5 Smarts Ways To Increase Your Kids IQ

Which is One of the Easiest & Simple Way to Boost IQ?

As a kid, you may have spent a good amount of time-solving word searches, completing crosswords and flipping pieces of puzzles. But today, children spend hours watching cartoon programs on television, playing weird games on the desktop computer, laptop, tab or smartphone. Making them engaged in free online crossword puzzles can help enhance their IQ level.

online crossword puzzles

Here are 5 good reasons why free online crossword puzzles is a great activity for your little one:

A unique way to improve spellings

Easy crossword puzzle helps a lot in practicing the spelling they have learned in school, while at the same time reinforcing the spelling rules every time they are used. They have to spell the word correctly to be able to complete the task.

Crosswords make words and spellings a fun task. For example by making anagrams of this week’s words for your toddler to unscramble.

Crosswords help extend vocabulary

The more words they come across, the broader their vocabulary will become. An online crossword puzzle is an easy way to introduce your child to new words. They also become curious about the word and try to figure out its meaning or search for the same.

Enhancement of your toddler’s working memory

Working memory includes both long-term and short-term memory. Crosswords have logic problems where your kid has to access vocabulary from memory and this helps in expanding their working memory. Plus, it further has a positive impact on their learning and growth.

You will eventually realize how your kids develop skills that will be needed throughout their academic career: verbal reasoning, vocabulary, problem-solving, spelling, and grammar. When these skills are mastered, it will make a significant difference in your child’s life.

Kid’s work pace goes up a level

With regular practice, your kid’s memory processing speed improves and they become capable of solving issues all by themselves. This not only improves them in one sphere of life but also with other classroom tasks that require quick thinking, for example, mental maths. They will start thinking logically and strategically.

Puzzles need critical thinking, brainstorming and a creative solution. By solving crossword games,kids inculcate the habit of designating the puzzle as a problem which needs to be thoroughly processed using different approaches to get the most appropriate solution. This whole thought process requires strong mathematical thinking.

This process of evaluating a puzzle to final result helps to become great problem solvers in real life, great risk takers and enhances adaptability. This mediation helps in experiencing a state of calmness and satisfaction. This form of meditation directs to accomplish an enhanced outlook and serenity. So it is great if your kid enhances productivity and self-confidence levels.

Puzzles foster persistence

Crosswords are quite challenging. Sometimes, they require more than one attempt to crack the correct answer. In this case, persistence is the key. Guide them when they fail. Tell them to try, try, till they succeed. When they build their patience level while failing repeatedly and then try again to solve the puzzle, it becomes a good lesson for them that will help them later in their life.

When they grow as adults, there will be many failures over the course of their lives where they don’t get something right in the first hit and they need to try again. Let them face the disheartening challenges as this will make them stronger.

Online crossword puzzles are inexpensive, portable and a great way to keep your kid busy with the added benefits of all the aforementioned points. Without the requirement of any stationery, these free online crossword puzzles challenge young minds while preparing them for very important life skills.