you have to do is to pick up a weapon, fine-tune the gear and then fight against the opponent.

In this super fighter game, you have to go for real fencing techniques. The game has amazing graphics, easy controls, online PvP, and support from the International Fencing Federation. The online story game isn’t a freemium game. But players still do love it. 

12. Fifa Soccer

This is one of the top-ranking soccer league games online which is the latest game in the FIFA franchise.

It is also the most popular sports game including roosters of over 550 real teams. The game includes past and present stars. It also has the best ever graphics no sports game has ever seen.

The Soccer Star EA game is certainly above average. Plus, it gets annual updates with mechanic changes.

13. Hockey Nations 18

Hockey Nations 18 is the best flash footy hockey on a smartphone today. This one is a special game having a lot of play modes inclusive of live games, 3-on-3, playoffs, and outdoor games.

The gameplay is a little too fast, everything else is fine. The 3d hockey game has 80 teams, 7 tournaments, and very simple controls. It is basically a consistent series of hockey games with regular annual updates.

14. NBA Jam

NBA Jam is an EA sports game that makes the overall experience fun. The basketball game is two vs. two games.

The gameplay has relaxed rules, optional online or local multiplayer, hardware controller support, and support for Android TV. This is the port of the online arcade game from the 90s

The easy to play basketball star game is definitely one of the best when it comes to basketball games.

15. OK Golf

This is the mini-golf game online liked by many golf lovers. It is an ode to the arcade golf games of the past.

All you have to do is to drag back the ball and release it. It is a nice relaxing mini flash golf game that works on a simplicity perspective. There are no clubs to choose from or things to tinker with.

It has fewer courses, decent graphics, and some secret stuff that you have to find on your own. The pay once the game has no additional ads or in-app purchases.

16. RBI Baseball 19

RBI Baseball 19 fun multiplayer online games are the latest game in the MLB’s official mobile game franchise.

This baseball online game features official rosters and teams along with a season mode, the playoffs, and decent recreations of the ballparks.

It has many legendary players which creates a nostalgic value.

17. Skateboard Party

One of the leading snow skateboards games focuses on extreme sports like skateboarding and snowboarding.

It also has a hockey fighting game. Skateboard Party plays fairly close to how Tony Hawk did on old consoles.

Play skateboarding online games and try the long list of tricks it has. The Skateboard Party 3, includes the controller support and customized control. The snowboard party is similar to skateboarding except for its snowboards. It has the same concept.

18.World of Tennis: Roaring ’20s

Sports head tennis champions are surely going to love this online tennis game. It is also fairly new.

In the game, you have to start your career as a new tennis player. There are career and online multiplayer modes.

The games can improve the stats, train the AI to play like them thereby unlocking customizations.

Everything is beautifully wrapped up in the 1920’s aesthetic. You get the occasional events and this keeps the game interesting over time. It gives an overall good experience.

19. Punch Club

This is technically a free boxing game but it also has so much more. You can slowly train your character with a lot of RPG and tycoon elements as you keep rising the rank. 

The boxing shot game has an interesting story mode as you battle to avenge your murdered father while figuring out who murdered him.

The outstanding pixel art blended with plenty of references to the 1980s and 90’s complete the package.

20. Touchgrind BMX

Touchgrind BMX is an online bike ride game considered among the top Apple sports games. The sequel brings back everything the fans ever loved with many stunts and intuitive visuals.

In the uphill bike game, players are given the opportunity to build their own bikes from scratch and then customize everything from handlebars to seats, wheels to spray paints.

In the gameplay, a player has to compete in online tournaments or goes head to head with other players.

(c) Action & Shooting Games

First-person shooter games or FPS is one of the most popular genres that are played online. They are commonly available in PC and mobile versions.

However, many players usually prefer the mobile version of the game since they can be conveniently played even by people on the go.

21. Ailment

One of the best online shooting games, Ailment explores the world, finds loot and gear, kills bad guys, and engages in some truly intense action combat.

The graphics are retro style, the mechanics are solid and the controls are easy enough to learn in this FPS game. 

In this crazy game, the players find hidden Easter eggs bring NPCs along for the ride and more. This works for a little more than half a dozen languages.

22. Critical Ops

This 3d shooting game is one of the most popular right now, having decent graphics and various weapons. The control mechanics are quite typical for the first-person shooter. 

