Top 10 Games That Take 60 Seconds To Play & Earn

by Max Fragar
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60 seconds games

Take 60 Seconds To Play & Earn

Did you ever consider making money online? Adult life seems to be a succession of bills and their payment. While you are involved in a full-time job or business, having scopes to make money online can be your secret system to bring back your financial wealth on track.

You must have received a lot of emails saying how you can win millions of money with a single click or by simply filling up a form. While we all understand how hoax such mails can be, on the fair side, we know how a part of our heart loved to believe it! There is no substitute for hard work to reach your goal, but a little push and some wise on-time decision can let you reach your goal faster. With the pandemic, many people around us have lost their jobs. The economic situation has seen huge turmoil. The recession is close home. So, while all these uncertainties are constantly knocking on our doors, there is no harm in looking for a second income. It seems impossible for those with a full-time job to get involved in some other activities that will also require dedicated attention and effort. This is why the quick games or 60 seconds games online have seen immense popularity.

top 60 seconds games

Top 60 seconds games

Let us stop you there if you think this is yet another scam for get-rich-quick, but with the 60 second challenge game, you can earn a legitimate way of living and survive.

People use the internet every day but do not always use it for making money. While computer games have seen popularity for a long time now, the Quick 60 seconds games are gaining momentum amongst the millennials, finding it one of the best ways to earn a passive income. A lot of young and adult loves to play the games online for fun. While you are relaxing after a long day’s work, some games like the word games can help you rejuvenate. But what if these games also help you earn some real cash in the process?

Let’s have a look at the top 10 games that you can play online

  • Wealth Words

If you love playing brain games like puzzle or trivia, this is one of the games you will fall in love with. It is a money-making game that can be played within minutes, which pays you real rewards. If you can play it smartly, it is undoubtedly one of the best Quick Pick game crossword that can be played anytime and from anywhere. What makes this game different from the others is that it is available anytime online, unlike the traditional crossword. So, use your knowledge of words and trivia to earn easy money through this game. Anybody who is above the age of 18 can register and play and win.


  • Play and win

This is one of the best gaming websites in Britain. People looking for fast games online can opt for this platform and play online games to earn real money real fast. There are different types of games available such as Ludo, yatzy, pow, mahjong 3 where you can earn real money. You can take part in the tournaments and earn prizes. This is for everyone interested in online games. You can check for the new games coming up every hour. There are trivia questions, and whoever can collect the highest number of points can win cash prizes.


  • Paid Game Player

This one is similar to Swagbucks. There are about 600 games from which you can choose the one you wish to. Interestingly, this site also offers you to win more by reviewing their online games, completing surveys, or referring them to your friends. You can upgrade to a premium membership to get the complete game version and twice the bonus multiplier.


  • Bingo4money

This is an amazing game that gives extra cash as well as jackpots for playing the Bingo games. More than 300 games are available, and you can choose as per your preference. The first-time members can get $25 when they sign up for the first time.


  • Corporation Master

This is a real money virtual economy online game. So, the money that you earn here can be converted into real cash. It is a game that evaluates your managerial and business skills as you earn the virtual currency by starting a company or becoming an investor, or by working every day. You can even surely get all these amounts converted into real-time cash.


  • Cash dazzle

This site has a huge range of games, and you can select the one that suits your interest. You can play free games to earn tokens which can be withdrawn once you win the game. There are plenty of prices, so your chances of winning increase with the more games you play. There is a Jackpot possibility if you play spin the wheel game.


  • Slingo

This is a free online money gaming website that gives you real cash. It has free membership all across the globe, and you can compete with people from anywhere on the planet. The tournament is mostly 1 hour long and costs around 5000 coins. The top scorer and the one who has the best cumulative score will win the Jackpot.


  • XY Gaming

This platform allows you to play the games already there on your console, but you can challenge other players. When you win a tournament, you can win a huge cash award. The winner is generally chosen at the end of the month or the end of a week.


  • Quick rewards

You can either play the games or participate in activities such as taking surveys, shopping, watching videos, or visiting sites. It will earn you more rewards through its multifaceted option.


