How I spend time with my kids – Know about my interactive story games

I was a working lady. I started my journey of parenthood six years back with my little bundle of joy. Initially, the journey was very smooth and hustles free. During this period I used to handle well both my office and household work with her upbringing. As during the early years she used to feed, play for a while and then take rest for hours.

interactive story games

But gradually after the completion of third-year things started going out of hands. I realised that I am neither able to concentrate on her growth years nor able to complete my assigned tasks. Thereby I concluded to quit my job and spend a considerable amount of quality time with my kid.

I started spending quality time with my daughter by playing a few engaging activities. By spending time together I am able to focus on her initial developmental years. We have built up a strong relationship and are on the journey of creating memories. Here I will explain my story game activities with you. Trust me that these activities are simple and can be easily accessed.

Reading books

Books are the best friends for an individual. Reading books is fun when reading with the best companion. We usually read books an hour before sleeping time. There is a lot of learning and understanding involved. I and she both share the new word learned during the activity. This peaceful activity fosters our vocabulary knowledge.

Cooking together

We both are food lovers. We love experimenting and preparing new delicacies. This cooking activity with my daughter benefits us positively. During this activity, we acknowledge new ingredients and have a healthy conversation regarding school, friends etc. This helps her to develop good conversation skill and enjoy something delicious delicacy.

Playing crossword puzzles

Crossword puzzles are one of our favorite activities. It is truly a fun and engaging activity. We spend hours playing this activity. We make choices of crossword puzzles online and put in our efforts solving them. This activity is a fun activity which promises a lot of educational learning. Crossword puzzles come along with a beautiful range of benefits. They are good for the brain’s health as they keep her brain fit and active. It improves the concentration and intelligent quotient of my dear daughter. Each accomplishment of a puzzle fosters her problem-solving skill. We have a lot of fun moments solving these puzzles.

Experiencing the beauty of interactive story games

You must be astonished to encounter interactive story games in my activity list. You consider this activity as a sheer wastage of time with no benefits. But trust me this is a beautiful activity which is good for you and your kid. Interactive story games online are beautiful gameplay with an immersive storyline. It captivates us with its amazing graphics designs and attention-grabbing storyline. It is an engaging activity which sharpens her reflexive actions.

We consult with each other before making the selection of any choice. This gives me immense pleasure as she is learning to discuss her execution with me. This fosters our trust and inter-dependency level. We have a gala time while playing this interactive story games. As we forget our real life and start experiencing and living the story game. It provides immense satisfaction and allows us to relax and enjoy the fantasy world of dialogue characters.

So, don’t waste the childhood days of your child. The early years are the true molding phase of your child. The way you will mold and spend time with your kid will affect your kid’s development. Try to find out time from your occupied schedule and spend some quality time with your kid. You can start with free online crossword puzzles available on