There is always room for learning when the players play fun shooter games. So, it shouldn’t take long to figure out everything. As the developers are active with the project, it keeps getting updated more frequently. Players love this one. 

23. Dead Effect 2

This one is a sci-fi shooter game, the successor to Dead Effect is open to the first competently done shooting games online.

Having fantastic gameplay and graphics, the 20-hour single-player campaign has RPG style character development.

The 2020 crazy game is great for those that want something more than a shooting game. The extra support comes from Nvidia Shield devices if you have one.

 24. Fortnite

Fortnite is an online android game where you drop from the sky, craft and find different items, kill opponents while becoming the last one standing to win the round.

The game has a massive following. The crazy games run a little clunky on mobile as there are so many controls. It is expected to get better over time.

Your account can be synced with more versions of the game to keep stuff like skins and other unlockable content. This game has to be downloaded and installed directly as it is not added to the Play Store.

 25. Gigantic X

GiganticX is the only shooting game that is reminiscent of the older Contra games.

What you love about this shooting action game is colorful graphics, explosions, and simple controls. Players have to fight against aliens helping humankind expand further into space.

The game features 3 different playable characters, a storyline, loot, and multiplayer mode. Well, the game requires an Internet connection so offline fans may not like playing it. It is one of the best shooting games of all time.

26. Gunstar Heroes Classic

Gunstar Heroes Classic is a shooting action game of the SEGA Genesis shooter from 1993. This game is part of SEGA’s acclaimed SEGA Forever series.

Gunstar includes the complete original crazy shooter game with sharper graphics as well as touch controls.

Features of the game:

  • Cross-platform multiplayer
  • Leaderboards
  • HID controller support

The base game is the complete title with ads. The purchase of a $1.99 purchase removes ads. You will applaud SEGA for bringing old classics back and it is an arcade shooter.

Although it is the longest game ever, the leaderboard feature gives it a little bit of replay value.

27. Hitman : Sniper

Sniper is the 2 player action game out from Square Enix. This aims more on patience rather than all-out excitement. You will play as a sniper perched out of the site.

What the player has to do is to eliminate the target without raising any alarm in this crazy game. There are plenty of ways to accomplish each mission and there are 150 missions to play through.


  • Leaderboards
  • Unlockable sniper rifles
  • Hidden Easter eggs

This isn’t among the free shooting games out there. The pay once game but you can pay for upgrades to help yourself along if you choose. 

28. Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2 is an online fun game. It includes infinite runner style mechanics. There are infinite runner style mechanics.

You basically run through a giant horde of zombies forever. Survival is the goal.

Some game features include decent graphics, different weapons, a dog companion, and multiple endings

This is certainly a bit different in the shooter space. It is a surprising freemium game to be considered.

29. Madfinger

The Madfinger game is a play-action game that involves shooting. They have a good collection of games including the Shadowgun series, Unkilled, Dead Trigger 1 and 2, and others.

Unkilled and Dead Trigger are zombie shooters. What the player has to do is to kill zombies and collect diverse weapons. The gameplay is simple and, graphics are amazing.

Shadowgun is more of a classic shooter with a campaign, online multiplayer, and various other features.

A few features of the games are free and rest are pay-once experience. You can’t go wrong with any of them. Shadowgun Legends is the latest release from this developer.

30. Meganoid

Meganoid is a free fun action game having shooting elements. The game features randomly generated levels so the play is different.

There are also consumables, alternately routes, and mechanics to keep things fresh.

There is a function where you can alter parts of the actual level of inclusive weapon mechanics. This adds a fun customization element to the game.

This is quite different and unique from various customized action shooting games. This one is unique from shooting games and it packs enough of the classic elements to feel familiar.

The retro graphics help with a lot. It has an older title and probably retires it when we update this list next year. Today, it is still among the 15 best shooting games we have played.

(d) Racing Games

The racing games came into existence in the mid-1970s with the release of Gran Trak 10 in 1974, followed by the Night Driver, Rally X, and many other games.

Today, they are one of the most popular mobile racing games. The competitive genre has plenty of good options that a player can enjoy.

Here are the best racing games you must try.

31. Acura Beat That

Honda’s American luxury brand released an advertisement last year depicting the progress of the brand in the last three decades.

The company then converted it into free racing cars driving games that can be played on mobile devices. 

The players depict their driving skills while getting behind the wheels of various classic and modern Acura models.