  • World Winner

It will allow you to play for cash through its various tournaments like Arcade, Casino, game shows, and even some word games. The winner can get up to $500,000 every day in the tournament games.


Tips to help you pick the right game

Playing online games is a favorite pastime for many, but when it comes to selecting a game, many people are stumped because of the myriad of options available – from racing to adventure, strategy to word games. Choosing a game will involve a lot of factors such as your age, personality, culture, and much more. The quick web games have seen huge popularity, but when you are choosing the right one, here are the six key points to remember

  • Look for the authenticity

There can be security issues if you are visiting an unsecured website. Verify the authenticity of the game or research about it before actually playing it to prevent unscrupulous activities on your system.

  • Don’t get allured by illegal cash extraction mails or ads

Authentic online games will come with certifications, and you can play them safely. Check for it before actually getting involved.

  • Your genre and skillset

When you are looking to play quick games online for free, you need to keep in mind the skills required. If it is about puzzles, you need to have the talent of problem-solving, logical thinking, pattern distinction. The ones that involve shooting and fighting need to have the natural skills of decision-making, reasoning, hand-eye coordination, self-confidence, and teamwork.

  • Look for the payment options

The easy games to play online might offer real money. It is always advised to look for the payment options before you choose. Look for the websites and preferred payment method or bank they use when you have to withdraw your cash.

  • Check the number of players

If you are sharing the games with multiple participants, be careful about sharing the information. When there are many participants, it means the game has an adaptable user interface, and that should be a factor while you decide which online game to select.

  • Do not miss the reviews

The fun quick online games will have reviews from earlier players. Look for these gaming reviews to find out the pros and cons before investing your time and effort. It is better to have a heads up about the worth of the game.


Why play games, and how can you earn to pay for your shopping with your earnings

If you are a shopaholic and frequently see yourself at your favorite retail destination doing aisle shopping, it’s time that you look for the right quick web games that can give you real cash. There are many money-making tools online, and playing easy games online is definitely one of the best ways to earn some money. When you opt for a legitimate online earning method by playing games like Wealth Words, you are helping yourself grow financially. The better your finances, the more you can invest in yourself, pamper yourself. No adult is unaware of how difficult it seems when they see their favorite bag, shoe, gadget right in front but do not have enough to support this expense. Making money with online games is easy, provided you know how to go about it; once you download, register, and start playing the game, you will have more chances of winning that can automatically boost your morale and give you the confidence in spending where you always wanted to. As the online games can be played anytime, anywhere, and have plenty of scopes to win big rewards, your shopping experience will get better once you get the foot on playing these online games.


Games for all skill levels

If you are interested in crossword puzzles online, Wealth Words is the perfect choice for you. Earning while playing games is absolute fun. More so when there are little complications associated with it. These easy online crossword puzzles can be played by everyone above 18 years of age (mandatory for the registration purpose) because all it requires is the right source of interest for puzzles and crosswords. Playing with the words is not limited to those in academia but can be enjoyed by everyone who is updated with the latest whereabouts. This game is available in three languages – English, Hindi, and Chinese, for people who have a flair for grasping  & playing with words.

Additionally, Wealth Words offers both free and paid games. You can enjoy playing the open games without investing any money. This means you have the potential to earn in dollars even though you are not investing a penny! And if you are looking on the other side, regular engagement in this word game can help you grow your word bank. Improving vocabulary not just enhances your scope of winning but also brushes your skills. Be more confident in using sophisticated words you have never used before! Also, a competitive streak can train your brain to perform better under pressure.

In all fairness, online games can be addictive, but when you have scopes to grow your tangible and intangible assets, why not get involved in your free time? Use your existing skill set to grow your finances and vocabulary bank and see how the word unfurls!

Takeaway: Discover ways on how to play games online to earn some free cash

While in quarantine, we all possibly have thought of ways to get a source of passive income. The fear of scams is one of the significant factors in deciding which game to opt for. Also, of the many online gaming websites, you have to meddle your way to find the right fit for your acumen. Gaming is fun, and the ones that give out cash rewards can be not just engaging but also supportive towards growing your financial health. Wealth Words is an immersive word game and can also help you win awards. You can select from the variants and play crosswords or quick picks, which you find more interesting.

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