How to Keep Your Mind Active and Sharp?

Mental agility is as essential for you as maintaining an active lifestyle. Just like your heart and lungs, your brain requires oxygen and exercise.

To feel emotionally and physically refreshed, you must feed your mind with some positive energy.


It is a myth that people who have Dementia, Alzheimer or any other degenerative disease are the only ones who require brain exercises, but, in reality, it’s important for everyone to focus on keeping your brain in shape.

How to keep your mind active and sharp

So , you must be wondering what makes an activity a good brain exercise?

Our lives revolve around a series of fixed routines. The key to healthy and sharp mind is to proactively shake up your daily routines.

According to experts, an activity that needs to stimulate your brain in order to exercise it should meet two criteria. It should be both novel as well as complex. Here is the list of activities that you must inculcate in your daily lives to keep your mind active:

  1. Feed your brain with healthy food

    It is important to eat a healthy and balanced diet to supplement your brain with healthy fats and other important nutrients. You should consider foods that are easy to absorb and easy to use for your body.

    Foods like avocados, beetroots, blueberries, broccoli, walnuts, salmon and dark chocolate improve your energy and focus, encourage deep, and satisfying sleep as well as reduce the damage caused by the oxidative stress.

  2. Start exploring your new hobby

    Is there anything that you wish you might have learnt? Maybe Chess? Guitar? Golf? simple online crossword puzzles? Or anything that you wish to learn.

    Picking up a hobby is proven to stave off depression and boost your brain power. A recent study has shown that having a hobby at any age keeps healthy communication lane in the brain to develop sharp memories and clear thinking.

  3. Learn a New Language

    If you want, you can start learning on your own with a textbook/audio/online program, or you can even take help from a tutor, or learn in a class.

    Learning a new language is proved to challenge and entertain your mind, while also opening a whole new experience to explore.

    Make sure that you are practicing it daily. Plan meet-ups with the people in your class for weekly discussions and if you are learning on your own, you can sign up for Verbling to practice with a native speaker or a tutor.

  4. Solve Puzzles

    Studies suggest that free simple crossword puzzles can have a long-term positive effect on your brain health. Various parts of the brain will be trained and drilled depending on the kind of puzzle you choose.

    Crossword Puzzle Games challenge your brain and memory area and are the best exercise for parietal lobes. Solving fill it in puzzles online free with family and friends not only sharpen the parts of your brain, but also strengthen your bond with your family, thus making you emotionally strong. These puzzle page daily crossword are absolutely fun!!

  5. Go on an Adventure

    Exploring new places and learning about them makes your mind fresh, active and sharp. You need not visit the other country or plan a high budget trip.

    Even by driving to another state, visiting a new side of your town or a nearby trek may do the trick. It’s all about making a habit of seeking out places that are new and exciting for you.

    This will serve two purposes at the same time. It will incite your brain as well as satisfy your wanderlust.

Thus, by making these enjoyable changes to your everyday routine, you can maintain a memory that will help you in leading a healthy life!