NSX and Integra Type R are few of the ones unlocked as the player managed to beat the time set. It is a short game but there is a lot you can enjoy. And yeah, it’s free.

32. Virtually Live Formula E-Ghost Racing

One of the latest two-player racing games allows players to completely immerse themselves in the increasingly popular electric single-seater series.

In this racing game online, the players can test themselves against the digital versions of real Formula E drivers.

Players are also allowed to build the garage of Formula E cars while they are testing themselves with their friends.

33. Highway Rider

One of the best bike racing games for kids and adults, Highway Rider is a game where your race is with trucks and cars. Isn’t this something different?

Whenever you cross a truck or car, your points increase. You can also use encouragement to get a high pace.

Plus, the bikes can be modified in the store. In the car and bike game, you have to complete the race with different confrontations and it is something exceptional that other games don’t offer.

34. Motosport Manager 3

The motorcycle bike game adds a twist to the traditional racing game. As per the name of the game Motorsport Manager 3, you can take charge of running your own racing team. Wow, amazing right?

Did you ever dream of being Christian Horner, or Toto Wolff? Yes? This is a must-play game for you.

The moto game has a detailed management simulation that allows the player to pick and develop drivers, select engineering upgrades, and negotiate sponsorship deals. Plus, it also has an impressive Augmented Reality option knowing about the detailed race 3d environment.

35. Speed City Moto 

For the 3d bike racing game lovers, Speed City Moto is the one that helps you enjoy the game to the fullest. 

Besides having a racing tournament, the player can also contest on roads and enjoy the walk in the city, bridge, sea, desert, and forest. With the game, all you have to do is to collect coins to get a new bike and helmet.

36. Rush Rally 3

The multiplayer racing game Rush Rally series aims to bring console-inspired rallying action to mobile devices.

More than 70 rally stages are on offer, varying between tarmac, snow, gravel, and dirt surfaces.

You have to overcome the hurdle of different weather conditions and the fearsome night stage. This gives players that extra challenge.

The thrill rush game, allows games to customize their touch screen controls to the individual’s preferences, creating own liveries for cars and take others in the multiplayer competition.

37. Asphalt 9: Legends and Asphalt Xtreme

One of the most popular arcade racing games, Asphalt 9 features excellent graphics, solid mechanics, and plenty of content to play through. This means more than 800 events (weekly and monthly) and online PvP action.

In the crazy car game, you get 50 cars to unlock while having various upgrades. If you haven’t played the game yet, it is high time you download the freemium game and enjoy it.

38. Beach Buggy Racing 2

Have you ever played Super Mario or Mario Kart? This one is quite similar. You can race across different tracks in locations having various obstacles.

The online Mario type game has 45 power-ups, approx 40 karts to collect, game modes, and customization options. Overall, it is a good game that gives you an amazing experience.

39. Dirt Trackin’ 2

The extreme dirt bike is the sequel to one of the most excellent racing games on mobile. This sequel is very good. The game features five classes of cars, career mode, and control schemes. 

Also, there are average mechanics, varying difficulties, and customizable controls in the bike racing mobile game. The customization level and the content will make you stunned. 

 40.Thumb Drift

Want a different car racing adventure game? Start playing Thumb Drift as it is a perfect game for you. 

Featuring charming graphics and simple premise, the main aim is to drift sideways via four increasingly challenging courses.

There are 100 cards that you can unlock. This game is a casual endless racer you may have been waiting for since long. 

(e) Fighting Games

Fighting games have left an incredible mark in the video game industry. From arcades, computers and now smartphone devices, fighting games have come a long way.

The significant evolution is because of healthy competition and continued innovation. 

Developers know what kind of online fighting games are liked by the players and this is the reason they are coming up with incredible games.

We have listed the top fighting games that you will enjoy playing:

41. Brawl Stars

Play fighting game that has a little more beat ‘em up style. You and other players are playing online PvP against the total three opponents.

All you have to do is to fight hard and beat them up. It is super packed with great titles. 

Well, there is no versus fighting mode, you only have to fight till death. This is a good five-minute game everyone can enjoy.

However, the game does have a one versus one fighting mode that is basically just a fight to the death.

The fighter genre isn’t super packed with great titles, but we think this one is good for killing five minutes.

