How can you Earn Money Online Based on Your Personality?

There is a strong relationship between our personalities and the money we earn. Outgoing people are more ambitious and earn more when compared to sensitive or gentle ones. 

Yes, that’s true!!

Your personality type impacts your attitude and habits around money. We should not underestimate the importance of this unique relationship between personality and income.

Instead, we must use this valuable information to upgrade our experiences and acquire new skills. It will provide us with a better chance to maximize our opportunities to earn side incomes.

We are not asking you to become an extrovert to earn more. However, by understanding the personality types and adding them to our daily lives, we can increase our income potential.

If an outgoing person likes to socialize, then we need to meet other people as well. It never stops an introvert to attend networking events and make connections. Here, introverts may need courage and a bit more effort, but it is not impossible. 

At Wealth Words, we come across crosswords lovers with different personalities every day. Thus, we understand that we cannot pigeonhole humans as we are the most complicated creatures (especially when it comes to our finances).  

In fact, we always try to come up with something that makes them earn more!! 

Through every passing year of observations, our experts now believe that- using your self-awareness can improve your financial well-being.


Well, those who know their personality traits can capitalize on their strengths. Similarly, they can overcome their weaknesses to become better in their respective fields. 

 Yes, it even applies to playing the best online games to make money!!

You know how much we love to see you win. Keeping it on top of our priority list, we are here to provide you with this unique guide to understand your personality well and win at Wealth Words like never before.

Ready to dive in?

Let’s Understand ourselves first….

Understand your Preferences and Choose Your Answer

The key to knowing your personality type is to identify and understand your preferences.

It also involves acknowledging and accepting your natural tendencies and talents. 

Let us illustrate how your preferences can influence your problem-solving skills and outcomes while solving a crosswords puzzle. 

Most of our players at Wealth Words are more comfortable playing Crossword Puzzles to make instant money on the platform. It certainly does not stop them from playing them. 

Just a matter of preference!

When they are forced to solve other types of QP Games, they will hate it initially.

But, if we say to you that you can make more money when you solve crossword puzzles, are you going to change your preferences then? or at least try playing QP Games?

After asking these questions, here are some of the most common responses from our users:

(1) Do absolutely nothing and keep sulking and hating the situation you are in, 

(2) Look at the situation in a positive way and try to learn skills to play QP Games

(3) Using your creativity to solve puzzles and keeping your secrets to yourself. 

(4) Take initiatives to change your present situation and put efforts into something you prefer doing (play Poem games or Event Games)

Your thoughts will help you categorize your answers and later differentiate between the personality types. 

Now, let’s move ahead and talk about personalities.

Knowing the Personality Types

There are various types of personality and we have listed them as follow:

Please note: This data is based on the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator and the responses mentioned above.

  • Extroverted or introverted (E or I)
  • Sensing or intuitive (S or N)
  • Feeling or thinking (F or T), and
  • Judging or perceiving (J or P). 

Based on the personalities, we have categorized the same into the following groups:

1) The Optimists- ENFJs

This group is for warm, charismatic, and enthusiastic leaders. They form only 3 percent of the population, and they also include coaches, CEOs, and our users playing QP games.

All of them have the tendency to earn oodles of money. Such people are always up for better opportunities to earn more (they do earn well, as they are flexible!).

2) The Doers-ISTPs

It is for the loners or the shy ones.  People in this category have the lowest incomes.

However, despite shying away, these people are committed and loyal to everything they do.

They also stand among true artists and they often use their creativity to earn money. 

This personality type is quite curious, as they love to solve even the toughest puzzles around them.

Also, even in the workplace, they are always working hard to achieve their goals. 

3) The Patriarchs- ISTJs

This category is for those who like to follow the rules to achieve their desired goals.

There is no doubt if we say that people from this category are high earners. They love challenges, as they know how to solve every riddle they come across.

There are around 75% of users falling under this category at Wealth Words!

This personality type is practical, realistic, and goal-oriented. It makes them efficient as they solve every problem with utmost care and attention. 

4) The Restricted Ones- ENTPs

Such people are excellent with money, as they are frank and decisive in nature. They love sharing their knowledge and flaunt their skills in front of others.

This category comes with the qualities that make you the natural managers and pro-level executives. 

Even though people under this group are passionate about solving puzzles to make money, they are a bit reluctant to change.

At Wealth Words, the users of this category enjoy solving the puzzles they are best at (they play in the same pattern every now and then). 

This nature restricts their earnings at times because they are happy with whatever situation they are presently in and don’t want to change it ever. 

How can you make money with your personality type?

Well, here’s a secret!

Personalities Increase Our Likelihood of Success

When it comes to making extra income without stretching yourself far or feeling bewildered- understanding yourself and knowing your personality can lead you to success. 

Let us say upfront that your personality type should never put limits on you. Rather, it must provide you with valuable insights to improve your skills to earn more money. 

Your dedication and commitment are the qualities that any personality type can have.

Remember, one personality type may perform better than another while solving a puzzle or even when working at full-time jobs out there.

The magic, however, only happens when you stop focusing on your disparities and appreciate skills, strengths, and earning traits.

So, what personality type are you?