How to Make Your Future Bright & Become Successful?

by Carol Lee
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Life evolves! The perception of life is different for different people. Everything you do impacts your life so one should always strive to become a better person every day without losing values and principles.


Life is a journey, you will meet different people at various phases. Some of them may have achieved success and others maybe striving hard to gain it.

In the end, it’s not the years in the life that counts, it is the life in your years.

-Abraham Lincoln

I’m not a life coach or a mentor, but I have learned some valuable things in the 26 years of my life journey.

I have learned from self-learning, and there has been something that completely transformed my life. Let me share a few things with you:

1)  Make a goal and work towards it

Goals are stepping stones in the success journey as they give the right direction to your life. It’s like having a roadmap. You exactly know where you are heading. It is like driving an airplane in order to reach a particular destination, weather conditions can affect the course. However, knowing the exact destination enables the pilot to overcome hindrances.

This gives you the zeal, motivation and a valid reason to get up in the morning.

Here is how working towards your goals makes you more prosperous:

  • You have a starting and ending point
  • They motivate making life more beautiful
  • They make you feel happier, safer, stronger and more confident
  • They help you aim at the purpose and make it your dominant aspiration
  • You determine your priorities

Always remember the notion by the author Anthony Robbins and motivational speaker:

Your past does not equals your future. What matters is not yesterday but what you do right now’.

2) Be clear about who you are

  • Know who you are and what you want from life.
  • Imbibe your core values.
  • Get clear on the inner you.
  • Know your true worth.
  • Grab the opportunities that come your way.
  • Take calculated risks.
  • Be more confident.
  • Feel that you will be successful one day.

3) Read everyday

Reading, not only empowers your mind with new thoughts but also helps in self-growth and personality development.  Books are the best way to get acquainted with extra-ordinary English words. You become aware of how to comprehend situations and develop a better sense of understanding.

Snuggling with a good book has the ability to transport you to the magical world away from stress.  You become an all-rounder, capable of holding a conversation on a variety of topics. Your reading material doesn’t have to be any serious subject, you can start reading whatever you like. This also enhances your brain ability and boosts retention power. Well most importantly, you never get bored when you have a reading habit.

No matter how busy you are, do read a book.  If you are someone who doesn’t read, it is never too late to start today!

4) Make health your priority

When you think of making health a priority, the first thing that comes to mind is workout. Exercise is a part of fitness but it is not exactly the core. Having a nutritional diet is equally important.

In today’s fast-paced era, traditional meal preparation has become obsolete. This is leading to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Whenever you will sit down and take note of what has to be changed, you will feel everything has to be changed. But that is challenging at the first go. Making a commitment to yourself about adopting healthier habits has far reaching payoff. But ensure your health goals are attainable and sustainable.

With physical activity, you should also indulge in various mind-boggling activities like playing Suduko, Word Puzzle Games, Online Crosswords etc.

5) Learn to celebrate small accomplishments

Everyone loves to celebrate big milestones but they overlook small accomplishments. Those little wins, no matter how small also deserves a reward as it keeps you motivated in the long run.

Your big goals are not going to happen overnight. So it is always good to celebrate what you have achieved. This gives you a feeling of pride that wants you to move ahead towards the next achievement. Moreover, you become a better person every day.

Life is for once so don’t take it for granted.

Wake up. Look outside your window, think where life has taken you and be thankful.

Stay passionate and positive!

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