42. Emulator

The emulator is a fighting game having older consoles. In this, players can try Street Fighter games with SNES emulator, Soul Calibur on a PlayStation emulator, or King of Fighters on SEGA emulators. 

There are plenty of mobile fighting options available having controlled support. One of the simplest yet jaw-dropping games you will definitely love when you try. 

43. Injustice: Gods Among Us 1 and 2 (and Mortal Kombat)

Injustice: Gods Among Us 1 and 2 are two of the most popular fighting games of all time. Well, both are also a little bogus.

You have to tap in to win the game. Besides this, there is a decent roster of DC Comics heroes and plenty of stuff to try. tons of stuff to do in the game.

The online multiplayer fighter by Warner Bros is something players are giving immense love to.

44. The King of Fighters ALLSTAR

ALLSTAR is a stickman fighting game which is comparatively newer. According to the storyline, it takes place in the KoF universe having a bunch of characters from different games.

The game also features online PvP, co-op play, and a campaign option. This one is a solid game that is free to play fighter.

45. Skullgirls

Autumn games have done an amazing job by introducing a girl fighting game called Skullgirls from console to mobile.

Nothing from the graphics, gameplay has been sacrificed in this smartphone online game.

Beautifully crafted with personality, this is a cartoon brawler that is fast-paced having RPG elements for the added substance.

46. Real boxing 2

This is one of the best free boxing games out there in the fighting game genre. You can choose any popular fictional character as you fight.

There is a lot you can do. You can challenge other fighters, involve yourself in the mini-game, and also create your own character. 

There are various power-ups and gear that can turn the tide. The controls are simple and graphics exquisite. There are social mechanics for leader boards and gifts.

47. Real Steel series

This one is a real fighting game from Reliance Games. Unlike most, this is an arcade fighting game that means you have to move and hit.

There are four different games in the robot fighting series, with their own set of mechanics, looks, and stuff. The most popular one loved by everyone in the Real Steel World Robot Boxing.

It includes customization, multiplayer, and many other play modes. The last one in the series is World Robot Boxing 2 and this one has decent reviews.

48. Prizefighters

Prizefighters are another one of the newer fighting games. It’s a retro-style boxing game similar to those from the SNES era (the 1990’s).

It features simple controls, player and ring customization, a progression system, social features, and more. The developers also promise online multiplayer at some point.

That should elevate an already above average experience. This is a good one for fans of retro fighting games. The in-app purchases aren’t as bad as competitors, either.

49. Shadow Fight 3

Having gorgeous console-quality graphics, the street fight game has the look and feel of a triple-A versus a brawler.

The freemium game puts some players off but rest is sure to stick around for the story. This is also a role-playing game that doesn’t involve investing money.


This one is a free fighter game having streamed gameplay. Tekken has been upgraded in a way that it has become a good fit for the touchscreen. The fight player game revolves around collecting cards to use in battles.

You will feel nostalgic while playing the game. This is because you get reacquainted with series legends such as Paul, Nina, Kazuya, and Panda.

(f) Adventure Games

Adventure games have been one of the most popular genres. There are plenty of action-adventure games that put emphasis on challenging the player’s reflexes, reaction time, and hand-eye coordination.

The best fighting games include the ideal blend of everything while offering a unique experience.

As per the longevity and popularity of the action genre, game developers have managed to come up with exceptional games that are loved by players. 

51. Grand Mountain Adventure

Do you want to try free skiing games? Players are given a chance to ski around in an open world. They are provided with easy controls, good graphics and a lot of stuff to do. Various obstacles are to be avoided.

In the down mountain, game players have to explore various challenges. The score can be checked on the online leaderboard for speed runs and flawless runs.

The offline adventure game has its own Discord server and includes no free to play game mechanics.

The amazing game involves a good skiing experience. Those who are a fan of adventure sports should definitely check this one out.

52. Rapala Fishing                                                            

Rapala Fishing is one of the few online fishing games that are popular among players. This one is more aggressive with the freemium strategy than its competitors.

The game features locations, easy controls, and daily tournaments. There is no energy bar. That means you can play all day if you want to.

The graphics are decent and it is a new fishing game from 2018 that is surprisingly good. It may overtake Rapala eventually. 

53. Swordigo

A must-try Android adventure game, Swordigo gives you the opportunity to explore the dark caves through many dangerous pathways. You have to find the legendary swords.

The online sword game strategy is simple and perceivable. And the features are interesting.


