How to make more money than your boss?

by Carol Lee
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Everyone once in their lifetime thinks what if they earned more than their boss. Do you keep looking for random ways to make more money?

I know what you might be thinking of right now but I’ve not written a book that says “How to make quick money?” so I won’t be selling it here. Of course, everyone wants to earn more money than their boss. But how is that possible?

A salary boost is always nice, right? This is a tried and true strategy for getting one. But what if you have just switched your job and the whole year is in front of you. You keep waiting for the appraisal. Generally, salary upticks are typically granted once annually.

You keep waiting for the whole year for the raise and accept whatever you get. No need to wait for opportunities. It is better to create them. Making more money is not about how much you work but how much you deserve and what type of smart work you do.

This is the right time to follow new approaches and innovative techniques that are practically guaranteed to help you earn more.

Here are the 3 best money making ways you can rely on:

1. Rent rarely used things

That Nikon DSLR sitting in your closet is something that you barely use. You can’t afford to sell it because you have to carry it along when you are on a vacation or celebrating an occasion.

But how about renting it and earning money? The same applies to your mountain bike that goes unused 300 days a year and is right now sleeping in your garage.

Everybody has something that is just laying around and can be helpful in making money by renting. A few apps that allow you to rent your stuff are:

  • Olx
  • Paladin
  • Outdoorsy
  • GetMyBoat
  • Style Lend
  • Skipti
  • Gaifong
  • Fat Llama

2. Play online games

If you are someone who loves playing games, then this one is for you. With the advent of the technologically inclined digital era, the “play and win cash” has become a reality.

The concept is amazing as you are rewarded for your time and efforts. Make sure you are playing games that help you sharpen your mind and logical skills. Thinking what kind of games are those? Well, go for online crossword puzzles.

Here is the list of best “play and win” real cash games:
Wealth Words

Get the best puzzling experience as you play this wonderful game. This game is making things believable as it offers cash rewards up to $2000.

With the simplistic and user-friendly approach, it has already managed to conquer the hearts of many players across the globe. You simply have to recognize the clues and solve the complete online crossword within the given time limit of one hour.

Brain Battle

The app has a collection of hundreds of games. All you need to do is to play the games and collect tickets to enter the cash prize draws. The more tickets you have, high are your chances of winning money. Download the game and get rewards for free.

List a room with Airbnb

Do you have one or two extra rooms in your house that you can spare for a random guest? Do you plan to make some serious dough?

This is the easiest way to pull in hundreds or thousands of extra dollars per month. It is very little to no work or investment allowed from your end. If you have your own home, consider putting up a room or two on Airbnb.

How to go about it?

  • Create a listing by filling the information, upload images and fix a price. Your listing will give an idea to the guest how your place is like.
  • Then put up the availability and the rules you want them to follow. Once the listing is done, guests can book their stay at your place.
  • Don’t worry as Airbnb requires verified information inclusive of id cards, address and phone numbers of the guests.
  • The guests can write a review after their visit.
  • So make sure you make that room as welcoming as possible so that you get good reviews every time.

Now that you have done all the legwork, you will have a lot of cash with you. Only you can determine your worth, so set it high by following the aforementioned strategies. Being in your boss’s shoes is a challenging job but having money more than him is no more a dream now. Turn it into reality!

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