How Far Away Are We From Puzzles and Skill-Based Games at Casinos?

As all readers of this site will be aware, it is possible to make money from playing games online.

And, the more adept you are at playing them, the more money you will likely earn. It’s a growing industry, which sees more and more people learning that it is possible to make money from games like crossword puzzles. 

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the casino industry where it is also possible to make money, but, as most people know, the advantage lies with the operator of a casino.

While we can argue that some games like blackjack and poker require skill, the vast majority of them depend on random chance. 

 The fact that many casino games rely on chance alone is not, necessarily, a bad thing in the eyes of players.

Games like roulette, which you can see at, are considered iconic because they rely on the random outcome, not in spite of it. 

Casino industry faces competition from other areas

In that sense, you would think that offering skill games is something anathema to casino operators.

But the market speaks, and faced with the competition from other areas of gaming – puzzle prize games, competitive video gaming (esports), skin betting, loot boxes – casinos have had to act. 

In fact, some skill-based games have arrived on the market already. Most notably, there was the launch of a Pac-Man skill-based casino game a couple of years.

Created by Gamblit, Pac-Man Battle invited players to play against each other for prizes.

While it is still regarded as more of a prototype and you’ll not likely see the iconic 80s video game character in your local casino any time soon. 

But that Pac-Man game did hint at a future where you could head to the casino armed with gaming skills – or knowledge of puzzles – and confidently believe you could leave with a profit.

But how would it work? After all, aren’t we told that the house always wins when it comes to casino?

Different ways to roll out skill and puzzle games 

Well, the answer lies in a different approach, or approaches. For example, a casino could offer a skill game where it makes money from things like advertising revenue rather than players’ wagers.

Or, another scenario would be that casinos run skill-game tournaments but take a cut of the overall revenue.

This is similar to poker games hosted by casinos where they take a cut of the pot (called a rake) in return for hosting the game. 

What about puzzles, then. Well, as you are aware, these already exist on sites like Wealth Words. It is very possible that casinos, particularly online casino sites, become inspired by the offerings on this website.

If they do, then clever puzzle-solvers could be taking their seats beside blackjack and roulette players at swanky casino resorts.

Could you imagine getting a free margarita as you settle down to a crossword puzzle competition ar Caesars Palace? That might not be too far away. 

As ever, technology will be the key to seeing this done. However, with evidence growing that traditional casino games aren’t just as alluring to millennials as they were to previous generations, there is a will among industry operators to create a pathway to something different.

Software developers are pouring time and money into development, and there is a race on to see who can get first to the marketplace first. If you are a fan of puzzles, that should be exciting news indeed.