  • Smooth screen control
  • Easy customization
  • Multiple weapons
  • Amazing visuals

54. Alice in the Mirrors of Albino

This one is a new adventure game that has taken away a million hearts.

You must have read or seen Alice in Wonderland?

In this game, you are in the Victorian era of London. The place is called Albino.

You simply have to solve the mystery, just like Alice did. It is not a scary mystery game but it is wonderful. You soon will get addicted to an interesting game. Here is what it offers.


  • Uncover hidden objects
  • Mind-blowing visual graphics
  • Smooth game control
  • Mysterious detective story

55. Escape Game: Hometown Adventure

This is a free adventure game.

Get ready to involve yourself with another one among the best Adventure Games for Android, Escape Game: Home town Adventure.

It’s really an exciting game where you will be given tons of rooms full of puzzles to solve.

The game strategies and plots are interesting. Also, it includes a good number of amazing features. If you are interested, you can have a look over them.


  • Impressive details of the graphics
  • Game with a twist
  • Different puzzles
  • Awesome soundtrack
  • Unlimited hints
  • Enjoy being offline

56. Fantastic Beast: Cases

Are you a Harry Potter game fan? Yes? This one’s for you.

Say hello to this Fantastic Beast: Cases and head towards the magical mystery.

All you have to do is to find out all the mysterious phenomena that take place in your region.


  • Based on JK Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts.
  • Exciting music and sound effects.
  • Free to install and update.
  • Characters and skill customization

57. Crashlands

Crashland is a hero simulator idle adventure game where you play as a space trucker. It begins by crashing into an alien planet.

What you have to do is to retrieve your cargo, build a base, fight with bad guys thereby saving the world.

There are a number of game elements in the RPG styled character game.

This one has plenty of content that you will definitely enjoy. And the popularity is depicted by its 4.8 ratings on Google Play.

58. Layton Series

The Professor Layton franchise has a series of puzzle-adventure games. Initially launched on the Nintendo 3DS, it now is mobile compatible.

It is not a free game. In this puzzle-solver game, you have to solve a lot of puzzles while carefully listening to the narrative. It won’t take long for you to understand the controls.

 This series sold 17 million copies when it was on regular and handheld consoles. So you can imagine the popularity of this.

59. Oddmar

Oddmar is an online adventure game from the developers of Leo’s Fortune.

You are a struggling Viking who wants to restore his honor. Whatever you do is to prove yourself. Amazing design and simple control are what make it loved by all.

 Plus, it hits all of the extras with hardware controller support. The 24 level game encourages replayability. Initially, it is a free game but it has in-app purchases.

60. Murder in the Alps

This one is the best murder games online in which you have to look for clues and solve the task challenges. Having great storyline and graphics the game has many other features:


  • Interactive gameplay
  • Gives movie-like experience
  • Great sound effects
  • In-game achievements
  • Multiple mini-games inside

(g) Role-Playing Games (RPGs)

RPG aka role-playing games weave immersive storytelling, fantasy world, and a number of levels while providing the player astonishing experience.

If you are a fan of the best role-playing games, this list will help you.

61. Guild Wars 2

This one is a stick RPG game that is fantasy based. Players create a character that is based on one of the five races.

In the story, players are tasked with reassembling Destiny’s Edge, which is a troupe of adventurers who are trying the defeat a dragon

This unique and crazy game has a storyline that molds itself with the player’s actions and decisions. The frequent updates and elements added are liked by players.

62. The Elder Scrolls Online

The RPG game online is the one in which you are building your characters and choose from multiple races.

The choice affects different attacks, magic, and passive skills. As the game progresses, the player can level the skills and abilities in order to become more powerful.

Having more than a million subscribers as of 2019, the game rpg arcade game has become increasingly popular

63. RuneScape

RuneScape is one of the oldest MMOs in existence. Initially launched in 2001, the online fantasy game to date has got a number of sequels and updates. What the players have to do is to build their character while navigating a host of different races.

Having a different look and feel, the thrilling game offers easy-going gameplay. This makes the players stick around for a longer period. 

64. Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger created by Square Enix is amazing for the fantastic storytelling and gorgeous 16-bit graphics. It is still one of the best crazy games to play with friends of all time.

Players can now enjoy the offline mode. This makes the game a travel companion as it is worth your time. It is completely filled with mysteries, adventure, action, and a riveting story that is just so interesting.

