What Can You Do in Quarantine and Not Get Bored? This Game is for You

by Max Fragar
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You are one of those millions across the globe, that may be working from home.

Or a business owner whose business is shut right now. Maybe a student whose school or university is closed.

It is now official. The Coronavirus Pandemic has flipped everyone’s life upside down.

With the global movement of staying at home and social distancing in order to reduce the chances of spreading this deadly disease, you must be self-quarantining.

Regardless of what your situation is, it is certain that most of you must be getting bored.

You have already finished a few books, have watched countless hours of TV, tried different board games, and done with Netflix.

Now, what next? How about a quiz app?

As social distancing and self-quarantine continue, you may certainly be going crazy as you can’t go anywhere and do things like you used to earlier.

But do you know what? Now is the time to relax. It is your time so yes; you should make the most of it.

What Can You in Quarantine and Not Get Bored?

While the government of every country is advising social distancing, it is very sad for someone who is used to meeting a group of friends every day.

In today’s situation, hanging out is probably off the charts. But since there is some play and win games, why not grab the opportunity and put money in the pockets?

Thanks to the internet that games have become a lot more fun today. No matter where you are located, online games can be played anytime, anywhere. 

To win any game, it is not necessary that you have to be a hardcore gamer. Every game requires its players to make active decisions.

You later reap the consequences of those decisions that you make. Unlike a TV show or movie, a game is something that allows you to control what happens next. 

Online games provide cognitive engagement, a sense of progress and fun of course.

Now that everyone is under lockdown, the best way to enjoy time is to play an online game that helps in making money.

Wealth Words is the money earning app that will help you to earn money this quarantine.

Before You Start Playing

Before you start playing, it is important to know the rules about the game. 

This game can be played by all your family members on their respective mobile devices. You can either download the app (on iOS or Android device) or play it on the web.

The Basics

If you download or install the app, you can simply sign up by giving a username and password.

Another way is to log in via your Gmail id or Facebook account already running on the device.

Play 100+ daily puzzle games that challenge your brain to win real money.

It is a super exciting crossword quiz game that makes the puzzling experience an amazing one.

Different games have different prize pools. And the jackpot game usually has a prize amount of $5000+. Well, that is actually huge

How to Play this Money Earning Game?

Before you start playing, understand the concept of the game from ‘Today’s challenge game’. This game is different every day.

After you have downloaded the app, you can explore the game you want to play.

Pick the puzzle of your choice

You can either choose to play a free puzzle game or a paid game.

The prize pool is different for every online game

Note: The Jackpot game is for $5600 (Yes, too lucrative). Well, that is an absolutely huge amount undoubtedly. 

You can start playing by clicking on “PLAY”. 

Follow the Time limit

This online word puzzle game gives you a time limit of one hour. So, it is mandatory that you have to fill all the answers to the clues given and submit the answer in the active time frame. 

Note: You can even pause and resume the puzzle quiz later. The game is available for 24 hours. (Every player has enough time to play the game and submit the answers)

Submit your game

Read the clues carefully to fill the answer. Every answer has one unfilled letter that has to be filled by the player. Isn’t it too simple in this play & win money game

After you have completed filling all the answers of the clues and you are confident about them, submit your answers. 

Note: Focus is the key to success!


The ‘Leaderboard’ and ‘Winners’ section tells who all have won. The answer to every puzzle is declared after 24 hours i.e. the next day.

 If you win, you can straight away take huge cash prizes home.

All your doubts and queries are answered in the Frequently Asked Question section.

Wasn’t that too good? You can play big and win big. 

Well, at least you can win real money with a simple online Paypal game.

Don’t let boredom bother you. Download the easy online puzzle and get involved in it.

Some More Fun

To ease your quarantine journey, there are a few more things that will keep you and your loved ones super busy.

From the binging series on Netflix to meditating, there are a lot of fun things that you can do while at home. 

Well, there is a lot that can be done in the next few days while having plenty of fun as well.

Let’s get started!

a) Meditation

Try lying down with eyes closed, palms up and start focusing on your breath.

You can also spend 20 minutes sitting cross-legged and think of God and his beautiful world in your head.

b) Skin Treatment

Even though salons are closed, it is important that you take care of yourself.

Have a home manicure, pedicure, body massage and facial. Go for home treatments. Trust me, it is going to be super fun.

 Remember: You don’t have time during a normal workweek so it is the right time to pamper yourself. 

c) Exercise

Quarantine or not, there are still many different ways to stay healthy and fit. It is not necessary that you have to go to the gym and workout and only then you can stay in good health.

Try skipping, situps, pushups, stretches, and whatever you can for at least an hour daily.

d) Explore ways to save money

When you are not going out, there is no commuting cost. Unknowingly, this is saving a lot.

This is the best time to go over your finances and see where you can save during the quarantine times.

Although most of you don’t like spending so much time at home this is a global emergency so make sure you stay at home and stay safe.

Don’t forget to keep washing your hands, sanitize them, moisturize yourself, and wear a mask. 

Hope you have a happy quarantine!

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