Doing Crossword Game Helps Entrepreneur Gain Four Essential Skills

by Carol Lee
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Entrepreneurship is not the easiest thing out there.

I’m surprised when I discuss the business ideas of many people who want to become an entrepreneur. I always feel they are lucky because they are doing something that they love and are becoming richer every day.

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But this myth collapsed when I turned into an entrepreneur myself. Now, this statement makes me smile because I know they aren’t true. Luck has nothing to do with anything. As for the rat race, it has become way faster than you can ever imagine.

Entrepreneurship always comes will plenty of challenges. Some are rewarding, while others are harsh. They have to tackle every obstacle no matter how long they have been into the business.

Every owner strives to establish the brand, exceed the competition while keeping the company profitable. Well, the level of success is dependent on the overall experience and skills. You will be surprised to know what is helping me on my journey on ‘being a boss.’ It is an online crossword game. Yes. Here is how it helps me:


It is very easy to quit, especially when you face challenges. But I have persisted because of my ambitious nature.

Playing online mini crossword made me a stubborn person. While playing, I kept trying and trying to look for the best answer that will fit in the crossword. And I became more ambitious every day.

Crossword is helping me conquer the stepping stones towards the major goal. Now, I have an internal drive to work hard, and I try everything that it takes to be successful. Shortcuts never help, but yes, smart work does.

Willingness to learn

I keep learning new words every day. I learn different techniques to solve crosswords. I learn, and I learn a lot from online puzzle games. Also, I take the help of my acquaintances when I get stuck, and I never hesitate to ask for assistance.

A few may think that learning stops after graduation, but that’s not true. There is no age limit, as learning is a life-long process. I stay updated with the changes in the technology as per the evolution that is taking place in the industry.


If you keep following the same routine, life becomes monotonous. I carefully read the clues of the word games and get surprised by the answers. Oh My God! I sometimes feel, how creative is the crossword constructor? I try different types of puzzles-mini puzzles and crosswords having varied themes.

Everyone should enrich their lives with a new experience. I’ve realized this is as simple as talking to new people and carefully listening to their experiences. I remember the mistakes they have done in their lives and try not repeating them. Something I love the most is engaging with my customers with the help of different platforms.


When you are playing the word game online, there will be times you feel you don’t want to solve further. I prefer taking a break and then coming back later. The game has helped me build my patience level.

Initially, I have experienced devastating failure when everything had almost come to an end. But rather than quitting, I picked myself up and came back strong. Many will agree with me that Persistence is the key.

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