65. Arcane Quest 3

Hey, this one is a mobile RPG game for fans of classic tabletop games.

The turn-based game is a blend of adventure, role-playing, and strategy. The story is of revenge and redemption. The choice of adventure is created 10 unique classes.

Besides, the real-time RPG game gives you the option of playing and enjoying with your friends across the globe.

66. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Are you a star war fan? Yes, this is for you.

You can pick your party with the nine different types of characters, the player travels to the eight planets on the Ebon Hawk, and learn to use the Force, including over 40 powers. You know what is the best part- you can also build your own lightsaber!

This dark adventure game also supports controllers if you prefer to play that way.

67. Dragon Quest VIII

One of the most loved game in the Dragon Quest series

The crazy dragon game takes you to a journey where a cursed king is available in the cell-shaded beauty.

 You are the hero, a Trodain guard, who embarks on a quest to reclaim a stolen scepter from the evil court jester

If you have never played it but are a fan of dragon games, you will definitely love it.

68. Eternium

The first-ever RPG game completely designed for touch controls, Eternium is an excellent game that makes you feel great. The smooth controls make sense as the gameplay is immersive.

You and your hard party are off on a quest to prevent Ragadam from taking over the world and ultimately destroying it. If you want RPG experience similar to dungeon crawlers like Diablo, play this role-playing game-Eternium.

69. Neverwinter Nights

A unique winter game having exquisite UI, touch controls, graphics options, and backward compatibility mode.

At $10, you get a ton of value for your money. If you’re a fan of classic RPGs, you will definitely like this cross-platform multiplayer game.

70. Icewind Dale

With the continuation of a classic RPG game, Icewind Dale deserves a shoutout.

Made for the modern audience, the game is optimized for large tablet screens, but is compatible with any screen size.

The cross-platform multiplayer crazy game allows you to have an adventure with your friends.

(h) Battle-Royale Games

Battle royale games are clearly here to stay. Games like PUB-G have created a storm in the gaming industry. And inspired by the same, more battle royale games and game modes have been springing up.

In 2020, there are various battle royale games and modes arriving, and the current favorites continue to add new features to keep their audiences hooked.

Here are the battle royale games to watch out for.

71. Cuisine Royale

This battle game is still managing to pull hefty players. The secret to success? Well, it basically has a PUB-G like gameplay, steady updates that bring fresh content to the game.

There are many unique formulas added to the game. The most interesting of all is that instead of military armor and equipment, every player has to use pots, pans, and various other pieces of kitchenware to keep themselves safe from bullets.

This is the reason why it is termed as Cuisine Royale. If you’re looking for a semi-realistic, free-to-play BR game, then this one is the best around.

72. Firestorm

This game takes the battle royale genre to another level. 

There are vehicles, which offer a similar risk/reward mechanic. The players get an instant advantage over others but you will be unable to escape without players noticing.

Best of all- there is no safe refuge. You may have to wait a little for the full match, but it is worth it. The impressive audio and visuals give you an enthralling experience.

73. Fortnite Battle Royale

The team battle game allows you to play with strangers and buddies regardless of the platform.

Like PUBG, you have a map where there are 3-4 individuals in the crew. Well, the mission is to survive the wilds using weapons, vehicles, and other stuff.

The game goes that extra mile by allowing you to scavenge the land for materials and build protective structures.

74. Dying Light: Bad Blood

If you want a fresh battle royale game and bored playing the old one, this is it.

There is blood and a lot of zombies everywhere.

The free zombie game has come with a chaotic twist. An important element to winning this battle royale game is to harvest blood samples from various zombie hives.

These samples increase your health and damage output, and most importantly, spawns the helicopter, which is your ticket to winning.

75. ZombsRoyale.io

Free tactics core game borrows a lot of mechanics from Zombs.io and Surviv.io. 

You can play the game on practically any device of your choice. All you should have a strong internet connection and it brilliantly shows how versatile the BR genre really is.

You enter into a random part in the map, loot weapons from the chest, and converge until one player left standing. Well, everything is squeezed in 30 minutes

76. Ring of Elysium

In the BMX extreme game, there are many natural disasters like active volcanoes, avalanches, etc.

But with ski lifts, snowboards, and mountain climbing gear, you have to look for an innovative way to reach your objective in the thrill game

If you will be one of the four players evacuated from the map or setting up camp in the Elysian Fields, you will win it.

