How Crossword Puzzles are Getting Bigger and Better?

Aren’t crossword puzzles absolutely amazing? The way it stimulates the brain with its enticing twists and twirls is something that remains unmatched. If you have been a crossword aficionado, you certainly would agree with me and if you are not, you must become one. It not only enhances the mental skills significantly but, also serves as a major stress buster. And, of course, with time it has only become bigger and better.

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Did you know the history of crosswords dates back to some 100 years? First published in New York World in 1913, crossword puzzles were coined by a journalist Arthur Wynne and became a craze instantly. However, unlike yesteryear when the crossword puzzles were confined just to Sunday magazines and newspapers, the unprecedented growth of technology has made crossword puzzles go a notch higher by developing it online. Take Wealth Words, a new era word puzzle game that has disrupted the way crossword puzzles were played. Not only it can be accessed just through a click on your smartphone, tablet or laptop but, it also lets you make money playing games seamlessly. Yes, Wealth Words is a real money earning crossword puzzle. You see, how crosswords have evolved over the time? From solving the puzzles in newspapers and magazines to accessing it right through a click while earning cash prizes as winnings, Wealth Words has certainly taken the crossword world by storm.

A simple registration at its website followed by a few token purchase worth $2 each is enough to get you started at Wealth Words. You can play as much as you desire in an active time frame of one hour. Also, with cash prizes available in the form of division 1 and division 2, you will get all the more reasons to get addicted to this game. While you make money with crosswords through Wealth Words, do you know how can you win more and more cash prizes here? Well, you need to be smart and grasp the cues and clues instantly. Remember, the cash prizes are huge, so, a little smartness and presence of mind can definitely make you laugh all the way to bank.

While answering all the 20 puzzles correct will give you division 1 cash prizes, the second highest correct answers will be given the division 2 cash prizes. And, if it’s not already enticing enough, Wealth Words also has a super word puzzle in its kitty. As the name itself suggests, it is a bigger word puzzle with a greater pool of cash prizes. It contains 25 puzzles and solving them correctly can make you the winner of a bigger cash prize in no time. Isn’t it a win-win situation all the way? Absolutely gratifying, I must say!

So, next time when you are bored, stressed or just wish to kill time, head straight towards your smartphone or whichever digital device you prefer and make money playing games like Wealth Words. Trust me, its brainstorming session will not only help you relax and enhance your cognitive skills but also improve your vocabulary and communication skills considerably. Also, not to forget your bank account, after all, it’s going to go a level up too with all the cash prizes you win, right?

Now, go and get your puzzling shoes on. Happy puzzling, folks!