Crossword Enthusiasts: Never Rest Until You Become Best!

Are you also one of them who believes that only the nerd can successfully solve crosswords?

For some random reason, many feel that people have an inborn ability to complete puzzles without making a single mistake. This is quite far from the truth.

Puzzles never test your intelligence or vocabulary, they are a learnable skill that can be developed by anyone, at any age.

No other game asks your brain as crosswords do (You may have never thought about it
before). The crossword lovers not just learn the literal meaning of the answer, but memorize similar ones they have seen before, syntax quirks, puns, references and of course the theme of the crossword.

We are shaped by our thoughts, we become what we think.

Do you want to improve your puzzle solving skills? Ok, We will help you.

Let’s explore how you can improve your crossword solving skills:

Solve Crossword Everyday

One crossword every day, and that’s sufficient!

The best way to become a pro at crossword is to solve lots of them. So make it a habit to fix a time slot for puzzle solving. If your day was very hectic, jump into your bed at night, start solving ‘365 days Will Shortz crossword book’.

I’m a huge online crossword fan, but I initially started solving weekend newspaper puzzles. I practiced over and over again until puzzles became a part of me.

I believe- What seems hard today, will someday be your warm up!

Completing crossword became my addictive drug over time. I can’t sleep if I haven’t tried a single crossword a day. Merriam-Webster, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and also publish amazing puzzles.

 Wealth Words, a daily crossword puzzle has a quite unique concept where the player can win real cash if all the answers are correct.

If you love cryptic ones-go for ‘The Guardian’. ‘Queer Qrosswords’ and ‘Puzzles for Progress’ will send you original theme puzzles as a reward. Every platform has a style of its own-mastering one won’t ensure you will be able to solve the next.

So, practice every time whenever you get a chance.

Embrace the technology

By that I mean, go online!

Are you very serious about crossword? Do you really want to up your game?

Yes? Okay!

Subscribe to an app or solve online crossword puzzles on a regular basis. Pen-paper puzzles can never touch the user-friendly features that can be accessed online.

You can take hints whenever required, reveal letter-by-letter answers rather than knowing the complete answer in one go. The demystifying clues make the game feasible, and this is what you always wanted.

Also, most games time you and it helps in tracking your progress.

The best part is the accessibility and convenience.

What can be a better way when you can carry thousands and thousands of digital puzzles in your pocket that can be opened and solved anytime.

Know-when to take help

Taking help while solving is a sensitive topic but it does exist. Solving should be fun and banging your head in the wall is not the idea of fun.

Besides, you shouldn’t get irritated. You are not an aspirant who is competing in a tournament. When that happens, worrying is a normal phenomenon.

Read the clues carefully and try solving them possibly without any help. Take strategic assistance so that you are guided to the toughest of puzzles.

Online word games and apps make this super-duper easy: reveal letters one by one and you are good to solve nasty clues.

Get good information so that you hack it on your own. This helps in giving you enough information that will stick in your head always.

On the contrary, pen-paper puzzles make finding the hints practically a bit difficult. Thanks a lot to the Internet. If you are stuck anywhere while solving a print crossword, Google the clue right away.

Don’t stress on the number of letters, rather frame your search around the clue. These will be real stumpers

Over time, you will realize there is less need for taking help while solving-yes. I have been there, experienced it.

Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.

Brush up your skills

You want to of course!

If you are not a frequent online crossword player, you will be surprised to know that the World Wide Web is full of like-minded people. There exists a whole community.

Read Rex Parker blogs. Yes, this is a great start!

Why? Because he solves a puzzle every single day. Compares difficulty level and breaks down the key clue/answer in his article.

Specialize further and brush your skills with Wealth Words standard daily crossword, story-based or poem-based crosswords. The New York Time quiz also tests your knowledge.

Wanna go deep down inside?

Let me tell you a secret.

You can search from crossword answer database and see details about the answers given. But make sure whatever source you choose is reliable.

Hey! Don’t turn into a machine or robot who keeps memorizing clues or answers all the time. The best strategy is the one that makes you happy. This is most important because solving should be a stress buster and not problematic.

No matter how many puzzles you solve or how fast you do them make sure you keep solving them and having fun. This is more important. If you can do this, nothing can stop you from improving.

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