How to Earn Extra Bucks This Festive Season?

by Jean Palabrica
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It’s that time of the year when most of us indulge in the holiday spirit. Many people start preparations for the festive season to make it a memorable one. It might be a great way to rejuvenate, but it can also take a toll on your pocket. Saving money when your regular job does not allow you to spend extra is a challenging task. Whether one is looking to pay credit card bills, buy some Christmas gifts or manage other expenses.

Ways to Earn Extra Money

Having knowledge about resources from where we can earn extra bucks is vital. One might be under pressure to meet family expectations, giving them what they need and bringing a smile on their faces. All of this can be a stressful task. Luckily, there are many opportunities available that will help you to earn extra income this festive season. Let’s go ahead and start exploring them.

  • Organize Corporate Events or Parties: Festivals such as Christmas or New Year are a perfect way to get some funds. If someone has a knack for organizing events and assisting small and medium scale businesses to organize festive parties. In such case, they can take up work such as finalizing a venue, making food arrangements, coming up with some innovative games, and so on. This surely enables you to keep the spirit of the festive season high.
Corporate Events or Parties
  • Gift Wrapping Services: This is an exciting way to earn cash where the effort is minimal and rewards are high. A creative approach is to advertise your services in your locality and nearby retail stores. There is a possibility that you can earn as much as possible. There is a shortage of manpower during festive times in shops and assisting them by wrapping their gifts will certainly assist you to earn more.
Gift Wrapping Services
  • Take Artwork or Photography: Having talent such as creating sketch art or clicking photographs is a plus for those who are looking to earn some extra amount. Checking with your neighbors or promoting services online can be a great way to get some relevant work done. There might be clients who are interested in your services. They may hire you to click some good family photos or design some creative cards.
Artwork or Photography
  • Bake Christmas Cakes or Treats: During the festive season, there is a great demand for cakes and cookies. From dry cakes to chocolate walnut cookies, selling baked goods provides an opportunity to increase your bank balance. Those who have a passion for baking and want to be an entrepreneur can make the most of it. All that is required is a good oven, a few ingredients, and knowledge of baking items at the right temperature.
Cakes or Treats
  • Deliver Groceries or Food Items: There is a high demand for delivery partners during the festive season. Most people are occupied decorating their homes, and hardly get any time to cook food. In such times, the best option available is to order food from outside. This puts pressure on grocery stores and food outlets to meet demands. It also creates opportunities for part-time job seekers as they can work as a delivery person in their spare time, such as during evenings or weekends.
Groceries or Food Items
  • Freelance Designing or Writing Work: This is another interesting way to earn extra money. Creating a work portfolio and sending it to corporations can ensure work in crunch times. During Christmas and New Year, working professionals are usually busy spending time with their loved ones and planning to make the most of the holiday season. Another way to acquire some work is by looking for work opportunities on platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, and many others.
Designing or Writing Work
  • Play Online Skill-Based Games: If you consider yourself a wordsmith. You can earn some great rewards and cash prizes while playing online games. Presently, there are many websites and apps available where one can exhibit their mental ability and be a winner. Talking about games, there are some of them which can be played to earn real money, such as word games. People across the world are playing such games. It gives them a sense of accomplishment when they solve crossword puzzles. This can be a simple yet fascinating way to manage your expenses this festive season.
Online Word Games
  • Fill Out Online Surveys: Online surveys might not garner you as much money as you would have liked. However, if you are searching for something easy to access and not much time consuming, then it is advisable to give it a try. You can earn a good amount before Christmas and New Year. One can earn up to $5 per survey depending on the business.
Fill Online Surveys
  • Sell Your Stuff on eBay & Amazon: Selling items on leading ecommerce platforms can be an ideal way to earn side income. There are many leading shopping websites and apps available on the internet where you can sell your belongings and earn a handsome amount in return. This will surely help you to make this festive season a delightful one. Besides this, this will ensure some charity too, since, most of them are associated work for society through the CSR program i.e. Corporate Social Responsibility.
Sell Stuff on Ebay or Amazon
  • Pet Care Services: The holiday season is a good time for people to plan some leisure time with their kith and kin. This helps them to stay away from the hustle and bustle. For some, it might not be possible to take along their pets, such as cats or dogs. They have to search for animal shelter homes. If you have no plans to go out, love spending time with pets and want to earn some extra money too, then this is your opportunity to avail. Make use of all available mediums, such as designing flyers, brochures and sharing them with people in your or nearby localities. Using all resources will definitely help you to get some business.

Pet Care Services
  • Write Reviews: Every business wants to make the most of the festive season. They leave no stone unturned to engage people with their products and services. Many restaurants search for food bloggers who they can invite to their place for some tasting and ask them to review the food items or the ambience. These experiences help both, since it provides food outlets with an opportunity to spread the word and also bloggers to make their name in the industry.
Write Online Business Reviews


Christmas and New Year is the time to groove into the spirit of celebration. It is the season of light, a season of love, a season of happiness, and a season of doing something special for our loved ones. Exchanging gifts, relishing scrumptious food, and moving our feet to the music and forgetting all our concerns and worries. Having some extra earnings will surely make this celebration an unforgettable one. So, what are you waiting for! Go ahead and do what makes you happy and enables you to bring some extra cash.

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