77. Realm Royale

If you have a glance of the review of the build royale full-screen game, you’ll get an immediate sense of why it’s so popular.

Well, Realm Royale isn’t just another free-to-play battle royale game. There is a breathing space in this increasingly crowded genre with a few neat additions.

There are magical abilities and summonable mounts. It addresses the mid-game lull that so many battle royale games suffer from by promising. 

78. Minecraft Survival Games

The paper Minecraft crazy games is liked by all, isn’t it? It gives creative freedom which means there are hundreds of maps, arena styles, weapon and armor setups, and rules to keep it interesting.

This unique game pays tribute to the blockbuster franchise by spawning players in a circle around a huge cache of weapons.

All you have to do is to rush to the weapons and risk dying in the immediate ray or hope to scavenge one from a corpse later on.

Giving you a solid experience, the game is worth a try.

79. Unturned: Arena Mode

The free arena game boasts polished and realistic gunplay. 

It borrows the core mechanics of PUBG. The player cuts the count to 16 placed in 4 maps.

The shooter sniper game helps you portray that extra level of skill as different tactics and map knowledge come into play.

If you love battle royale games but looking for something different, you must go for it.

80. Apex Legends

The legend game online reached over 25 million players in its first week.

It came out of nowhere and gained huge popularity overnight. Meaning in the first seven days of the launch.

There are mountains, terrains, movements setting the tone of the gunplay. If your team successfully flanks another in a well-timed push, you earn their bounty.

(i) Simulator Games

Simulator games allow you to take the role of someone else, fit with trials, and reach that position.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the most immersive and impressive simulation titles available.

81. Taxi Game Free

Looking for car-riding or crazy taxi games? This is one of the best.

It is always fun to cast away your stress or have a joyful free time. Taxi Game Free is one of the most well-featured driving games with its jaw-dropping graphics and flawless gameplay.

You travel to beautiful areas with lots of car choices. There are a lot of car selections and can be upgraded as you gradually level up.

Plus, fully functional road maps to assist your driving objectives and crucial assignments. You get an immersive 3D experience and the detailed in-game environment

82.The Sims 4

When it comes to suburban simulation-The Sims 4 game has so much popularity that it can’t be beaten by any other game. 

Having rich color and brilliant animation, the crazy online game provides an exceptional wealth of options. This includes self-expression, customization, and stimulation.

This real-life simulator game has managed to turn the American dream into virtual reality as the USP still has legs in an increasingly crowded market.

83. Railway Empire

Well, this one is certainly different. 

In this rollercoaster, the game takes you back to the American golden age of the railway, between 1830 and 1930.

You are a proud owner of a railway company. Plan the railway lines and have to run a glorious range of over 40 historically authentic trains. The game offers a high degree of customization that you will enjoy. 

84. Two Point Hospital

This online hospital game is a successor to 1997’s Theme Hospital.

Although, the previous game was a follow-up of a roller coaster simulator Theme Park. Two Point Hospital continues that lineage, just with updated visuals and more mechanics.

The fun doctor game has the task of building bathrooms, intensive care units, offices, and more. When the hospital grows in popularity, it gives you a chance to hire more staff so that they better serve your patients.

85. Not for Broadcast

This is an online phase game that has a great spin on the often stale simulation genre.

You don’t have to run a hospital, city, or theme park, you have the role of the operator for National Nightly News. 

You have to do duties, you’re swept into the control room, where a powerful, controlling government attempts to dictate your every move.

86. Kerbal Space Program

One of the best space rocket games of all times where the player has to control the space program for an alien called Kerbals in the game.

What you have to do is to build a spaceship, finding which component can reach stars and which one will get into the ground.

When you reach space, explore the planets and take the help of satellites to scan nearby planets.

87. Planet Coaster 

The idle planet game is a re-imagining of the Roller Coaster Tycoon series, developed and published by Frontier Developments, who also created some expansions for Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 and the Thrillville series.

If you want a roller coaster online game with a twist, this one’s for you.

You have to start building the coaster wherein you are free to add effects, music, and more.

88. Prison Architect

Do you like to escape the prison free games, you will also like this one.

Prison Architect puts you in control of a maximum-security prison.

What you have to do as a player is to create cells and hold areas for prison.

You have to build tight security measures so that the prisoners who are trying to flee are unable to go out of the prison.

