5 Top Apps for Crosswords in One Go!

by Max Fragar
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One of the first things that come to our minds when we think of crosswords are those newspaper crosswords that our grandparents used to solve.

They would sit on their favorite chair and try to solve the puzzle. But gone are the days when the first thing people would do in the morning was to find the newspaper to solve the crossword with a cup of coffee.

These days, people hardly get time to read newspapers since everything is available on their phones. So, how do you enjoy solving crossword on the crossword puzzle app? Well, in this digitally inclined world where people love to use mobile apps.

we have found apps for crosswords that can help you satisfy your crossword cravings.

5 top apps for solving crosswords in one go

More and more companies are creating new, unique, and best crosswords app that can cater to your needs and demands.

Since crosswords are one of the most popular types of puzzles, there are numerous easy crossword puzzle mobile apps that help you solve them in one go. But how do you choose the right & best crossword app?

Well, we have selected the top 5 apps for crosswords that will make it easier for you to make your choice.

Here are the 5 top apps for solving crossword puzzles.

1. Shortyz Crosswords

If you are a major fan of newspaper crosswords but cannot access them, this is the best app you can get. Specially curated for all the newspaper crossword lovers, Shortyz Crosswords track some of the best and the most popular newspaper crosswords.

You can avail them in a digitally-friendly format on the app. With this app, you can easily and effortlessly enjoy crossword puzzles, from your favorite newspapers on your smartphone.

  • Shortyz Crosswords is designed in a more classic and traditional way to give you an authentic feel of a newspaper crossword. The boxes are kept black and white so that you can enjoy a newspaper crossword to its truest extent in the digital form.
  • One of the best things about this app is that it allows you to download free crossword puzzles. You can download puzzles from a wide and extensive variety of sources and solve them later at your convenience. The app offers puzzles from the New York Times, The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and more to give you an authentic crossword experience.

2. Crosswords

The name might be unimaginative and boring but the app is surely not. Being one of the most popular crosswords apps in the store, Crosswords allows you to solve intense puzzles, win trophies, unlock achievements, and so much more.

The app offers hundreds of different puzzles and thousands of interesting and mysterious clues. You also get handcrafted grids, secret challenges, quests, and more.

  • Since the app is popular all across the globe, it has many players who speak different languages. If you are one of them, you get to choose from six different languages to select your preferred language.
  • You can solve the crosswords in English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, and Portuguese. It is also a great way to learn foreign languages if you are interested in one.
  • You do not have to access a different list of clues every time you try to solve the puzzle. The app shows the clue within the puzzle itself. You can easily pinch-to-zoom and check out the clues effortlessly.
  • You also get to enjoy “gimme” for letters as well as whole words if you are stuck and just cannot find the right answer.

3. Cluegle

An updated and upgraded version of any typical crossword, Cluegle is a perfect app for the modern market. While most apps for crosswords use downloadable puzzles and static clues, this app creates new and unique puzzles in real-time.

It collects information from various search engines or other digital sources to identify popular trends. Those popular trends and fashions are used to create new, unique, and eccentric puzzles every day.

  • You get to enjoy a wide and extensive variety of puzzles. There are no restrictions on a particular topic or genre. You might even get references to popular memes, pop culture, and more. It makes the puzzle-solving process refreshing, inviting, and perfect for the millennials.
  • Since new puzzles are constantly being created, there are no chances of getting the same puzzle twice. There is nothing exciting about solving a puzzle that you already know of or have solved. With Cluegle, you get to experience fun and eccentric crossword puzzles every time you open the app.

4. Wordalot

If you are looking for something different from a normal crossword puzzle, Wordalot is exactly what you need. To keep things more interesting, the app offers you a picture at the top of the puzzle as a clue.

The picture gives you a story, the ultimate clue which connects all the puzzles in your crossword. You need to identify the picture and analyze its relevance to solving the puzzle.

This gives you a nice retreat from the old list of clues and makes the puzzle-solving process more refreshing and enticing. Apart from the pictures, you also get a small pool of letter to select the right answer. This is quite helpful when you are stuck and don’t know what to do.

  • The pictures and pool of letters make this game perfect for young children. You can use this to enhance their vocabulary, stimulate their brain, and strengthen their capacities.
  • The app is smooth, easy to navigate, and perfect for enjoying crosswords in your free time.

5. 5-Minute Crossword Puzzles

Most crosswords are lengthy with 100 different clues and 200 different steps. Sometimes you just do not have the time to take on such a big task and want something simple and small.

Perfect for people with restricted time limits, 5-minute crossword puzzles allow you to solve small and less-time consuming puzzles in a jiffy. As the name suggests, you can even solve an entire puzzle in just 5 minutes.

What can be better than this for all those busy-bodies! Even if you have some mere minutes free in your hectic daily life, you can easily experience the satisfaction and gratification of solving a crossword puzzle.

  • You can choose the puzzle size according to your convenience. There are numerous small puzzles with as less as six clues for you to decode. If you want something slightly bigger, you can choose the medium-sized puzzles with more clues to solve.
  • The app allows you to display all the letters you have already used in the crossword. The letters are displayed at the bottom of the screen and help you solve the rest, fast and effectively.

While there are a plethora of other apps for crosswords in the market, these 5 apps are bound to satisfy all your word crossword puzzles cravings.

If you are a crossword junky and want to avail its digital version, you can choose from any of the above-mentioned apps for optimum results.

Choose your favorite app and enjoy easy teasers, small puzzles, complicated cryptic crosswords, and much more.

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