Once you complete this level, you can take the role of a prisoner attempting to escape the prison.

89. Battlechaser Nightwear

Hey, this one is an award-winning JRPG having comprehensive mobile RPG experiences of 2020. There is no need to worry about in-app purchases.

The game is complete in itself and it begins with a robust world full of surprises. You can upgrade the weapons, armors, and magical jewelry of your team. It has different characters and a compelling story.

90. Skyline                            

The 2015 game is still very popular. Skylines feel like a modern city-game. Watching the city expand and thrive in real-time has never looked so good before. 

This is one of those rare games that are also available on console, too. Skyline has a comfortable user interface that providers users with a viable option.

(j) Open World Games

Aah! There has never been a better time to escape the world than now. Well, it is digital this time.

The open-world games will slowly consume your free time, taking you to unknown lands for strange and enticing adventures.

To save your time, we have listed the best 10 games that you can start playing right now

91. Kingdom Come: Deliverance 

One of the best free kingdom games lets you interact with the world in whichever way you want. Instead of being typecast as the ‘chosen one’, you can do whatever you want to. Isn’t that great? 

Fields stretch almost as far as the eye can see, churches, etc. Basically, there’s plenty to explore if you want to procrastinate from the main quest. 

92. Mad Max

When you walk in the world of Mad Max, you will find that the world is a beautiful place to be in. This mad head game associates Chumbucket firing jolly little rounds from your car-mounted machine gun

It is pretty straightforward as most of the game is about vehicular warfare, so it’s rife with confronting camps of War Boys in an isolated land. The free action shooting game focuses more on action rather than the story.

Don’t wait, get going.

 93. Terraria

You have to make your home and defend it from the icky things that may knock the door down.

In the storm house game, you may ignore those beasties and delve deep into the earth to find valuable resources.

Create better armor and weapons, and even a jetpack. When you think you’re feeling strong enough, get set go. Remember, there’s always something better to build. 

94. Saints Row 4

This one will certainly make you laugh with its weird gameplay. With its vibrant purple brand of inanity while you race around the streets with your newfound powers as you fight to free your friends from the alien invasion that threatens your position as President of the United States of America.

Sometimes you will be facing zombies or speeding ahead of cars using your powers.

This is a pure open-world madness where you look like a mad driver but you will love. 

95. No Man’s Sky

Having 30 hours of story content, the sky run game makes jumping between planets a ton easier.

To your surprise, there are rideable aliens, a new social system, and VR support is basically an open galaxy, and you should absolutely jump into it if you look good in a spacesuit and love discovering exotic alien wildlife. 

96. Dragon Age: Inquisition

The dragon simulator free game offers you a bunch of companions to run around with.

No need to waste their talents, after all. They will be the best party members as well.

As long as you remember to take advantage of them, they will be very helpful for you.

There are multiple areas to explore from the very beginning. You’ll slowly be able to gauge which ones are worth finding. The story game is worth the time investment. 

97. Watch Dogs 2

The playground is full of technological puppets where you hold all of them. A boy has the power to make those high-tech gadgets dance.

All you have to do in this dog game is to complete missions to get more followers. Go anywhere you want and do almost anything you like. The only thing you should be careful about is the police. So, don’t get caught. 

98. Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion

This game stands the test of time as it is heavy with its quest.

You have seriously considered hibernating with it for a good long while you try to climb the ranks of the Thieves’ Guild or just delight in trying to get someone’s jumbo potatoes back.

When the cell is broken in this 3d free roam game, you can go wherever you want to and neglect the saving the world thing until you feel ready for it. 

99. Fallout New Vegas

You might have to get used to the Nevada Wasteland’s yellow tones in the gangster vegas game. When that is done, there is a lot to explore

Well, you have to figure out just what’s going on with the many abandoned vaults in the region. With the grounded main questline there’s really no other Fallout game like this one. 

100. Horizon: Zero Dawn

This is a robot game free online that will surprise you to the core. We are not kidding.

The robot has to hunt a range of weapons while uncovering the mysterious past of the Old Ones.

The breathtaking surroundings mean that even after you’ve hoovered up the sidequests so simply traversing the map is a joy.

The New Game+ mode even keeps Horizon challenging, allowing the player to revisit it even when the main quest is completed. This one is truly phenomenal. 

We hope you have a good time.

Happy playing!